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Synopsis: Follow the journey of a group of marine researchers as they embark on an expedition to study and record the behavior of seagulls in their natural habitat.

Locations: Coastal regions, remote islands

Focus: Breeding patterns, migration behaviors, feeding habits

Challenges: Overcoming harsh weather conditions, navigating through isolated areas

Unique Approach: Use of cutting-edge camera technology and drones for non-intrusive observation

Narration Style: Blend of scientific insights and captivating storytelling

Key Moments: Close encounters with seagull colonies, tracking individual birds, unexpected discoveries

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Using the on-board interface to easily power up your camera will transform your ability to carry out demanding mapping and surveillance tasks. With the #REC2, you won’t have to worry about running out of battery at critical times because it guarantees a steady power source for prolonged use.

With the customizable INPUT modes of #REC2, which include PWM and SBUS, you may finally say goodbye to the mess of cables on your UAV platforms. Simplify your setup so you can concentrate on what really matters: taking beautiful footage without having to worry about tangled cables.

With configurable Timelapse intervals, you can express your creativity and create time-defying sequences that present the world in a distinctive way. Achieving photo synchronisation with microsecond accuracy is crucial for a faultless cinematic experience when combined with #SYNC2.

#REC2 Features:

  • USB Power Supply – extend the usage time of your camera!
  • Video Record – START / STOP
  • Shutter Release – photo capturing MANUAL / AUTOMATED
  • Zoom Control – IN / OUT with variable speeds
  • Manual Photo – separate stages for Focus and Shutter Release
  • Timelapse – user defined interval for Shutter Release
  • Shutter Feedback – #SYNC2 support for microsecond  Timelapse precision
  • Digital Capture – *shutter release only for Sony camcorders
  • Selectable Input – control via PWM / SBUS interfaces
  • Camera ON / OFF

   #REC2 – Control / Power / Imagination.

Seagull #REC2 is a second edition of our popular Sony camera / camcorder controller. With #REC2 it is possible to supply power to the camera via on-board interface which extends the usage greatly for those long mapping and surveillance jobs! #REC2 now features configurable INPUT modes such as PWM or SBUS – which helps to limit the amount of wiring on UAV platforms. Last but not least users are able to adjust the desired Timelapse interval and when combined with #SYNC2 the precision between photos are within microseconds!

What it does

Seagull #REC2 supports the following functions

  • INPUT SELECTION ( PWM or SBUS based INPUT to control modes )
  • SHUTTER RELEASE ( Capture photos via MANUAL or AUTOMATED activation )
  • ZOOMING ( Variable speeds for ZOOM IN and OUT )
  • MANUAL PHOTO ( 3 stage trigger mode NEUTRAL / FOCUS / SHUTTER )
  • TIMELAPSE ( User defined interval repeated shutter release )
  • SHUTTER FEEDBACK ( Support for #SYNC2 for microsecond Timelapse precision )
  • Camera ON/OFF ( Turn camera ON or OFF – depending on previous state )
  • Digital Capture ( *Shutter release ONLY for Sony CAMCORDERS )

What it supports

The following hardware is supported

Flight Controllers:

  • Pixhawk 1
  • Pixhawk 2.1
  • Pixracer
  • APM 2.6
  • APM 2.5
  • DJI Wookong
  • DJI A2
  • DJI A3


  • Voltage: 3.9 – 12V (5 volts recommended – do NOT exceed 12V!)
  • Current draw: 30.6mA (PS-DISABLED)
  • Input signal: SBUS or Standard R/C PWM servo signal ( between 1000 – 2000uS )


  • Dimensions: 39.5mm x 21.5mm x 10.5mm
  • Weight: 8g

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