Seagull #REC Sony MULTI Camera Controller

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The Seagull #REC Sony MULTI Camera Controller’s main function is to act as a single point of control for a number of Sony cameras. Using numerous cameras at once makes the recording process simpler.

Compatible: Designed specifically for Sony cameras, guaranteeing smooth communication and integration with a variety of Sony camera models.

The capability to operate and synchronise many Sony cameras from a single unit is known as multi-camera control. This is especially helpful in situations where it’s imperative to record events from multiple viewpoints or angles.

Recording administration: This feature enables users to start, stop, and pause recordings simultaneously while offering effective administration of recording operations across several cameras.

User-Friendly Interface: Outfitted with a user-friendly interface that facilitates simple navigation and rapid access to key features.

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Seagull #REC Sony MULTI Camera Controller

Designed with precision for the UAV industry, #REC empowers you with a range of features that elevate your aerial videography, photography, geomapping, agriculture analysis, 3D modeling, and more. Imagine having the ability to command your camera in flight, from shutter control to seamless video recording and even zoom functions.

#REC is not just a controller; it’s a reliable partner that ensures your camera responds to your every command with precision. Whether you’re navigating the skies for breathtaking aerial shots or conducting intricate surveys, this controller is tailored to meet the demands of professionals in diverse fields.

Step into the future of aerial exploration with Seagull #REC – where control meets innovation, and every moment becomes a masterpiece. Elevate your work, capture with confidence, and let #REC redefine what’s possible in the realm of aerial imaging.

What it does

Seagull #REC supports the following modes

• Video record Start/Stop
• Zoom ( Variable Zoom In/Out speeds )
• 2 Auto Photo modes ( Pre-focus and Instant )
• Manual Photo mode ( Manual Focus/Shutter release )
• Camera On/Off
• Timelapse ( Variable interval shutter release )

What it supports

The following hardware is supported

Flight Controllers:

  • Pixhawk 1
  • Pixhawk 2.1
  • Pixracer
  • APM 2.6
  • APM 2.5
  • DJI Wookong
  • DJI A2
  • DJI A3
Seagull #REC Sony MULTI Camera Controller


  • Voltage: 3.8 – 16 volts ( 5 volts recommended, do NOT exceed 16V! ) *can be optionally powered by camera
  • Current draw: 60mA MAX
  • Input signal: Standard R/C PWM servo signal ( between 1000 – 2000uS )


  • Dimensions: 41.2mm x 17.5mm x 6.2mm
  • Weight: 3.8g ( ~16g with 30cm cable / ~22g with 60cm cable )

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