HOBBYWING XRotor Pro-X8 CW 100KV D-40mm


  • Integrated & Ready-to-use Propulsion System
  • FOC-based PMSM Algorithm Perfect Propulsion System
  • Multiple Protection Functions & Real-time Data Output
  • High-brightness LED Indicator
  • High Thrust & Efficiency Propeller
  • Super Impact Resistance, Waterproof
  • Regular Firmware Updates

1-Year Warranty     7 days return policy     PAN India Fast Shipping   

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Integrated & Ready-to-use Propulsion System

For agricultural drones, the X8 brushless power system has a load capacity of 5–7 kg (per rotor). It is compatible with 30/35mm carbon fiber tube arms and has a 15.3kg maximum thrust capacity.

FOC-based PMSM Algorithm Perfect Propulsion System

The motor-propeller is made more balanced by the FOC (Field Oriented Control)-based PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor) algorithm, an optimized algorithm for improving the collaborative performance of the ESC, motor, and propeller. This results in a propulsion system that has high stability, reliability, and efficiency.

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