Seagull GPK

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  • High refresh rate – 4Hz MB, 5Hz RTK, 10Hz RAW, 10Hz PVT GNSS
  • Concurrent GNSS constellations supported – 2
  • High precision navigation in RTK – up to 2.5 cm!
  • Internal data logging – RTK / PPK / PVT GNSS
  • Event logging – Such as shutter release
  • Two operational modes – BASE or ROVER
  • Multiple modes – Real Time Kinematic, Post Processed Kinematic, Moving Baseline

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GPK – Extreme Positioning

With the ability to function in numerous modes, Seagull #GPK is a high accuracy single band GNSS receiver that will provide you with the maximum versatility and precision for your UAV platform! When operating in BASE or ROVER configuration, #GPK can log data internally, regardless of whether it is used in RTK or PPK modes. #GPK can be used to capture and monitor data depending on shutter events by integrating with #SYNC2 or other kinds of feedback loops from camera devices!

Seagull GPK

What it supports

  • BASE / ROVER ( #GPK can operate either as a BASE or ROVER )
  • RTK (  Real Time Kinematic navigation rate – up to 8Hz )
  • PPK (  Post Processed Kinematic navigation rate – up to 10Hz )
  • MB ( Moving Baseline navigation rate – up to 4Hz )
  • PVT GNSS ( Non-Kinematic navigation rate – up to 10Hz  )

Flight Controllers:

  • Pixhawk 1
  • Pixhawk 2.1
  • Pixracer
  • APM 2.6
  • APM 2.5

What you get

  • 1 x Seagull #GPK
  • 1 x GPS antenna for #GPK
  • 1 x 16GB micro SD card ( w.  fullsize adaptor )


  • Ublox NEO-M8P-2 GNSS receiver
  • Following signals supported: L1C/A, L1OF, B1I (GPS/GLONASS/ /BEIDOU)
  • Refresh rate: up to 4Hz Moving Baseline, 8Hz Real Time Kinematic, 10Hz RAW (Post Processed Kinematic), 10Hz PVT (UBX Binary)
  • Supply voltage: 3.9 – 12v (5v recommended – do NOT exceed 12v!)
  • Current draw: 100mA AVERAGE
  • Dimensions: 42.7mm x 44.5mm x 10.2mm
  • Weight: 16g

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