•  ROV 350M depth rating, 4 Knots speed
  • Duo 4K Q-Cameras
  • 12,000 lumens LED
  • Full sealing, corrosion resistant Q-Motor
  • Multiple Q-Interfaces for Accessory
  • Remote Controller
  • VR Goggle with VR Head-Tracking function
  • Rugged Industrial Case*2
  • 350M Robotic ARM
  • 300M Tether [with spool]
  • 388Wh battery and chargers

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QYSEA FIFISH Pro W6 – Enterprise Industrial Grade ROV Platform Powerful & Precise, Advanced Add-Ons, Exceptional Stability, Superior Battery

The QYSEA FIFISH Pro W6 embodies the pinnacle of underwater drone technology, designed for professionals who demand precision, versatility, and reliability in their underwater operations. Equipped with a powerful 4K UHD camera and robust lighting, it captures stunningly clear images and videos, revealing the mysteries of the deep with exceptional detail. Its advanced navigation system and omnidirectional movement enable seamless exploration of underwater landscapes, from coral reefs to shipwrecks. The FIFISH Pro W6 is not just a tool but a gateway to discovering and documenting the unseen wonders beneath the waves, offering unparalleled capabilities for research, inspection, and cinematic production.

 4K UHD Camera: The FIFISH Pro W6 is equipped with a high-definition 4K UHD camera, capturing the underwater world with unparalleled clarity and vibrant colors. Ideal for professional cinematography, this camera reveals the minutiae of marine life and submerged landscapes, making every exploration a visual feast.

 Advanced Lighting System: Featuring powerful LED lights, the Pro W6 illuminates the darkest depths of the ocean, ensuring every detail is visible. This advanced lighting system is crucial for deep-water exploration, allowing researchers and filmmakers to uncover and document hidden underwater wonders in crystal-clear quality.

 Omnidirectional Movement: With its ability to move in any direction, the Pro W6 offers unmatched maneuverability. This feature allows for smooth navigation around obstacles and precise positioning for inspections, making it an invaluable tool for complex underwater tasks and detailed exploratory missions.

 Robust Tether Connection: The Pro W6 comes with a durable tether, providing a stable and reliable link for control and data transmission. This robust connection ensures uninterrupted operation, enabling real-time monitoring and control over long distances and in challenging environments.

 Extended Battery Life: Designed for prolonged missions, the Pro W6 boasts an extended battery life, reducing the need for frequent recharging. This feature maximizes operational efficiency, allowing for longer dives and comprehensive exploration without interruption.

 Sophisticated Control System: The drone is operated via a state-of-the-art control system, offering intuitive and responsive handling. This system enhances the user experience, allowing for effortless control over the drone’s movements and camera, making complex operations simpler and more accessible.

 Modular Design: The Pro W6 supports various attachments and accessories, enhancing its versatility for a wide range of applications. Whether conducting scientific research, performing infrastructure inspections, or capturing cinematic footage, the drone can be customized to meet specific project needs.

 Deep Dive Capability: Engineered for significant underwater depths, the Pro W6 is a powerhouse of exploration. Its robust design and pressure-resistant build enable it to venture into the abyss, opening up new frontiers for deep-sea research and exploration.

 Intelligent Navigation and Mapping: Equipped with advanced navigation and mapping technologies, the Pro W6 can create detailed maps of the seafloor and identify points of interest. This capability is invaluable for environmental monitoring, archaeological surveys, and planning underwater construction projects.

 Real-Time Data Analysis: The Pro W6 offers real-time data analysis capabilities, allowing users to assess and interpret underwater conditions instantly. This feature is critical for making informed decisions during research missions, environmental assessments, and when navigating complex underwater environments.

The QYSEA FIFISH Pro W6 stands at the forefront of underwater drone technology, offering professionals a comprehensive suite of features designed to push the boundaries of underwater exploration and documentation. Its advanced capabilities make it an essential tool for a broad spectrum of underwater activities, from scientific research to cinematic production.


5x Q-IF Interface Ports for Multi-Tool Integrations

The FIFISH PRO W6 epitomizes the zenith of ROV technology, designed to cater to diverse industrial requirements with its innovative five-interface port system. This unique feature allows for the attachment and concurrent operation of multiple tools, significantly enhancing the productivity of underwater missions. This level of adaptability positions the FIFISH PRO W6 as an essential asset in various professional arenas, revolutionizing the execution of underwater tasks. The versatility of the FIFISH PRO W6 broadens its utility, making it a transformative force in underwater operations. It’s not merely an ROV; it represents a holistic solution to the myriad challenges posed by the underwater environment. By offering such a dynamic range of functionalities, the FIFISH PRO W6 redefines traditional methodologies, expanding its application across different fields. This breakthrough in ROV design and capability marks a significant advancement in underwater exploration and task execution, ensuring the FIFISH PRO W6 is a pivotal tool for professionals facing intricate underwater projects. Its capacity to seamlessly integrate various tools through the five-interface port system makes it an unparalleled choice for addressing complex challenges beneath the surface.

Station Lock System

The FIFISH PRO W6 is equipped with a cutting-edge Station Lock algorithm, embodying the forefront of underwater robotics technology. This sophisticated, adaptive system is meticulously engineered to secure the ROV’s position within the aquatic environment with unparalleled accuracy. Even when faced with unpredictable currents and other underwater environmental challenges, this innovative technology steadfastly maintains the ROV’s designated coordinates.

This precision is not merely about holding position; it extends to the ROV’s capability to navigate back to its exact location after any necessary diversions, making it an invaluable asset for conducting thorough and detailed underwater inspections. The Station Lock feature is a testament to the ROV’s ability to overcome the dynamic and often hostile underwater environment, ensuring that each mission is carried out with the highest levels of stability, smoothness, and precision.

Moreover, the Station Lock algorithm is more than just a navigational aid; it’s a transformative feature that significantly elevates the efficiency and effectiveness of underwater operations. By ensuring that the ROV remains fixed in its intended position, operators can execute detailed examinations and capture high-quality footage with confidence, making the FIFISH PRO W6 an essential tool for professionals requiring exacting standards of data collection and visual documentation in their underwater endeavors.

This advanced positional control system marks a significant leap in ROV capabilities, establishing the FIFISH PRO W6 as a leader in its class for executing detailed and accurate underwater examinations across a multitude of professional domains.


Identify Structures & Landscapes with Sonar Imaging

The FIFISH PRO W6, a state-of-the-art Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), elevates underwater exploration and inspection capabilities by integrating cutting-edge 2D and 3D image sonar equipment. This technological advancement empowers operators to conduct comprehensive scans and inspections of aquatic environments, even under the most challenging conditions characterized by darkness and turbidity. The incorporation of sonar technology into the FIFISH PRO W6’s arsenal enables the mapping and visualization of intricate underwater terrains, structures, and objects with remarkable clarity and precision.

Utilizing these sophisticated sonar systems, the FIFISH PRO W6 can generate detailed visual representations of the seabed and surrounding areas, offering invaluable data that transcends the limitations of conventional visual imaging under compromised visibility conditions. This capability is instrumental in a wide array of applications, from archaeological surveys and environmental monitoring to infrastructure inspection and search and rescue operations, where understanding the underwater environment is crucial.

The sonar technology not only enhances the FIFISH PRO W6’s ability to navigate and operate in obscured waters but also significantly boosts its stability and efficiency. Operators can rely on real-time data to make informed decisions, navigate safely, and achieve objectives with greater accuracy. The seamless integration of 2D and 3D sonar imaging with the ROV’s robust operational framework transforms the FIFISH PRO W6 into an indispensable tool for professionals working in marine sciences, underwater construction, and maritime industries.

Real-Time Location Data with The Quick Positioning System (U-QPS)

The U-QPS ecosystem, a harmonious integration of software and hardware designed by QYSEA, revolutionizes the operational dynamics of the FIFISH ROV by offering a comprehensive 3D mapping solution. This system meticulously tracks the ROV’s real-time position, records Points of Interest (POIs), and visualizes three-dimensional dive paths, enhancing navigation and exploration capabilities under the water. A standout feature of the U-QPS is its one-click functionality that allows the ROV to autonomously return to its original location, streamlining the operation process and enhancing safety during underwater missions.

Developed specifically for the FIFISH ROV, the QYSEA software applications are at the heart of this ecosystem, providing pilots with an intuitive and enriched operating experience. Through these applications, pilots gain access to advanced tools and analytics, making the inspection and exploration process more efficient and effective. The software’s user-friendly interface simplifies complex tasks, allowing operators to focus on the mission at hand without getting bogged down by technical complexities.

This innovative ecosystem not only elevates the FIFISH ROV’s functionality but also significantly boosts its utility across various underwater tasks. Whether conducting scientific research, performing infrastructure inspections, or exploring the depths for cinematic purposes, the U-QPS ensures that pilots can navigate, monitor, and analyze underwater environments with unprecedented precision and ease. By offering a holistic view of the underwater world and simplifying navigation and data collection, the U-QPS positions the FIFISH ROV as an indispensable tool for professionals seeking to push the boundaries of underwater exploration and inspection.


Intuitive Sonar Array System

The Sonar Array System, a pioneering technology patented by QYSEA, revolutionizes underwater navigation and exploration with its suite of advanced functionalities, including smart distance lock, altitude lock, obstacle avoidance, and terrain scanning. This sophisticated algorithm is designed to be both adaptive and intuitive, seamlessly interacting with diverse underwater environments to optimize the piloting experience. By automating and simplifying the complexities inherent in underwater missions, the system significantly enhances operational efficiency and safety.

Key features such as smart distance lock and altitude lock enable the ROV to maintain a precise distance from objects and a stable altitude above the seabed, respectively, facilitating smoother navigation and better footage capture. Meanwhile, the obstacle avoidance feature proactively detects and navigates around potential hazards, ensuring uninterrupted exploration. Terrain scanning offers detailed insights into the underwater landscape, allowing for thorough environmental assessments.

Together, these features empower pilots to focus more on mission objectives rather than navigation challenges, making underwater tasks more accessible and manageable. The Sonar Array System exemplifies QYSEA’s commitment to advancing underwater robotics, providing operators with a highly sophisticated tool that elevates the efficiency and effectiveness of underwater exploration and inspection.

Maximize Dives with the Onshore Power Supply System

The FIFISH PRO W6 is equipped with the innovative Q-Motor system, engineered to maximize operational efficiency and extend diving durations, especially during intensive use across various underwater tasks. This system is expertly designed to optimize power consumption, ensuring that every second underwater is utilized to its fullest potential, enhancing the scope and productivity of your missions.

Complementing the Q-Motor’s efficiency, the Onshore Power Supply System offers an additional layer of operational endurance. This system is designed to provide a continuous and stable power source for long-lasting, uninterrupted diving sessions, significantly expanding the possibilities for extended underwater exploration and activity without the constraints of battery life.

Safety and reliability are at the core of these systems. Both the Q-Motor and the Onshore Power Supply System are built with advanced safety features, including anti-leak and anti-shock protections, ensuring that operations remain secure under all circumstances. This focus on safety, coupled with their reliable performance, makes our systems exceptionally dependable for conducting underwater missions.

Moreover, the robust design and quality control measures in place guarantee that these systems are not just effective but also worry-free, allowing operators to concentrate on the task at hand rather than equipment concerns. The combination of extended operational time, enhanced safety features, and reliable performance positions the FIFISH PRO W6 as a premier choice for professionals seeking superior quality in underwater robotics, paving the way for groundbreaking exploration and inspection capabilities.


Powerful & Removable Lithium Battery

The battery capsule of the W6 stands out for its substantial power capacity and exceptional durability, featuring a thoughtfully designed removable system that enhances the versatility and convenience of use. This high-capacity battery is engineered to support up to 4 hours of continuous operation, although actual battery life may vary based on specific operating conditions such as temperature, depth, and usage intensity. This endurance is particularly beneficial for conducting extended underwater missions, enabling operators to explore, inspect, or film without the frequent interruptions for recharging that are common with lesser systems.

To complement its impressive longevity, the battery capsule is equipped with a rapid charging feature capable of restoring up to 70% of its power in just one hour. This quick charging mode is a significant advantage in field operations, where time is often of the essence, allowing users to return to their underwater activities with minimal downtime.

Constructed with durability in mind, the W6’s battery capsule is designed to withstand the rigors of prolonged underwater use. Its removable nature not only facilitates easy charging and swapping on the go but also underscores the system’s adaptability to various mission requirements.

This blend of extended battery life, swift recharge capability, and durable, user-friendly design makes the W6 battery capsule a cornerstone of efficient and reliable underwater exploration. It exemplifies a commitment to providing operators with a powerful, durable solution that meets the demanding needs of professional underwater applications, ensuring that missions are not just possible, but also practical and productive.

Innovative Dual 4K Camera

The FIFISH PRO W6 is equipped with a pioneering Dual 4K Camera System, designed to redefine underwater exploration and inspection. This advanced system offers an ultra-wide field of view, capturing expansive underwater landscapes and detailed visuals of structures with unparalleled clarity. Such comprehensive imaging capabilities significantly enhance the efficiency of inspection tasks, enabling operators to gain a holistic understanding of the underwater environment in a single glance.

Beyond mere observation, the Dual 4K Camera System empowers operators to conduct thorough inspections, ensuring no detail is overlooked. This is particularly crucial in professional settings where accuracy and detail are paramount. The cameras’ high-resolution output provides vivid imagery, making it easier to identify potential issues, monitor marine life, or document underwater discoveries.

Coupled with FIFISH’s patented software, the Dual 4K Camera System becomes a powerful tool for data collection. This software suite processes and analyzes the vast amounts of visual data captured during dives, translating it into actionable insights. Whether for scientific research, environmental monitoring, or infrastructure evaluation, the software enhances the ROV’s utility, offering professional organizations and teams valuable data that can inform decision-making and strategy.

In essence, the FIFISH PRO W6’s Dual 4K Camera System is not just an imaging solution; it’s an integral component of a comprehensive underwater exploration platform. By providing operators with detailed, wide-angle views and a robust framework for data analysis, the system elevates the standards of underwater inspection and research, making it an indispensable asset for professionals across a myriad of industries.


FIFISH PRO W6 Standard Package Contents



Depth Rating and Motor System

It has a depth rating of 350m and is equipped with a patented 6 Q motor system, which enhances stable flight and current performance​​​​.

Dual 4K Camera System

The Pro W6 features a dual 4K UHD camera system that provides a wide field of view, enabling comprehensive inspections and the collection of various information for data analysis.

Battery and Dive Time

It comes with a removable 388Wh battery capable of operating for up to 6 hours, depending on the usage scenario. The battery supports quick charging, achieving up to 70% charge in one hour​.

Maneuverability and Lock Functions

The ROV offers 6 degrees of freedom for movement and comes with posture lock™ and hovering capabilities, allowing it to maintain precise positions and angles underwater​.


The device is equipped with 12,000 lumen LED lights, providing excellent visibility even in low light conditions or at night​.

Robotic Arm and Payload Integration

It features a full-functioning robotic arm capable of lifting objects up to approximately 20kg and comes with 5 Q-interface ports for payload integration, allowing for customization for various industrial applications​​.


  1. What makes the FIFISH Pro W6 stand out from other underwater ROVs?
    The FIFISH Pro W6 distinguishes itself with dual 4K cameras, an ultra-wide field of view, exceptional durability, and a five-interface port system for versatile tool attachment, tailored for a broad range of professional underwater tasks.
  2. How long can the FIFISH Pro W6 operate on a single charge?
    The FIFISH Pro W6 offers up to 4 hours of continuous battery life under typical operating conditions, with variations depending on specific usage factors such as tool attachment and environmental conditions.
  3. Can the FIFISH Pro W6’s battery be quickly charged?
    Yes, the Pro W6 features a quick charging mode that can recharge the battery up to 70% in just one hour, minimizing downtime and enhancing field efficiency.
  4. Is the FIFISH Pro W6 suitable for professional inspection tasks?
    Absolutely, its Dual 4K Camera System and patented software suite make it an ideal tool for comprehensive underwater inspections, providing operators with detailed visuals and valuable data analysis capabilities for professional applications.
  5. Can the FIFISH Pro W6 navigate in dark or turbid waters?
    Yes, the Pro W6 is equipped with powerful lighting and sonar systems, enabling clear navigation and imaging in low-visibility conditions, ensuring reliable performance in a variety of underwater environments.
  6. What types of data can the FIFISH Pro W6 collect?
    The Pro W6 can gather a wide range of data, including high-definition video and images, 3D maps of underwater environments, and detailed information on points of interest, beneficial for research, monitoring, and inspection tasks.
  7. How does the FIFISH Pro W6 enhance operational efficiency?
    With its advanced navigation system, Station Lock algorithm, and onshore power supply option, the Pro W6 ensures precise, stable, and extended operations, making underwater tasks more efficient and effective.
  8. Is the FIFISH Pro W6 easy to transport and set up?
    Yes, despite its advanced capabilities, the Pro W6 features a compact and removable design, facilitating easy transportation and quick setup for operations in various locations.
  9. What safety features does the FIFISH Pro W6 offer?
    The Pro W6 is designed with safety in mind, featuring anti-leak and anti-shock systems, ensuring secure and reliable operations in challenging underwater conditions.
  10. Can the FIFISH Pro W6 be customized for different applications?
    Yes, the Pro W6’s five-interface port system and modular design allow for the attachment of various tools and sensors, providing customization options to meet the specific needs of diverse underwater applications.

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