• 360° Movement (6 Vectored Thrusters)
  • Multi-Tool Integration ROV Platform
  • OPSS Simultaneous Power/Charge System
  • UHD 4K30, 1080p120 & 720p240 HD Video
  • 328′ Depth Rating / 328′ Tether Included
  • AI Vision Lock System
  • 6000 Lumen LED Lights
  • microSD Card Slot (up to 128GB)
  • 4.9′ Per Second Top Speed
  • 3-5 Hours Dive Time

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QYSEA FIFISH V6 EXPERT MP200: Mastering the Depths with Unmatched Precision and Versatility

The QYSEA FIFISH V6 EXPERT MP200 is a professional-grade underwater robot that includes the QYSEA Onshore Power Supply System (OPSS), which powers and recharges the ROV concurrently and extends dive times significantly.

The AI vision lock in the MP200 keeps your subjects adaptively locked in the center of the frame. Using the accompanying controller and companion iOS/Android FIFISH software, the vision lock enables quick switching between subjects with a single touch, pinch, or slide. Additionally, it enables you to safely lock the location of the ROV against underwater currents and other interferences. The MP200 deploys into the water while attached to a 328′ Kevlar tether that is strong and durable and has a 328′ depth rating.

The ROV can be controlled using the accompanying VR goggles in addition to the controller and app. Just by turning your head in the right direction, you can accurately manage your posture and 360 degrees of direction. From the first-person viewpoint of the ROV, VR intelligent head tracking applies sensory controls to provide an immersive underwater experience.

An ultra-wide 166° field of vision lets the V6 EXPERT MP200 take UHD 4K30 video and 12MP pictures. It records 1080p HD at 120 fps or 720p HD at 240 fps slow motion. Vision enhancement algorithms bring the underwater environment to life, letting you record every detail in your aquatic activities. In addition to the 4K camera, the ROV contains two ultra-bright 6000-lumen LED lights that allow for dazzling underwater photos. Preinstalled in the ROV is a 128GB microSD card for images and videos. For manual ROV photo and video transfer via the FIFISH app, the controller supports up to a 128GB microSD card.

The ROV has several safety and security measures, a built-in 14,400mAh high-capacity battery, and quick charging capability. Using the supplied charger, the battery may be recharged to 90% of its original capacity in one hour. The MP200 retains a diving time of 1.5 hours despite ocean currents moving at 3.3 feet per second.

Omnidirectional Movement: The FIFISH V6 EXPERT MP200 stands out with its ability to navigate in any direction with fluid precision. This includes lateral moves, rotations, and hovering, enabling operators to explore underwater environments thoroughly. The freedom to glide effortlessly through water enhances detailed inspections and immersive filming experiences.

4K UHD Camera: Equipped with a high-definition 4K UHD camera, this drone captures stunning underwater footage and images. The camera’s superior resolution ensures every detail is vivid, from the textures of marine life to the intricacies of underwater structures, making it ideal for professional videography and research documentation.

Dual High-Intensity LEDs: Featuring two powerful LED lights, the FIFISH V6 EXPERT MP200 illuminates the ocean’s depths, ensuring clear visibility in dark environments. This lighting is crucial for revealing hidden details and enhancing the color and clarity of captured footage.

Advanced Tether Technology: The drone’s robust tether system provides a stable, reliable connection for control and data transmission. This tether allows for real-time video streaming and precise maneuvering, essential for conducting detailed underwater surveys and explorations.

Extended Operational Duration: With an optimized power management system, the MP200 offers prolonged operational times, reducing the need for frequent recharges. This extended duration is invaluable for comprehensive missions, allowing for uninterrupted exploration and data collection.

Sophisticated Control Interface: The drone is controlled via a state-of-the-art interface that offers intuitive navigation and precise adjustments. This advanced control system enhances the user’s ability to perform complex tasks and navigate challenging underwater landscapes with ease.

Modular Design: The FIFISH V6 EXPERT MP200’s modular design allows for easy attachment of various tools and sensors, catering to specific mission requirements. This adaptability makes it a versatile tool for a wide range of applications, from scientific research to industrial inspections.

Weather-Resistant Operation: Designed to perform in challenging conditions, the MP200 can operate in various water temperatures and visibility levels. Its robust construction ensures reliable functionality in diverse environments, from tropical reefs to cold, murky waters.

GPS and IMU Integration: Incorporating GPS and an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), the drone offers enhanced stability and positional accuracy. This integration is critical for precise navigation and tracking, especially in complex underwater environments where every detail matters.

Sonar and 3D Mapping Capabilities: With optional sonar and 3D mapping technology, the FIFISH V6 EXPERT MP200 can create detailed topographical maps of the seafloor and identify objects or features of interest. This capability is invaluable for archaeological discoveries, environmental assessments, and construction planning.

The QYSEA FIFISH V6 EXPERT MP200 is a technological marvel, designed to meet the demands of professionals seeking unparalleled underwater exploration and documentation capabilities. Its comprehensive feature set ensures it remains a leading choice for those who require precision, versatility, and reliability in their underwater operations.

The FIFISH V6 EXPERT, a professional-grade underwater robot, elevates underwater missions with its versatility and advanced capabilities. It features an optional onshore power supply system, ensuring peak diving performance and extended operational duration. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of underwater exploration and tasks, the V6 EXPERT serves as a multifunctional tool, offering reliability and efficiency beneath the surface, making it an essential asset for professionals seeking to maximize their underwater operational capabilities.


Long-lasting power, High Performance & Reliability

The FIFISH V6 EXPERT embodies the pinnacle of underwater robotics, offering long-lasting power, unmatched high performance, and unwavering reliability. Engineered for endurance, it ensures extended operational times, allowing for comprehensive underwater exploration and tasks without frequent interruptions. Its high-performance capabilities facilitate smooth, precise movements and detailed inspections in challenging aquatic environments. Reliability is at the core of the V6 EXPERT, providing professionals with a dependable tool that consistently delivers results, even in the most demanding conditions, making it a trusted companion for a wide range of underwater missions.


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VR Intelligent Head Tracking

The FIFISH V6 EXPERT revolutionizes underwater exploration with its innovative sensory control system, offering users an immersive experience like no other. Utilizing smart VR goggles, operators can enjoy QYSEA’s patented 360° directional and posture control technology. This allows for intuitive navigation of the V6 EXPERT through simple head movements, providing unparalleled precision and ease of use. This cutting-edge feature not only enhances accuracy but also transforms the way users interact with underwater environments, making it a groundbreaking tool for diving into the depths. The intelligent design of the FIFISH V6 EXPERT sets a new standard for engaging and intuitive underwater exploration.


Micro SD Card, Fast Transfer & Storage

The V6 EXPERT’s design includes a removable SD card, simplifying the process of data export and sharing. This feature enhances the user experience by allowing easy access to captured content for analysis, sharing, or storage. Included with the ROV is a 128GB SD card, providing generous storage capacity to accommodate the high-definition videos and images captured during underwater explorations. This ample space ensures that operators can conduct extensive missions without the worry of running out of storage, making the V6 EXPERT not just a tool for exploration but also a comprehensive solution for documenting and preserving the wonders discovered beneath the waves.

Powerful Battery, Quick Charge Enabled

Q-CHARGE: 90% Capacity in 1 Hour

Light, Portable & worry-free

The FIFISH V6 EXPERT streamlines underwater operations, offering worry-free and organized exploration. Its compact design ensures effortless transportation to any mission location, while the efficient power system guarantees continuous, uninterrupted diving sessions. This seamless integration of portability and endurance makes the V6 EXPERT an indispensable tool for underwater exploration.




Feature Specification
Camera – 1/2.3″ SONY CMOS sensor<br>- 12MP effective pixels<br>- 166° FOV<br>- 4K UHD at 25/30 FPS<br>- JPEG, RAW (DNG)
Dimensions & Weight – 383mm x 331mm x 143mm<br>- 4.6 kg
Maneuverability – 6 DOF<br>- 360° rotation in pitch, roll, yaw<br>- Hovering accuracy within ±1 cm
Operational Performance – Depth rating: 100m<br>- Temperature range: -10 °C to 60 °C<br>- Battery: 14400mAh, up to 6 hours operation
Connectivity & Control – 5GHz WiFi (11a,n,ac)<br>- Micro-SD support up to 128GB<br>- HDMI output box available
Additional Features – 6000 lumen LED lights, 5500K CCT<br>- Tether length: 100m standard (200m/300m optional)<br>- Tether breaking force: 100kgf



  1. What environments is the FIFISH V6 EXPERT MP200 designed for?
    The MP200 is engineered for a wide range of underwater environments, from clear tropical waters to dark, murky depths. Its robust design and powerful lighting make it versatile for research, exploration, and inspection tasks in diverse aquatic settings.
  2. Can the FIFISH V6 EXPERT MP200 capture high-quality images and videos underwater?
    Yes, equipped with a 4K UHD camera, the MP200 captures stunning, high-resolution images and videos. The dual high-intensity LED lights ensure vivid, clear visuals even in low-light conditions, making it ideal for professional-grade documentation and videography.
  3. How does the tether system benefit the FIFISH V6 EXPERT MP200?
    The advanced tether system provides a stable, reliable connection for control, data transmission, and real-time video streaming. This ensures precise maneuvering and effective communication between the operator and the drone, essential for detailed underwater surveys and explorations.
  4. What is the operational duration of the FIFISH V6 EXPERT MP200?
    The MP200 boasts an optimized power management system that allows for extended operational times, significantly reducing the need for frequent recharges and enabling longer, uninterrupted missions for comprehensive exploration and data collection.
  5. Is the control interface user-friendly?
    Yes, the FIFISH V6 EXPERT MP200 features a sophisticated yet intuitive control interface, designed to enhance the user’s ability to perform complex navigational tasks with ease. This makes it accessible for both professionals and enthusiasts to navigate challenging underwater landscapes.
  6. Can I attach additional equipment to the FIFISH V6 EXPERT MP200?
    Absolutely, the MP200’s modular design supports the attachment of various tools and sensors, allowing users to customize the drone for specific mission requirements. This adaptability makes it a versatile asset for scientific research, industrial inspections, and more.
  7. How does the FIFISH V6 EXPERT MP200 perform in different water temperatures and visibility?
    The MP200 is designed to operate reliably across a spectrum of water temperatures and visibility levels. Its durable construction and high-performance features ensure consistent functionality, making it a robust tool for operations in any underwater condition.
  8. Does the FIFISH V6 EXPERT MP200 include GPS and IMU for navigation?
    Yes, the MP200 incorporates GPS and an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) to enhance stability and provide positional accuracy. This integration is crucial for precise navigation and tracking, especially beneficial in detailed mapping and inspection tasks.
  9. Can the FIFISH V6 EXPERT MP200 perform sonar scanning and 3D mapping?
    With optional sonar and 3D mapping technology, the MP200 can conduct detailed topographical mapping of the seafloor and identify underwater objects or features, offering invaluable data for archaeological, environmental, and construction-related projects.
  10. Is the FIFISH V6 EXPERT MP200 suitable for professional underwater filmmaking and photography?
    Definitely, the MP200’s 4K UHD camera, powerful lighting, and precise control system make it perfectly suited for capturing professional-quality underwater footage and photographs, meeting the high standards of filmmakers, photographers, and content creators.

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