• 7kg class UAV, ensuring maneuverable and deployable ease​​​​.
  • Made from EPO, EVA, carbon fiber, plastics​​​​.
  • Quick, tool-less disassembly for easy transport​​​​.
  • Over 500 durability tests confirm reliability​​​​.
  • Ideal for mapping, surveying, and agriculture uses​​​​.
  • Cruises at 18-21m/s with a 1kg payload​​​​.
  • Operates in Class 5 winds, reaches 4500m altitude

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The Striver MINI VTOL, a cutting-edge vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) fixed-wing aircraft, falls into the 7kg category and proudly carries forward the dependable and efficient traits of its predecessor, the Fighter. With a focus on classic aerodynamic principles, it integrates a comprehensive redundant backup for avionics systems to enhance safety. It is ingeniously designed for ease of use, featuring a tool-less quick disassembly mechanism that facilitates swift deployment and maintenance without the need for specialized tools. Its robustness and adaptability have been thoroughly validated through extensive testing, including over 500 takeoff and landing cycles and more than 4000 rigorous tests in challenging high-altitude, low-temperature conditions, showcasing its exceptional performance and reliability in a variety of demanding environments.

The STRIVER MINI VTOL is a 7kg class vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) fixed-wing UAV. It is known for inheriting the safe and practical qualities of its predecessor, the Fighter. Key features include a classic aerodynamic layout, a redundant backup avionics system, and support for tool-less quick disassembly. The UAV has undergone extensive testing, including more than 500 takeoff and landing durability tests and over 4000 altitude plateau low temperature tests, ensuring its reliability and robustness under various conditions​​​​.

Basic Parameters:

Material: EPO, EVA, carbon fiber, engineering plastics, etc.

Wingspan: 2100mm

VTOL Arm: 744mm

Fuselage Height: 156mm (without foot pads)

Fuselage Length: 1200mm

Wing Area: 59dm2

Disassembly Method: Tool-less quick disassembly

Load Compartment Size: 180×150×110mm

Transport Box Size: 1.07m×0.35m×0.48m

Payload and Flight Specifications:

Max. Payload: 1kg

Max. Takeoff Weight: 7.5kg

Takeoff and Landing Mode: VTOL

Maximum Takeoff Altitude: 3000m

Practical Lift Altitude: 4500m

Wind Resistance: Class 5 (normal operation)

Cruising Speed: 18-21m/s

Stall Speed: 10m/s

Range Performance: 112min/127km (with specific conditions)


The STRIVER MINI VTOL’s compact storage size, flexibility, and ease of use make it suitable for a wide range of applications including topographic mapping, land surveying, engineering survey, digital city planning and construction, landscape planning, precision agriculture, environmental protection monitoring, and ecological monitoring​​​​.

These features and specifications underscore the STRIVER MINI VTOL’s capabilities as a versatile and reliable UAV solution for various professional and research applications.


Basic parameters

  • • Material: EPO, EVA, Carbon Fiber, Engineering Plastics, etc
  • • Wingspan: 2100mm
  • • VTOL arm: 744mm
  • • Fuselage height: 156mm (without foot pads)
  • • Fuselage length: 1200mm
  • • Wing area: 59dm2 • Assembly method: Tool-Less Quick Disassembly
  • • Load compartment size:180×150×110mm
  • • Transport box size : 1.07m×0.35m×0.48m


  • Max. Payload: 1kg
  • Max. Take-off Weight: 7.5kg


  • • Take-off and landing mode: VTOL
  • • Maximum take-off altitude: 3000m
  • • Practical lift altitude: 4500m
  • • Wind resistance: Class 5 (normal operation)
  • • Cruising speed: 18-21m/s
  • • Stall speed: 10m/s
  • • Range performance: 112min/127km (speed 19m/s , load 600g, battery 6S @22000mah, takeoff wt 7.1kg, altitude 500m)

TATTU 22000mAh 25C 22.2V 6S1P Lipo Battery (1 nos)Extra batteries will be available at extra cost


  • •Minimum Capacity: 22000mah
  • •Configuration: 6S1P / 22.2V / 6 Cells
  • •Discharge Rate: 25C
  • •Max Burst Discharge Rate: 50C
  • •Net Weight(±20g): 2490g
  • •Dimensions: 200mm LX 91mm W X 64mm H •Balancer Connector Type JST-XHR

ULTRA POWER 1100 AC/DC Two Channels

Smart Balance Charger


Input Voltage: AC 110V or 220V
Charge Power: 1100W(550W*2)
Discharging Power: 80W(40W*2)
Current Input Range: 5-22A
Battery Type: LiPo4.20V/LiHv4.35V/LiHv4.40V
Battery Cell Count: 2-6S
Working Mode: Storage mode/Charge mode
Balance Current: 1.5mA/cell
Weight: 3.8kg
Dimension: 260x150x140mm

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