Flyability Elios 3 – Enterprise Package

  • FlyAware SLAM Engine
  • SLAM-Based Stabilisation
  • 3D Live Map
  • 3D reporting
  • 3D Surveying Solution
  • Modular Payload Bay
  • Collision-Resilient Rugged Design
  • Close-Up Inspection Dedicated Payload
  • Extended Air-Time

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Flyability Elios 3 – Enterprise Package: Effortless Exploration, Compact Power

Elios 3 is the first mapping and inspection indoor drone, offering an unrivalled mix of intelligence, agility, and stability. It helps you quickly transform asset data into digital insights.

Elios 3 is a multipurpose indoor drone that relies on the power of computer vision and LiDAR mapping. It opens doors to a world where performing systematic inspections does not require months of training, reporting is done easily on a 3D model of your asset, and situational awareness is included in the piloting app.

Get ready for a new era of internal inspection and mapping

Drone-based inspection is not a technology of the future; rather, it is a requirement for the fast-paced, technological world of today. Organizations are attempting to achieve digital transformation of their industrial processes while reducing costs and improving the working conditions for employees as the fourth industrial revolution gets underway.
Elios 3 makes it simple for industrials to accomplish these objectives by upgrading their inspections and mappings.

Elios 3

SLAM-Based Stabilization

Stone-still stability. No matter the conditions.

The drone’s smallest unanticipated movements are detected by the brand-new SLAM-based stabilising algorithm, which then informs the flight controller to make necessary adjustments. This enables the drone to float in the air as still as a stone under the most trying circumstances. With Elios 3, pilots of all experience levels will be able to complete difficult missions with little to no training.

Modular Payload Bay

A versatile and future-proof inspection tool.

The modular payload bay features two ports. One dedicated to the LiDAR and one for auxiliary payloads. This unique integrated design provides aerial capabilities for a range of upcoming indoor applications. It turns Elios 3 into a versatile, future-proof tool, configured to fit your mission needs.

Elios 3

Dust-Proof 16K Lumen Lighting

Traverse dusty place without losing sight of your objective

Elios 3

Extended Air-Time

With a maximum flying time of 12 minutes*, the Elios 3 allows you to maximise every flight. Battery manipulations are now more simpler than ever thanks to a redesigned insert & lock mechanism.

Without a cargo attached to the payload bay, the flight time is *.

Elios 3

In the Box

  1. Elios 3 drone
  2. LiDAR payload
  3. Elios batteries x9
  4. Elios battery chargers x7 
  5. Tablet of the Ground Control Station
  6. 1.8m USB cable, remote controller charger with adapters, USB power plug
  7. Smart battery guidelines and Original instructions documents
  8. Toolbox
  9. Remote controller of the Ground Control Station
  10. Adjustable Harness for the remote controller with mounts and screws
  11. Propeller packs with M5 nuts. (3x pack of 4x propellers)
  12. Set of spare cage elements, which includes different types: 
    1x Cage Top Hexagon A
    2x Cage Top Pentagon B
    2x Cage Bottom Pentagon C
    2x Cage Bottom Hexagon D
    1x Cage Triangle
  13. Transport case
  14. Range extender batteries x3
  15. Range extender + its battery charger with 2x extension cord


Flyability Elios 3 - Light Package

Toolbox content

  1. Motor centering tool
  2. Cap to protect the LiDAR connector on the drone
  3. Cap to protect the LiDAR connector
  4. Lens cleaning pen
  5. Cable ties used to link cage elements
  6. Small cable ties used to fix the drone antennas
  7. Protection gloves (used for motors or propellers replacement)
  8. Replacement remote controller antennas
  9. Bit for the propeller tool
  10. T8 bit
  11. T8 screwdriver
  12. 0.4 Nm driver
  13. 8mm hex socket (part of the propeller tool)
  14. 1.4 Nm driver (part of the propeller tool)
  15. Cutting plier 
  16. Mechanic plier 
  17. M2.5 screws used to assemble the LiDAR Payload on the drone
  18. Pairing tool
  19. Hearing protection



Configuration Ducted fan quadcopter
Data interface USB-C port using Inspector (requires drone to be powered by its battery!)
Typical time required to download a full flight including lidar data <= 3min
Dimensions 48cm wide
38cm high
Flight control sensors IMU, magnetometer, barometer, lidar, 3 computer vision camera and ToF distance sensor
Flight modes ASSIST – Stabilised mode
ATTI – Attitude mode
SPORT – Sport mode
Flight Time
E3 base
Flight Time
E3 base + lidar mapping payload
Ingress Protection Base platform + basic inspection payload: Splash and dust resistant design, equivalent to at least IP44
LIDAR Payload: IP68
Materials Carbon fibre – Kevlar composites, magnesium alloy, aeronautical grade aluminium, high-quality thermoplastics
Motor type 4 fast reversing electric brushless motors
Noise Level 83 dB(A) with lidar
Onboard computer Nvidia Xavier NX onboard computer with custom Linux OS
Operating temp. 0 °C to 50 °C
Propeller life time 10h
Propellers 4 propellers, 5 inches

Smart battery

Battery change time < 10s by means of plug and play battery mechanism
Battery life time 50 flights
Battery Type LiPo 6S HV Smart Battery:
– LED, button and user interface for SOC monitoring, etc
– Improved safety during charge cycle (protection for: overcharge, overcurrent, overvoltage, over/under-temperature)
– Accurate state-of-health and state-of-charge estimation
– Plug-and-play charging
– Self-balancing
– Storage self-discharge
– Cycle counter
– Battery ID
Charger Elios 3’s plug and play Smart Battery Charger
-> 150VA Reactive power input
-> 100-240V AC voltage input
-> 1.5A AC max current input
Charging Temperature 0°C – 45°C
Charging time 1h
Compliance Approved for carry-on luggage.
Complies with IATA Dangerous Good Regulation.
Energy 99.2Wh
Net Weight 620 g ; 1.4 lbs

Payload chassis

Camera Pod Downward tilt -90 degrees
Camera Pod Upward tilt +90 degrees
Payload head Damped for vibrations

Main camera

Control modes Auto mode with manual EV compensation
File Storage MicroSD card (onboard the aircraft)
Max capacity: 128 GB
Recommended model: Sandisk Extreme micro SDXC UHS-I V30
Ground sample distance minimum 0.18mm/pix at 30cm
Lens 2.71 mm focal length
Fixed focal
Movie FOV 114° horizontal, 131° diagonal
Photo Formats JPG
Photo FOV 119° horizontal, 149° diagonal
Photo Recording Resolution 4000 x 3000, up to 40 pictures during flight
Sensor 1/2.3″ CMOS
Effective Pixels: 12.3 M
Sensitivity: Optimised for low light performance
Supported File System FAT32 for cards up to 32 GB, exFAT for cards bigger than 32 GB.
Up to 128GB card size.
Total vertical FOV approximately 244° including camera tilt including 180°C without obstruction
Video Formats MOV
Video Recording Resolutions 4k Ultra HD: 3840 x 2160 at 30 fps
FHD: 1920 x 1080 at 30 fps
Video Streaming Resolution FHD: 1920 x 1080 at 30 fps

Thermal camera

Lens FOV 56° x 42°, Depth of field 15cm to infinity
Sensitivity (NEdT)
Sensor Lepton 3.5 FLIR
Video Recording Resolution 160 x 120 at 9 fps
Wavelength (LWIR) 8-14 μm

Lighting system

Control From remote controller, adaptive light beam controlled by camera pitch
Modes Normal mode (4x panels used)
Dustproof lighting (2x outer panels used only)
Selective/oblique lighting (left or right side only)
Type High-efficiency LEDs for even lighting in front, top and bottom, optimised for low impact of dust on picture quality.

Aircraft transmission

Designation of emissions Downlink: max 18Mbps
-> Video: 1080p@30fps
-> FMU data
Uplink: max 3Mbps
-> RC commands
Frequency band Tx 2.4GHz ISM band (2402MHz – 2483MHz)
Maximum output power 2.4 Ghz ≤20 dBm

Operational safety and crashworthiness

Battery latch safety alarm Sensor embedded in battery mechanism to alarm customer with visual warning on drone and in Cockpit if battery lever is not closed correctly.
Fail safe Auto-landing on signal lost
Navigation lights One RGB navigation light on the rear of the drone
Protection cage Carbon fibre cage with soft coating, modular subcomponents for maintenance ease, thermoplastic elastomer suspensions, bottom opening dimensioned for easy battery access, front opening dimensioned for easy payload access.

Remote controller

Battery 6700 mAh 1S
Battery Charger Voltage & power input 12 V / 24 W
Battery Charging temperature range 10°C to 35°C
Battery life time 300 cycles
Controls Aircraft control and payload settings
Operating temp. -10°C to 45°C
Options Optional remote controller (camera operator) with video stream reception on a secondary screen, and dual control of camera settings.
Output port USB-C
Weight 1760g with tablet holder

Remote controller transmission

Designation of emissions Downlink: max 18Mbps
-> Video: 1080p@30fps
-> FMU data
Uplink: max 3Mbps
-> RC commands
Frequency band Tx 2.4GHz ISM band (2402MHz – 2483MHz)
Maximum output power 2.4 Ghz ≤20 dBm
Radio link Encryption 128 bit aes-ctr as per the LTE spec


Battery Charger USB fast Charger 5V /15W
Charging temp. 0°C to 40 °C
Charging Time 3h (with fast charger provided with tablet)
5h (with normal charger provided by Flyability)
Model Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 or S8
Operating temp. -10 °C to 50 °C
Weight 500 g

Transport case

Compliance NOT IATA compliant for checked-in luggage
Possibility to have a smaller case for IATA compliance in option

Cockpit software

Features Real time video and UAV telemetry, status visualisation (remaining battery, payload settings, warnings, etc.), control payload settings and various configurations.
Operating system Android 11/12 developed for Samsung Tab S7 / S8 tablet

Inspector software

Operating system Windows 10/11 (64 bits)

FAQs for Flyability Elios 3 - Enterprise Package

  1. What are the key components of the Flyability Elios 3 Enterprise Package?
    • Discover everything included in the Enterprise Package, from the drone itself to advanced sensors, software solutions, and enterprise-level support services designed for comprehensive operational needs.
  2. How does the Enterprise Package compare to the Light and Premium Packages?
    • Get a clear comparison of the Enterprise Package against the Light and Premium options, highlighting the unique features and benefits that cater to large-scale and complex operational requirements.
  3. Can the Enterprise Package be customized for specific industry needs?
    • Learn about the customization options available within the Enterprise Package, including specific sensors, software adaptations, and training programs tailored to meet unique industry demands.
  4. What advanced software features are exclusive to the Enterprise Package?
    • Explore the exclusive software features and analytics tools that come with the Enterprise Package, aimed at enhancing data processing, integration with existing systems, and providing actionable insights.
  5. What types of extended warranties and support services are offered with the Enterprise Package?
    • Understand the comprehensive warranties, dedicated support, and maintenance services that are part of the Enterprise Package, ensuring maximum uptime and reliability for enterprise operations.
  6. Is there specialized training and certification for Enterprise Package users?
    • Find out about the specialized training programs and certifications available for Enterprise Package users, designed to ensure operators are fully equipped to leverage the package’s advanced capabilities.
  7. How does the Elios 3 Enterprise Package support large-scale and complex missions?
    • Delve into the capabilities and features of the Enterprise Package that make it suitable for executing large-scale operations and complex missions, including multi-drone coordination and advanced mission planning tools.
  8. What are the data security and privacy features of the Enterprise Package?
    • Learn about the robust data security measures and privacy features integrated into the Enterprise Package to protect sensitive information and ensure compliance with industry standards.
  9. How does the Enterprise Package enhance operational efficiency and decision-making?
    • Discover how the Enterprise Package’s advanced data analytics, AI-driven insights, and integration capabilities can significantly enhance operational efficiency and inform strategic decision-making.
  10. Can existing Flyability Elios 3 users upgrade to the Enterprise Package?
    • Get information on the upgrade path for current Elios 3 users to the Enterprise Package, including the process, potential costs, and how to leverage existing investments towards the enhanced capabilities offered in the Enterprise tier.

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