Seagull 2000 Glider EP 2m ARF

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  • Wingspan: 2000mm
  • Wing area: 31.5dm2
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Length: 941mm

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Seagull 2000 Glider EP 2m ARF

The Seagull 2000 Glider EP 2m ARF is a beautifully designed electric-powered glider that stands out for its excellent soaring capabilities and graceful flight characteristics. With a wingspan of 2 meters, it offers both beginners and experienced pilots an accessible yet highly rewarding flying experience. The ARF (Almost Ready to Fly) designation means it comes mostly pre-built, requiring minimal assembly and setup time before it’s ready to take to the skies. Its lightweight construction, often featuring durable materials like balsa and plywood, combined with an efficient wing design, ensures optimal lift and glide efficiency. The Seagull 2000 is well-suited for thermal gliding, slope soaring, and general leisure flying, making it a versatile choice for RC glider enthusiasts looking for performance and reliability.

Wingspan and Design: It boasts a 2-meter wingspan, which strikes an excellent balance between size and performance. The wing design is optimized for thermal efficiency and glide ratio, making it capable of exploiting updrafts and staying aloft with minimal power.

Construction Materials: The glider is constructed from high-quality materials such as balsa wood and plywood. These materials are chosen for their lightweight properties and durability, ensuring the glider remains both agile in the air and resilient upon landing.

ARF Model: As an Almost Ready to Fly model, it requires minimal assembly, making it ideal for pilots who prefer spending more time flying than building. The ARF package typically includes the airframe components pre-built, requiring the pilot to install the electronics and perform final assembly.

Electric Power: Designed for electric propulsion, this glider is equipped with a motor mount and accommodations for battery installation, allowing for quiet, efficient flight. This electric setup is ideal for easy take-offs and extended flight times, provided by the efficient use of power.

Control Surfaces: It features fully-functional control surfaces including ailerons, elevator, and rudder, giving pilots precise control over the aircraft’s movements. This enhances the flying experience, allowing for maneuvers ranging from gentle glides to more dynamic flying styles.

Landing Gear: Depending on the specific model and configuration, it may come with a simple landing gear setup to assist with takeoffs and landings on varied terrains, protecting the fuselage and enhancing the usability of the glider.

Customization Potential: The glider is designed with customization in mind, offering pilots the opportunity to modify and upgrade components such as the motor, battery, and servos according to their preferences and flying styles.

Aesthetics: The Seagull 2000 Glider is also known for its aesthetic appeal, featuring a sleek design and often coming with a visually striking livery that makes it stand out both on the ground and in the air.

Versatility: It’s well-suited for a wide range of flying activities, from thermal soaring to slope gliding, making it a versatile choice for enthusiasts looking to explore different aspects of RC flying.

Ease of Transport: Given its size and the ability to disassemble the wing for transport, the Seagull 2000 is relatively easy to transport to and from flying sites, despite its impressive wingspan.



Delivered as: Almost-Ready-To-Fly
Operating Mode: Electric
Plane Type: Electric Glider
Span: 2000 mm
Suitable For: Experienced
Wing area: 31,5 dm2
Length: 941 mm
Material: Balsa
Weight: 1000 g
ESC: Not Included
Transmitter: Not Included
Aileron: Yes
Motor Type: Brushless
Battery: Not Included
Charger: Not Included
Needed To Complete: 4 Channel Radio , Brushless ESC , Brushless Motor , Charger , LiPo Battery

FAQs for Seagull 2000 Glider EP 2m ARF

  1. What does ARF mean for the Seagull 2000 Glider?
    • ARF stands for Almost Ready to Fly, indicating that the Seagull 2000 comes mostly assembled but requires some final assembly and installation of electronics before it’s ready to fly.
  2. What type of motor is recommended for the Seagull 2000 Glider?
    • While specific models can vary, a brushless electric motor suitable for 2-meter gliders is typically recommended. The exact motor specifications might depend on your flying style and the weight of additional components.
  3. Can I fly the Seagull 2000 Glider in any type of weather?
    • The Seagull 2000 is capable of flying in a variety of weather conditions, but it performs best in mild to moderate winds. Extreme weather, like strong winds or heavy rain, is not recommended for safe flying.
  4. What is the ideal battery type and size for this glider?
    • A lithium polymer (LiPo) battery is recommended, with the capacity and voltage depending on the motor and desired flight duration. Typically, a 2S or 3S LiPo ranging from 1000mAh to 2200mAh works well.
  5. How long can I fly the Seagull 2000 Glider on a single battery charge?
    • Flight times can vary widely based on battery size, flying style, and weather conditions. On average, expect anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes of flight time per charge, with thermal soaring potentially extending this duration.
  6. Is the Seagull 2000 Glider suitable for beginners?
    • Yes, its stable flight characteristics and manageable size make it a good choice for beginners, though some basic knowledge of RC flying and supervision from an experienced pilot may enhance the learning experience.
  7. What are the main maintenance tips for this glider?
    • Regular checks should include inspecting the airframe for damage, ensuring all screws and fittings are secure, checking the control surfaces for proper alignment and function, and verifying the battery and motor are in good condition.
  8. Can the Seagull 2000 be flown without the motor, as a traditional glider?
    • Yes, it can glide without motor power, exploiting thermals and updrafts for lift. However, the motor greatly enhances its versatility, allowing for easy takeoffs and extended flight capabilities.
  9. Are there any recommended upgrades for the Seagull 2000 Glider?
    • Common upgrades include higher-capacity batteries for longer flight times, more powerful motors for improved climb rates, and digital servos for more precise control surface movements.
  10. Where can I purchase parts for the Seagull 2000 Glider?
    • Parts can usually be purchased from the same retailer where you bought the glider, directly from the manufacturer, or from specialty online stores that stock RC aircraft parts and accessories.

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