DJI Mic (1 TX + 1 RX)

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  • 250m Transmission Range
  • Dual-Channel Recording
  • Up to 14 Hours of Onboard Memory
  • Portable and Compact
  • Wide Compatibility
  • 15-hour Battery Life

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Introducing the DJI Mic, a game-changer in audio recording that seamlessly complements the quality of your videos. Tailored for creators striving for excellence, it empowers you to elevate your content effortlessly. With exceptional sound fidelity and the capability for dual-channel recording, the DJI Mic ensures that your audio matches the professionalism of your visuals. Experience the freedom to capture audio with clarity and precision, even at distances of up to 250 meters. Simply switch on, connect, and start recording crystal-clear sound on the move. Whether you’re filming in bustling urban environments or expansive landscapes, the DJI Mic delivers reliable performance, allowing you to focus on capturing the perfect shot. Say goodbye to audio limitations and hello to a new standard of excellence in your content creation journey. With the DJI Mic, take your videos to the next level and stand out from the crowd with impeccable audio quality.


14-Hour Recording

Benefit from ample storage with 8 GB of internal memory, allowing you to record up to 14 hours of compressionless 48kHz 24-bit audio. Enjoy the freedom to capture every detail with pristine clarity and fidelity, ensuring that your recordings maintain professional-grade quality. Easily transfer files to your computer via data cable for swift editing and sharing, streamlining your workflow and saving you valuable time. Whether you’re in the field or the studio, the DJI Mic offers convenience and efficiency, empowering you to focus on your creative process without worrying about storage limitations. With its generous storage capacity and seamless file transfer capabilities, the DJI Mic is your go-to solution for capturing high-quality audio wherever inspiration strikes.

Magnetic Attachment

With its magnetic attachment feature, the transmitter offers effortless convenience. Equipped with a handy back clip and magnetic design, it securely attaches to clothing, guaranteeing quick access whenever needed. This intuitive design ensures that the transmitter is always within reach, ready for instant use without any fumbling or delays. Whether you’re on the move or preparing for a flight, the magnetic attachment simplifies handling and storage, streamlining your workflow. Say goodbye to searching for misplaced equipment and hello to seamless accessibility with the transmitter’s innovative magnetic attachment, designed for ultimate user convenience.


OLED Touchscreen

With a built-in 0.95-inch OLED touchscreen, the receiver offers intuitive access to various functions. This compact yet powerful display simplifies navigation, allowing users to effortlessly control different operations. Whether adjusting settings or accessing features, the touchscreen provides a seamless user experience with its clear interface and responsive controls. Say goodbye to cumbersome menus and hello to streamlined operation with the receiver’s intuitive OLED touchscreen. Enjoy convenient access to all functionalities at your fingertips, enhancing efficiency and ease of use during every operation.


15-Hour Battery

Experience extended battery life with the transmitters, offering up to 5.5 hours of usage on a single charge. Additionally, the charging case provides an impressive 15 hours of battery life, ensuring prolonged use without interruptions. Say goodbye to constant battery anxiety and enjoy uninterrupted operation with ample power to spare. Spend less time fretting over battery levels and more time focused on your tasks at hand. With extended battery life from both the transmitters and charging case, you can confidently tackle your activities without the need for frequent recharging.


250m (820 ft.) Range

Benefit from an impressive audio transmission range of up to 250m (820 ft.) in open, unobstructed environments, free from interference. Enjoy the freedom of cable-free operation, without the hassle of tangled cords or limitations in movement. Whether you’re navigating vast landscapes or busy urban areas, rest assured that your audio signals will reach their destination with clarity and precision. Experience seamless communication and unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to focus on your tasks without being tethered to your equipment. With reliable audio transmission, explore new horizons without constraints or compromise.

Vast Compatibility

Equipped with USB-C, Lightning, and 3.5mm TRS ports, the DJI Mic receiver ensures compatibility with a wide range of popular smartphone, camera, and laptop brands. Whether you’re using an Android or iOS device, a DSLR or mirrorless camera, or a laptop, rest assured that the DJI Mic receiver seamlessly integrates with your equipment. Enjoy the flexibility to connect to your preferred devices without the need for additional adapters or accessories, simplifying your setup and enhancing your workflow for seamless audio recording in any situation.

In The Box



DJI Mic Transmitters

Transmitter Type
Clip-On with Microphone
RF Output Power
100 mW
Audio I/O
1x 1/8″ / 3.5 mm TRS Female Input
Included Cable Connector
Auto-Level Control
Recorder Sample Rates
48 kHz
Recorder Bit Depths
Memory Card Support
Audio File Formats
Sync Method
Power Requirements
Battery Type
1x Built-In Rechargeable
Internal Battery Capacity
320 mAh
Battery Charging Time
70 Minutes
Approx. Battery Life
5.5 Hours
1.9 x 1.2 x 0.8″ / 47.3 x 30.4 x 20 mm
1.1 oz / 30 g

DJI Mic Receiver

Receiver Type
Mounting Options
Plug-In, Shoe-Mount (with Included Hardware)
Number of Audio Channels
Audio I/O
1x 1/8″ / 3.5 mm TRS Female Unbalanced Output
1x 1/8″ / 3.5 mm TRS Female Unbalanced Headphone Output
Audio Output Level
-12 to +12 dB
Signal Processing
High-Pass Filter:
150 Hz
Frequency Response
50 Hz to 20 kHz
Network I/O
Word Clock I/O
USB/Lightning Connectivity
1x Lightning Male (Audio)
1x USB-C Male (Audio)
RF Output Power
100 mW (EIRP)
Power Requirements
Battery Type
1x Built-In Rechargeable
Internal Battery Capacity
320 mAh
Battery Charging Time
160 Minutes
Approx. Battery Life
5 Hours (Lithium Rechargeable)
Display & Indicators
OLED Touchscreen (Battery Status, Channel, Level, Menu Navigation, Transmitter Battery Status)
Operating Temperature
14 to 113°F / -10 to 45°C
1.9 x 1.3 x 0.7″ / 47.4 x 32.2 x 17.3 mm
0.9 oz / 24.9 g


Microphone Type
Built-In (Transmitter)
Sound Field
Electret Condenser
Polar Pattern
Equivalent Noise Level
23 dB A-Weighted
Maximum SPL
114 dB SPL


Wireless Technology
Digital 2.4 GHz
Included Transmitters
2x Clip-On with Microphone
RF Frequency Band
2400 to 2483.5 MHz
RF Channel Scanning
Max Operating Range
820.2′ / 250 m (Line of Sight)
Max Transmitters per Band
Built-In Recorder

FAQs for DJI Mic

What is the difference between DJI Mic (1 TX + 1 RX) and DJI Mic (2 TX + 1 RX + Charging Case)?
Compared with DJI Mic wireless microphone (2 TX + 1 RX + Charging Case), DJI Mic wireless microphone (1 TX + 1 RX) includes only one DJI Mic transmitter and does not include the charging case. The storage bag and charging cable are also slightly different. The rest of the accessories are the same.

DJI Mic (1 TX + 1 RX) is suitable for solo operators to take vlogs or do livestreaming. A operating time of 5 hours is enough for needs like store visiting, vlogging and teaching online class. The price is also more affordable. In the meantime, DJI Mic (2 TX + 1 RX + Charging Case) is more suitable for scenarios with two speakers, such as livestreaming, interview or video shooting. The two transmitters can record at the same time, and with the charging case, the operating time extends to 15 hours, meeting complicated creative needs like long videos and micro films that might take longer time.

What can I use DJI Mic with?
You can use DJI Mic wireless microphone with a range of devices, including cameras, smartphones (only Lightning and USB-C ports are supported), computers, Osmo Action 3, and Osmo Mobile 6.

Do I need to activate DJI Mic?
DJI Mic wireless microphone is ready to use without activation. Get registered on the official DJI website and you can get a one-year warranty extension.

What’s the difference between Mono and Stereo?DJI Mic wireless microphone supports two recording modes: Mono and Stereo. Under Stereo mode, audio from the two transmitters can be recorded via separate channels, and under Mono mode, audio will be recorded via one channel. As Stereo requires two channels, DJI Mic (1 TX + 1 RX) does not support stereo.

How long does it take to fully charge the transmitters and receiver using the Charging Case? How long does it take to fully charge the Charging Case?
At room temperature, it takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes to fully charge the transmitters and receiver using the Charging Case. It takes about 2 hours and 40 minutes to fully charge the Charging Case.

Where can I mount DJI Mic transmitters?
It is recommended to use the Back Clip to attach DJI Mic to locations such as a shirt collar, or it can be used with the Clip Magnets.

Note: If you need to put the transmitters on any flat surface, use the Clip Magnets to make them stand upright.

How do I link the transmitters with the receiver?DJI Mic transmitters and receiver are already linked by default. If you need to link them again, you can do so in the following ways:

Method 1: Put the receiver and transmitters into the charging case and they will pair automatically. This method only applies to DJI Mic (2 TX + 1 RX + Charging Case).

Method 2: Turn on the receiver and transmitters. Scroll the screen of the receiver downward to enter the control center page. Slide to the left and tap “Settings” to enter the settings page. Slide to the left again and tap “Link” to enter linking mode. Then, press and hold the link button on the side of the transmitters until the green light on the top-left corner flashes and wait for the linking to finish. When the linking indicators of the transmitters turn solid green, it means the linking is successful. This method applies to both DJI Mic (2 TX + 1 RX + Charging Case) and DJI Mic (1 TX + 1 RX).

Do the transmitters support standalone recording? If yes, what is the max recording time?
Yes. DJI Mic transmitters support standalone recording. Press the recording button on the side of the transmitters. A solid red light indicates that recording has started. When fully charged, it can record for up to 5.5 hours. With a constant power supply, it can record up to 14 hours of 24-bit lossless audio.

Note: Audio will be saved as one file for every 30 minutes during standalone recording. When internal storage space runs out, new audio will replace the earliest ones, and new files will also be saved every 30 minutes.

What is the internal storage of DJI Mic transmitters? Do the transmitters support external SD cards for storage?
DJI Mic transmitters have built-in 8GB storage and do not support external storage.

How do I connect the DJI Mic Receiver with my smartphone, camera, or computer?
To connect with a smartphone: Insert the standard phone adapter into the pogo-pin port at the bottom of the transmitters and connect with your phone. Start shooting or recording on your phone and the receiver will start working.

To connect with a camera: The receiver can be mounted on a camera via the hot shoe adapter. Use a 3.5mm camera connection cable to connect the camera mic port and the 3.5mm audio output port on the receiver. Then, start recording videos on your camera and the receiver will start working.
To connect with a computer: Use a 3.5mm camera connection cable to connect the mic port of your computer with the 3.5mm audio output port of the receiver. Start recording on your computer and the receiver will start working.

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