FLIR E6 Pro- Pro Series Infrared Camera with Ignite Cloud

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  • See impending failures sooner with optics always in focus and large, sharp, 640×480 touchscreen.
  • Save time by connecting to the cloud for automatically storing, editing and sharing images in FLIR Ignite or Thermal Studio. OTA (Over The Air) updates will always keep your camera equipped with the latest features
  • FLIR MSX Image Enhancement provides extraordinary thermal imaging details, with a 5 MP visual camera and LED lamp for improved decision support
  • Simplify workflow by using the Delta T (NFPA 70B compliant), touchscreen to 1-touch level & span, pan and zoom, as well as adding comments to images – automatically inserted into reports
  • Rugged, reliable, yet lightweight design with power grip for one-handed, point and shoot image capture.

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Pro-Series Infrared Camera with Ignite Cloud

The FLIR E6 Pro stands as a versatile solution for efficient inspections in diverse industries. Its high thermal resolution of 240 × 180 (43,200 pixels) coupled with FLIR’s MSX® enhancement enables precise problem identification with vibrant thermal imagery. The 3.5-inch touchscreen, boasting a resolution of 640 × 480, simplifies navigation and enhances user interaction. This intuitive interface allows for seamless photo editing, note-taking, and file organization directly on the camera. With seamless integration into the FLIR Ignite cloud, professionals can effortlessly share images with clients and collaborators, ensuring quick decision-making and streamlined reporting processes. Its robust design and advanced features make the FLIR E6 Pro a reliable companion for efficient inspections.

INSPECT EFFICIENTLY: Streamline your workflow by effortlessly editing and organizing photos, and adding comprehensive notes directly from the camera. With seamless integration into the FLIR Ignite cloud, access files conveniently from any device, ensuring efficient collaboration and decision-making.

IDENTIFY PROBLEMS FAST: FLIR’s patented MSX enhancement delivers highly detailed thermal images, facilitating rapid problem identification. This innovative technology overlays key details from the visible light camera onto the thermal image in real-time, enabling instant recognition of problematic heat patterns directly on the camera’s LCD.

HASSLE-FREE SHARING AND REPORTING: Instantly share images and generate quick reports using FLIR Ignite. Additionally, leverage FLIR Thermal Studio for creating advanced client reports, enhancing communication and professionalism in your inspections.

Efficient Inspections at Your Fingertips: Leverage the 3.5-inch touchscreen of the FLIR Ex-Series to add detailed annotations to images, enhancing clarity and communication in reports. With seamless cloud integration, access and share annotated images effortlessly for streamlined collaboration.

Hassle-Free Data Transfer and Sharing with FLIR Ignite: Utilize Desktop Sync to eliminate issues caused by damaged or missing SD cards and USB cables. Ensure secure data sharing with trusted team members for seamless collaboration and reporting. Enjoy the flexibility of creating reports on mobile devices, browsers, or desktops with Edit Anywhere functionality.

IDENTIFY PROBLEMS FAST: FLIR’s patented MSX (Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging) enhancement revolutionizes problem identification by providing highly detailed thermal images. This cutting-edge technology enables rapid recognition of problem areas, enhancing your ability to pinpoint issues swiftly and accurately. With MSX, subtle thermal variations become more pronounced, making it easier to assess and address potential problems before they escalate.

MSX Image Enhancement: FLIR’s MSX Image Enhancement is a game-changer in thermal imaging technology. By integrating key details from the onboard visible light camera into the infrared image in real-time, MSX creates a comprehensive thermal picture with enhanced visibility of visible light features. This innovative feature enables instant recognition of problematic heat patterns, empowering users to identify issues quickly and accurately. With MSX delivering real-time results on the camera’s LCD, users can efficiently assess thermal conditions with unparalleled clarity and precision.

FLIR E6 Pro- Pro-Series Infrared Camera with Ignite Cloud
FLIR E6 Pro- Pro-Series Infrared Camera with Ignite Cloud
FLIR E6 Pro- Pro-Series Infrared Camera with Ignite Cloud
FLIR E6 Pro- Pro-Series Infrared Camera with Ignite Cloud

In The Box

Package Includes

Infrared camera, hard transport case, battery (inside camera), power supply (with EU, UK, US and AU plugs), FLIR Thermal Studio Starter, and printed documentation


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