FLIR E8 Pro Infrared Camera with Ignite Cloud

Original price was: ₹590,649.Current price is: ₹490,649.

  • Field of view (FOV): 33°
  • Digital Camera: 5 MP
  • Image Modes: Thermal MSX, Thermal, Picture-in-Picture, Digital camera
  • Display: 3.5 in, 640 × 480 color LCD
  • Storage Media: Internal memory and onboard FLIR Ignite cloud connectivity (with Wi-Fi)

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Infrared Camera with Ignite Cloud

The FLIR E8 Pro is an indispensable tool for detecting and troubleshooting electrical, mechanical, and building issues with precision. With its ability to swiftly identify hot spots and visualize problems through vibrant thermal imagery enhanced by FLIR’s patented MSX (Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging), your inspections become more efficient and effective. Utilizing the intuitive touchscreen interface, you can seamlessly manage your workflow, organizing photos, adding detailed notes, and directly uploading them to the FLIR Ignite cloud. This enables convenient access from any device, streamlining collaboration and decision-making processes. When it comes to sharing findings and generating client reports, the integration with FLIR Ignite and FLIR Thermal Studio ensures a seamless experience. With your images and notes readily available, you can create professional reports with ease, enhancing communication and productivity in your inspections.

FLIR E8 Pro Infrared Camera with Ignite Cloud
FLIR E8 Pro Infrared Camera with Ignite Cloud
FLIR E8 Pro Infrared Camera with Ignite Cloud
FLIR E8 Pro Infrared Camera with Ignite Cloud
FLIR E8 Pro Infrared Camera with Ignite Cloud

FLIR’s patented MSX (Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging) enhancement revolutionizes problem identification by providing highly detailed thermal images. This innovative technology overlays visual details onto thermal images, offering unparalleled clarity to swiftly pinpoint issues. With MSX, you can instantly recognize the exact location of problems, allowing for prompt and accurate troubleshooting in various applications.

With the FLIR camera’s intuitive touchscreen interface, you can streamline your workflow effortlessly. From organizing photos to adding detailed notes, every aspect of your inspection process can be efficiently managed directly on the device. The touchscreen functionality enables seamless navigation and operation, empowering you to capture, annotate, and organize data with ease. Additionally, the ability to upload files directly to the FLIR Ignite cloud ensures convenient access to essential information from any device, facilitating collaboration and decision-making.

Efficient sharing and reporting are essential components of effective inspections, and FLIR cameras offer streamlined solutions for these tasks. Easily share images with stakeholders and colleagues, facilitating communication and collaboration. Moreover, the integration with FLIR Ignite and FLIR Thermal Studio enables the creation of advanced client reports, enhancing professionalism and efficiency. Whether you need to share findings or generate comprehensive reports, FLIR cameras provide the tools to streamline the process, ensuring seamless communication and informed decision-making.

FLIR E8 Pro Infrared Camera with Ignite Cloud

MSX Image Enhancement

FLIR’s Ex-Series thermal cameras boast Multi Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX), integrating crucial details from the visible light camera into the thermal image in real-time. This fusion creates a comprehensive thermal picture with visible light characteristics, aiding swift identification of problematic heat patterns. MSX operates instantaneously, displaying results promptly on the camera’s LCD.

FLIR E8 Pro Infrared Camera with Ignite Cloud

Save Time With 1-Touch Level/Span

1-Touch Level/Span allows you to choose a small area of focus in a thermal image – with one touch of the screen – and the camera will auto-adjust the level and span based on the thermal contrast at that spot in the image. The result: time saved on manual adjustments.

FLIR E8 Pro Infrared Camera with Ignite Cloud

NFPA 70B Compliant – Delta T Measurement Tools

With NFPA 70B compliant Delta T measurement tools now built into Ex-Series cameras (Box1 Max – Spot1 Max, and Box1 Max – Atmosphere Temperature), you can save a lot of time by calculating ∆T on the camera without any additional steps.

FLIR E8 Pro Infrared Camera with Ignite Cloud

Efficient Inspections at Your Fingertips

Add notes from the touchscreen
With its 3.5-inch touchscreen, the FLIR E8 Pro enables users to add precise annotations to images, facilitating detailed documentation. These annotated images can be effortlessly saved to the cloud, streamlining the report creation process. This functionality simplifies the task of generating comprehensive reports, enhancing efficiency and ensuring that important details are captured and preserved for further analysis and communication.

FLIR E8 Pro Infrared Camera with Ignite Cloud

Hassle-Free Data Transfer and Sharing with FLIR Ignite

  • Desktop Sync eliminates issues created by damaged or missing SD cards and USB cables
  • Secure Data Sharing to trusted team for easy collaboration and reporting
  • Edit Anywhere allows you or coworkers to create reports on mobile devices, on a browser or desktop


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