FLIR T530 Professional Thermal Camera

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  • 180° rotating optical block
  • 4″ capacitive touch screen
  • 320×240 (76,800 pixels) IR resolution
  • UltraMax Resolution: 307,200 effective pixels
  • Less than 30 mK @ 30°C sensitivity
  • Up to 1202°F temp ranges
  • 30Hz image frequency
  • 7.5 to 14.0μm Spectral range
  • Interchangeable AutoCal lenses
  • Automatic lens identification

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FLIR T530 Professional Thermal Camera

The T530 320 x 240 Thermal Imaging Camera with DFOV 14 & 24° Lenses has the features professionals need to accurately troubleshoot hot spots and potential faults. With the 180° rotating lens platform and a bright 4″ LCD, the FLIR T530 is engineered to help users diagnose hard-to-reach components in any environment. Advanced on-camera measurement tools, laser-assisted autofocus, and FLIR’s industry-leading image quality ensure you’ll find and diagnose problems quickly. With onboard Inspection Route mode, you can download and run survey plans to your camera from FLIR Thermal Studio Pro (with Route Creator plugin). Together these systems will help you record temperature data and imagery in a logical sequence for faster troubleshooting and repair. Paired with a FLIR Flex View dual field of view lens adds the convenience to instantly switch from wide-area to telephoto scanning without changing the lens.

Make Critical Decisions Quickly; In high-stakes situations, laser-assisted autofocus ensures precise focus, guaranteeing accurate temperature readings that enable rapid yet reliable decision-making. With advanced imaging technology and heightened sensitivity, professionals can swiftly assess thermal data and make informed choices with confidence and efficiency.

Transition seamlessly from wide area scanning to telephoto views instantly with the FlexView dual field-of-view lens, providing unparalleled adaptability and flexibility in diverse inspection environments.

Achieve industry-leading image clarity through FLIR Vision Processing, harnessing the power of FLIR MSX, UltraMax, and proprietary adaptive filtering technologies. This empowers users to extract critical insights swiftly and accurately from thermal imagery, facilitating quick and informed decision-making.

Effortlessly incorporate precise object distance data into reports using the laser distance measurement tool, enhancing the completeness and accuracy of documentation for comprehensive analysis and review.

Match the visual camera’s field of view with up to 640 × 480 thermal resolution, enabling the capture of 307,200 radiometric non-contact temperature measurement points. Alternatively, leverage UltraMax resolution enhancement for up to 1.2MP resolution, maximizing thermal imaging capabilities for enhanced decision support.

Maximize Efficiency, Safety, and Performance: Conduct equipment assessments and proactively prevent component failure from any vantage point, ensuring operational continuity and personnel safety in industrial settings.

Target overhead components with reduced strain and increased precision, thanks to the innovative 180° rotating optical block feature. This ergonomic design enhancement improves accessibility and enhances inspection efficiency.

Optimize resource utilization by sharing lenses (ranging from wide angle to telephoto) across a fleet of cameras using AutoCal optics technology, streamlining equipment maintenance and inspection processes while reducing costs.

Ensure measurement accuracy and consistency with laser-assisted autofocus and 1-Touch Level/Span functionality, minimizing errors and enhancing the reliability of inspection outcomes.

Tools to Make the Job Easier: Efficiently organize and manage findings in the field with built-in navigation and reporting features, facilitating seamless data collection, analysis, and documentation for enhanced workflow efficiency.

Access menus, folders, and settings swiftly and intuitively using responsive controls, including a rapid response touchscreen and two programmable buttons, empowering users to customize their workflow and optimize productivity.

Streamline inspection processes by downloading survey routes from FLIR Thermal Studio Pro to the camera, enabling systematic data collection and analysis for comprehensive assessment and reporting.

Securely upload and organize images to the FLIR Ignite cloud for convenient storage, sharing, and integration into reports, ensuring data accessibility and collaboration across teams.

Generate precise documentation enriched with embedded GPS locations and measurement data from METERLiNK-enabled FLIR clamp meters and multimeters, enhancing the accuracy and completeness of inspection reports for thorough analysis and review.

Leverage additional features such as the Class 2 laser pointer and LED lamp for enhanced visibility and guidance during inspections, further optimizing efficiency and effectiveness.

Measurement & Analysis: Automate hot/cold detection with automatic maximum/minimum markers within designated areas, facilitating efficient anomaly detection and analysis for timely decision-making.

Utilize versatile color alarm (isotherm) functionalities, including Above, Below, Interval, Condensation, and Insulation alarms, to identify temperature differentials and potential issues quickly and accurately.

Analyze temperature differentials with difference temperature calculations, enabling precise identification of thermal variations for targeted interventions and maintenance activities.

Fine-tune measurements with emissivity correction, offering variable adjustments from 0.01 to 1.0 or selection from a materials list, ensuring accurate thermal readings across diverse surfaces and materials.

Access multilingual support with 21 language options, facilitating clear communication and collaboration among international teams and stakeholders for seamless workflow integration.

Benefit from management function alarms (audible/visual) for selected measurement functions, providing real-time alerts for critical parameters to enhance safety and operational efficiency.

Customize measurement presets to suit specific inspection requirements, including options for no measurement, center spot, hot spot, cold spot, and user presets, enabling rapid configuration for consistent and standardized analysis.

Utilize the wide object temperature range (-4 to 248°F, 32 to 1202°F, with optional calibration up to 572 to 2192°F) to address diverse industrial applications and environments, ensuring versatility and reliability in thermal measurements.

User Interface: Choose between a predefined list or touchscreen keyboard for seamless data input, catering to user preferences and facilitating efficient operation in various scenarios.

Experience enhanced usability with the optically bonded PCAP touchscreen, offering intuitive navigation and interaction for improved user experience and productivity during inspections.

Augment documentation with a 60-second voice recording capability, enabling additional context to be added to still images or videos via the built-in microphone or Bluetooth connectivity, enhancing the comprehensiveness and richness of inspection reports.

Comfort, Efficiency, And Performance


In critical scenarios, laser-assisted autofocus in the T530 ensures pinpoint accuracy, delivering razor-sharp focus for precise temperature measurements. This guarantees that professionals can swiftly analyze thermal data and make informed decisions with confidence. By providing accurate readings promptly, the T530 empowers users to respond rapidly to dynamic situations, minimizing downtime and optimizing operational efficiency.


The T530 is designed with flexibility and user comfort in mind. Its innovative optical block rotates 180°, allowing users to image targets from any angle effortlessly. This ergonomic feature reduces strain and fatigue, enabling prolonged use throughout the day without compromising comfort or productivity. Whether inspecting overhead components or hard-to-reach areas, the T530 offers unmatched versatility, ensuring optimal performance in diverse inspection environments.


Navigating the T530 is intuitive and straightforward, thanks to its capacitive touchscreen and user-friendly menu interface. With just a few taps, users can access a wide range of functions and settings, streamlining workflow and enhancing efficiency. Additionally, the T530 offers customization options with two programmable buttons, allowing users to tailor the camera’s operation to their specific needs and preferences. This level of customization further enhances user experience and productivity, ensuring seamless operation in any inspection scenario.

In The Box

Package Includes

  • FLIR T530 320 x 240 Thermal Imaging Camera with DFOV 14 & 24° Lenses
  • Lens
  • Small Viewfinder Eyecup
  • 2 x Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • Hard Transport Case
  • Lanyard
  • Front Lens Cap
  • Power Supply
  • 8GB SD Card
  • Printed Documentation
  • USB-C to HDMI Cable
  • USB-C to USB-C Cable
  • USB 2.0 A to USB-C Cable
  • 3-Month FLIR Thermal Studio Pro Subscription
  • 3-Month FLIR Route Creator Plugin for Thermal Studio Pro Subscription
  • Limited 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty



IR Resolution 320 × 240 (76,800 pixels)
Thermal Sensitivity/NETD <40 mK, 24° @ 30°C (86°F)
Accuracy ±2°C (±3.6°F) or ±2% of reading
Digital Camera 5 MP, with built-in LED photo/video lamp
Display 4″, 640 × 480 pixel touchscreen LCD with auto-rotation
Storage Media Removable SD card
Imaging & Optical
Camera Software Update Using USB cable or SD card
Color Black
Color Palettes Iron, Gray, Rainbow, Arctic, Lava, Rainbow HC
Detector Type and Pitch Uncooled microbolometer, 17 µm
Digital Camera FOV 53° × 41°
Digital Zoom 1-4x continuous
Measurement & Analysis
Accuracy ±2°C (±3.6°F) or ±2% of reading
Automatic hot & cold detection Automatic maximum/minimum markers within area
Color Alarm (Isotherm) Above, Below, Interval, Condensation, Insulation
Difference Temperature Yes
Emissivity Correction Yes, variable from 0.01 to 1.0 or selected from materials list
User Interface
Display 4″, 640 × 480 pixel touchscreen LCD with auto-rotation
Languages 21
Touch Screen Optically bonded PCAP
Voice 60 sec. recording added to still images or video via built-in mic or Bluetooth
Battery Operating Time Approx. 4 hours at 25°C (77°F) ambient temperature and typical use
Battery Type Li-ion battery
Charging System In camera or two-bay charger
Environmental & Certifications
EMC ETSI EN 301 489-1 (radio), ETSI EN 301 489-17, EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-3, FCC 47 CFR Part 15 Class B
Operating Temperature Range -15°C to 50°C (5°F to 122°F)
Safety EN/UL/CSA/PSE 60950-1
Storage Temperature Range -40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F)
Compatible with FLIR Software FLIR Thermal Studio Suite, FLIR Route Creator, FLIR Ignite, FLIR Research Studio, FLIR Atlas SDK
Housing Material PCABS with TPE, magnesium
Laser Pointer Class 2, 0.05–40 m (0.16–131 ft.) ±1% of measured distance
Packaging Size 500 × 190 × 370 mm (19.7 × 7.5 × 14.6 in)
Size (L x W x H) Lens horizontal: 140 × 201.3 × 167.3 mm (5.5 × 7.9 × 6.6 in)

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