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  • Next-Gen Flagship: The K++V2 Flight Controller is the latest flagship system in the JIYI lineup.
  • Built on Classic: It inherits the best features of the classic K3A flight controller.
  • Enhanced Compatibility: Features strengthened compatibility with a wide range of drones and components.
  • Redundancy: Incorporates multiple redundancy schemes for superior performance and reliability.
  • Work Safety: Provides an effective guarantee for work safety during flight operations.
  • Superior Performance: Delivers top-tier performance for professional drone applications.
  • Strong Reliability: Engineered for maximum reliability in demanding scenarios.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Utilizes advanced technology to meet the needs of modern drone enthusiasts.
  • Unleash Your Drone’s Potential: Elevate your drone’s capabilities with this cutting-edge flight controller.

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                                   JIYI K++V2 Flight Controller with GPS Radar CAN Hub

The JIYI K++V2 Flight Controller is an advanced flagship system that combines the best features of the classic K3A flight controller with enhanced compatibility and multiple redundancy mechanisms. This results in a highly reliable and high-performance redundant control system, ensuring superior safety during flight operations.


  • Precise Control:
    • Increases flight route accuracy by 25%.
    • Improves vertical control accuracy by 20%.
    • Enhances trajectory precision for smoother flights.
  • Strong Shock Resistance:
    • Incorporates a double shock-absorbing structure to handle complex vibrations.
    • The frame exhibits strong anti-aging properties, reducing the need for after-sales maintenance.
  • Multi-redundant Backup:
    • Features triple redundant Inertial Measurement Units (IMU).
    • Utilizes dual redundant barometers for enhanced flight safety.
  • Noise Reduction and Power Saving:
    • Significantly reduces noise (3 times quieter than the previous generation).
    • Offers 5-15% power savings, contributing to efficient and quieter flights.
  • No Calibration:
    • Utilizes industrial-grade sensors.
    • IMU calibration is only required once and remains accurate for the lifetime of the system.
  • Attitude Control:
    • Doubles attitude control stability.
    • Enhances wind resistance for improved flight performance.
  • Dual CPU:
    • Employs dual CPUs for more powerful processing capabilities.
    • Supports up to 1000Hz Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) control for fine-tuned performance.
  • Backup Power:
    • The controller includes a backup power port for a more reliable power supply, reducing the risk of power-related failures.

Intelligent Vibration Analysis Function

Introducing K++V2, the cutting-edge aviation technology that revolutionizes flight operations. With its intelligent vibration analysis function, K++V2 can assess aircraft vibrations in real time, providing real-time safety warnings via our user-friendly app. This allows pilots to make necessary adjustments to enhance the adaptability and efficiency of all fuselage components, ultimately making flight operations more energy-efficient and safer than ever before. Elevate your aviation experience with K++V2 and soar to new heights of safety and performance.

Multiple Backups Safer Flight

For agricultural drones, the JIYI K++V2 agriculture flight controller is a cutting-edge navigation system. With a triple redundant IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) and two redundant barometer sensors, it has a strong and dependable sensor arrangement. This arrangement guarantees accurate and stable data for aircraft control and navigation.

The K++V2’s cutting-edge diagnostic algorithms, which enable real-time monitoring of sensor data, particularly the IMU, are one of its most notable features. These algorithms continuously scan the sensor data for irregularities and departures from the expected operating conditions. The system seamlessly changes to an additional set of sensors in the case of an anomaly or breakdown in the original sensor set. This automatic redundancy system ensures the aircraft’s safe flight, preventing mishaps and providing seamless

One-time calibration, no fear of environmental  interference

“K++V2: Industrial-Grade Precision Made Easy! With robust sensors and optimized algorithms, our flight controller system requires just one-time calibration. No recalibration needed, even in changing environments. Effortless usability at its best.

JIYI K++V2 Flight Controller with GPS Radar
JIYI K++V2 Flight Controller with GPS Radar
JIYI K++V2 Flight Controller with GPS Radar
JIYI K++V2 Flight Controller with GPS Radar
JIYI K++V2 Flight Controller with GPS Radar


Product Parameters Flight Performance
Supported frame types Quadcopter (+ type, X type) Hover accuracy Horizontal ±1.5 m
Hexacopter (+ type, X type, Y type coaxial twin propellers) Vertical ±0.5 m
Octocopter (+ type, X type, V type)
Supported ESC types ESC below 490HZ PWM Maximum tilt angle 30 degrees
Maximum output channels 8 channels Maximum yaw speed 150 degrees/sec
Suggested remote control type SBUS receiver Maximum vertical speed 6 m/s


Supported receiver types PPM, S-BUS receiver Wind resistance Continuous wind: level 4
Supported peripherals RTK, K-BOX, IOT, obstacle avoidance radar, terrain following radar, integrated remote transmitter, FPV camera, binocular vision sensor, flow meter, liquid level meter, etc. Gust: Level 5
Lipo battery types 2-12S Flight modes and functions Attitude mode, GPS mode, ABT operation, autonomous operation, one-button return, out of control protection, out of control to continue operation, low voltage protection, drug out protection function, precision spraying, fence function, log storage function, landing lock function, forbidden Fly zone function, vibration protection function, star loss protection function, active noise reduction function, motor sequence detection function, direction detection function, dual water pump mode, water pump switch control, water pump linkage control
Power dissipation <5W
Working temperature -10~60℃
Storage temperature -25~60℃
Seismic rating <1G< /td>


Weight Total net weight: 321g
FC: 87g
PMU: 41g
PMU2(UPS): 44g
Size FC 72.6 × 48.0 × 22.8 mm
PMU 53.4 × 34.4 x 14.5 mm
PMU2(UPS) 53.4 × 34.4 x 14.5 mm
GPS Φ62.0 × 14.3 mm
LED 24.0 × 24.0 × 8.0 mm


1 * JIYI K ++ V2 flight controller
1 * GPS
1 * LED
1 * PMU
1 * Terrain detection radar module
1 * Obstacle avoidance radar module
1 * CAN-HUB module

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