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VFLYX 40L HD540Pro Agricultural Drone

Your partner for contemporary agricultural techniques is the VFLYX 40L HD540Pro Agricultural Drone. With the help of this sophisticated drone’s cutting-edge sensors and high-resolution image technologies, you may collect precise aerial data required for precision agriculture.

Its GPS-powered autonomous flight and precise positioning capabilities provide accurate data collecting and analysis. Longer flight times allow you to complete missions that span greater agricultural areas.


  • Advanced Sensors: Utilizes cutting-edge sensor technology.
  • GPS Precision: Autonomous flight with GPS accuracy.
  • Extended Flight: Covers more ground with longer battery life.
  • Rugged Build: Designed to endure outdoor conditions.
  • Simplified Analysis: Streamlines crop data for easy monitoring.
  • Remote Operation: Efficiently managed from a distance.
  • Crop Health: Early detection for improved yields.
  • User-Friendly: Easy controls and interface.
  • Crop Care: Assists in planning and management.

The 40Pro is reliable and tough, designed to withstand the demands of outdoor operations. It makes data analysis easier, helping you to more effectively plan your farming methods, monitor crop health, and identify problems as they arise.

Farmers of all levels of experience can use this drone because it has simple controls and an easy-to-understand interface. The 40Pro Agricultural Drone is your key to maximizing agricultural yields and maintaining sustainable farming practices, from crop planning and irrigation to pest management. Utilize this cutting-edge agricultural drone to change your farming operations by using the power of technology.

Architecture Layout Six-axis layout
The Maximum Length 3315mm (propeller unfolded length)
Overall Dimension length x width x height
2028mm×1922mm×862mm (Arm unfolded state, propeller folded state)
(The height from ground to propeller 862mm)
(The height from the ground to the top of the tank is 940mm)
(The height from the ground to the top of the spreader is 968mm)
Capacity Of Water Tank 40L
Capacity Of Spreader 60L
Weight Of Machine 48KG (Including battery, water tank,  spreader)
Hovering Accuracy RTK: Horizontal ±10cm,
Vertical ±10cm Radar: ±0.1m
Spraying Full-Load Hovering 8.5min
Spreading Full-Load Hovering 7min
No-Load Hovering 18min
Maximum Operation Efficiency 22 ha/h
Ranging Accuracy Of Ground Simulating Radar 0.1m
Fixed Height Range 1-30m
Obstacle Avoidance Perception Range 1-30m
Graphic Transmission >1.5KM
Maximum Take-off Weight Spray Maximum Take-Off Weight: 88kg
Spreading Maximum Take-Off Weight: 95 Kg
Nozzle Type Centrifugal nozzle
Number Of Nozzles 2 nozzles
Max. Flow 13.5L/min
Maximum Spray Amplitude 11m
Nominal Power 220V/8000W (direct connection to generator)
220V/2200W (direct connection to mains)
Tank Capacity 38L
Reference Fuel Consumption 500ml/kWh
Battery Weight 13.3KG
Power Battery 68.4V/30000mAh 2.1kwh
Charging Duration Lithium battery 20%-95% about 13min
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