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The Mavic is a series of teleoperated compact quadcopter drones for personal and commercial aerial photography and videography use, released by the company DJI. The Mavic Pro is the first iteration of the Mavic series of drones. The first foldable drone with a three-axis mechanical gimbal and 4K capable camera, the Mavic Pro was well ahead of its time and still holds up to the rigors of heavy travel and use. The second iteration of the Mavic Series of drones is the Mavic Pro Platinum. Basically identical to the Mavic Pro, the Platinum includes small but significant improvements to the original: new ESCs, motors, and propellers increase efficiency (adding flight time) and decrease noise by up to 60 percent. The third entry in the Mavic Series is the Mavic Air. The Mavic Air is a completely redesigned drone with a multitude of new features. Though the Mavic Air loses a few minutes of flight time from the first two Mavic drones, the improved processing more than makes up for it with new intelligent shots and vastly improved obstacle avoidance. know more about DJI drone price in india at xboom


The Phantom is a series of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) developed by company DJI.
Several segments of industry are open to commercial use including drone journalism, hurricane hunting, 3-D landscape mapping, nature protection, farming, search and rescue, aircraft inspection, tornado chasing, and lava lake exploration. Drones are also in entertainment and business. The Fox Broadcasting Company used Phantom 2 Vision+’s to promote 24 during San Diego Comic-Con International 2014.

The DJI Phantom has been allegedly weaponized by ISIS in Syria and Iraq and used to scout for battle planning, spot for artillery, navigate car bombs, and conduct aerial bombing by dropping rigged grenade/mortar shell on enemy troops. The small size and agile flight performance make these improvized drones very difficult to spot and destroy. get more info , features, dji drone camera price in India at xboom


For experts who realize that robots are instruments, not toys, the ordinary buyer robot probably won’t get the job done. This is the place where venture drones come in. Endeavor drones have expanded capacities and choices. Some have cameras that can be changed out taking into account a huge number of sensor choices. There are warm choices, zoom cameras, and multi-unearthly cameras. The Matrice series, for instance, has an attachment and play port that coordinates with DJI cameras just as cameras from different makers. It likewise has a model with numerous ports taking into account warm, visual, and zoom across the board bundle. As more enterprises embrace drone innovation, they begin requesting arrangements custom-made to their industry. This is the thought behind the endeavor setup and DJI accomplices like CompassDrone. We pay attention to what our customers need and work with DJI to think of arrangements. Undertaking drone is the aftereffect of long periods of working with public wellbeing, horticulture and different ventures. The arrangements you see here are just the start. Together we can grow totally new setups custom fitted to your necessities. Anyway, who is this for? It’s intended for everybody; we simply need to sort out some way to make it work for you. get more info, features, DJI drone camera price in India at xboom

DJI drones phantom series

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Drone flying is a deep-rooted desire of every millennial nowadays. Be it for professional calling or hobby satisfaction, drones use are rapidly finding many more applications including aerial photography, product deliveries, agriculture, policing and surveillance, infrastructure inspections, science, and drone racing. A drone or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV/un-crewed aerial vehicle) is an aircraft without a human pilot on board. Are you looking to buy the DJI Mavic mini price in India or to buy any other best drones in India in 2022? Then you are at the right place to buy drone cameras in India.DJI drone price in India

dji drone price
dji drone price
dji drone price

DJI Drone Camera Price in India

DJI Drone Camera Price in India can be expensive than in the rest of the world. The popular drone cameras are imported from the US, China, and Europe. Until India takes a big leap in drone manufacturing and cutting-edge technology, we will be dependent on these drone cameras from foreign countries.

In the current situation, Xboom brings to you the drone cameras, dji drone cameras at the lowest cost possible so that it pinches less to the professional photographers and drone enthusiasts who can create amazing content by giving the total new perspective of India’s magnificent landscape. get DJI drones at best price at xboom

Agri Drones


An easier substitute to the manual pesticide and fertilizer spraying for fields is the Agri-Drones brought to you by Xboom Utilities. 

Pesticides are just chemicals, so it is advisable to limit human contact with them while spraying them across the fields. Hence, the Agri-drones come as a perfect auxiliary for it. The process of spraying becomes much faster and easier than done manually. 

The Agri Drones are planned and assembled like independent robotic systems for the agricultural and related areas. These drones incorporate all that you require for flying self-autonomously and planning your farmland. 

The Agri Drones- Quadcopter and Hexacopter have been intended to be a long-range multi-copter, which fuses simple landing and take-off qualities without losing range. This particularly suits it to farmland and plantations, where the arrival region can be excessively restricting for a drone. No radio-controlled flying experience is required for the drone, the drone is dispatched by raising the choke till it takes off, from there on a solitary switch is turned to actuate the independent mode. The drone flies its pre-arranged mission, returns, and grounds itself. 

The Agri Drones engage agribusiness experts with powerful equipment and intelligent solutions that save time and increment work process, profiting a wide scope of clients from ranchers and cultivators to farming collaboration and administration organizations.

Both of the drones are equipped with RGB sensors and multispectral sensors that can precisely identify and treat problematic areas.
Their hovering time is around 13 minutes with the load. They have ATT, Spray work mode and GPS flight modes. These drones have a water tank capacity of 10 litres, which completes the process of spraying in an area of 2 acres with an optimal temperature between 0° to 50° Celsius.

The solutions give progressive, useful, canny, and field management for grain yields like rice, wheat, and corn. This enables farming operators with more helpful and proficient choices, reduces costs, improves crop quality, and increases yield rate.
The drone has an inbuilt Lipo battery of 16000 MAH and 6 inbuilt motors of 180KV power each. The height at which the Quadcopter does the drone spraying is 1.2 meter to 4 meters.


You can shop for your Agri-drones here, at Xboom Utilities. There are mainly 2 types of Agri Drones-

  1. Quadcopter (

More specifications:

  • Measurement (W/O Propeller) – 570x570x500 mm
  • Maximum take-off Weight – 25 Kg
  • Control Radius – 900 m
  • Spray Speed – 3 to 9 m
  • Maximum Flight Height – 50 m
  • Hovering Time (no load) – 16 to 20 minutes
  • Spraying time (load) – 11 to 13 minutes
  • Spraying Width – 3 to 4 m
  • Spraying Height – 1.2 to 4 m
  • Flow Rate of Nozzle – 1.2 to 1.3L/S (adjustable)
  • Motor – 180 KV (Six)



  1. Hexacopter (


  • Measurement (W/O Propeller) – 948*848*500 mm
  • Maximum takeoff Weight – 28 Kg
  • Control Radius – 1200 meters
  • Spray Speed – 3 to 9 meters
  • Maximum Flight Height – 50 m
  • Hovering Time (no load) – 16 to 20 minutes
  • Spraying time (load) – 11 to 13 minutes
  • Spraying Width – 3 to 4 m
  • Spraying Speed Range – 3 to 8 meters
  • Spraying Height – 1.2 to 4 m
  • Flow Rate of Nozzle – 1.2 to 1.3L/S (adjustable)
  • Motor – 180 KV (Six)
  • Water Tank – 10 Liters
  • LiPo Battery – 16000 mAH
  • Wheel Base – 1400 mm
dji drone camera1

FAQ’s on Drones, dji drone

What is a drone?

The term drone is widely used to describe unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), Basically a “drone” is a flying robot that can fly autonomously with software controlled flight plans or from a remote control device. Other names for drones often include: Multirotor, Quadcopter, Hexacopter, Octocopters and Whizboppers.

What is the meaning behind UAV?

UAV is an acronym for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Those within the industry prefer the use of this term over “drone” due to the basic fact that “drone” is a term utilised by the general consumer and/or military.

Are drones hard to fly?

With GPS position hold (like in your Sat-Nav) standard on most consumer drones these days, multirotor are becoming a lot easier to fly than days gone by. The learning curve for lightweight drones is around two weeks for someone to feel confident flying and filming, This would obviously depend on if the Pilot has previous experience with model aircrafts.

First time drone pilots should practise in large open fields, keeping the drone in the right orientation and at a safe height. That being said with better technology coming out every year, drones are beginning to become smarter and thus much easier to fly. As a general rule of thumb, Ready-To-Fly drones are generally aimed towards everyone, be they beginner or advanced.

What is a normal flight time of a dji drone camera?

Flight time will differ depending on the drone you have. On a begginner drone you would expect the flight time to be around 5-10 minutes, a mid-range drone would be 10-30 minutes and an advanced drone 30-40 minutes.

How do I choose the best camera drone for me?

The first thing to think about when buying your camera drone is what do you want to achieve with it? Do you want to fly with FPV for fun? or do you want to make high quality aerial video’s for a career.

Entry level drone such as the DJI Mini 2 is a great low cost option to get you into the Drone game and learn the basics. However while these are very accessible they are not really designed to make high quality videos.

If high quality videos is your goal then advanced drone’s would be the best option to achieve some great aerial footage.

The next step up would be commercial drones which can be used in a number of different applications. The most popular uses for commercial drones currently are; Photography, Surveying, inspections, search and rescue and radiometric measurements (thermal) . The investment can be large but the returns from commercial work are substantial. If this is something you want to work towards then the best course of action is to contact us.

Who are the largest drone manufacturers?

DJI is reported to be the most complete drone manufacturer on the market and the DJI Phantom 4 or DJI Inspire 2 is the drone of choice for filmmakers. while the DJI Mavics are the most popular consumer drones on the market. Other competition to the offerings of DJI consist of Parrot or Yuneec who both offer brilliant drones at much more wallet friendly prices.

What is required to fly a Drone?

Anybody can operate a drone as a hobbyist as long as they adhere to the drone code and remain vigilant whilst flying. However, to operate a drone at a commercial level, you must undertake the correct training under an approved NQE. They will guide you through your ground school training and operations manual and allow you to sit an FST. This then dependent on pass rate provides you with a PfCO it is then up to yourself how you proceed.

Can drones operate in the rain?

Drones are generally not weatherproof however DJM Aerial Solutions recently invested in a drone that can operate in inclement weather with an IP43 the Matrice M210 and Zenmuse Z30 and Zenmuse XT was a heavy investment but we are one of the few UAV service providers that are able to operate in the rain.

What’s the main difference between Mavic and Phantom 4?

The Mavic is smaller, lighter, and easier to carry with you thanks to its foldable design. Its new OcuSync transmission system has a longer transmission range and 1080p resolution. Due to its larger size, the Phantom 4 has a higher maximum speed and can withstand stronger winds.

Does the folding mechanism wear out and will it need replacing?

The folding mechanism has been tested to last at least 5000 folds. It is unlikely that it will wear out during the Mavic’s lifetime.

What’s difference of camera between Mavic and Phantom 4?

The two cameras have the same features, but the Mavic’s camera has a smaller FOV, is able to focus as closely as 0.5m and can be rotated 90° for portrait shots and selfies. The Phantom 4’s larger FOV makes it better suited for landscape imaging.

Is the Mavic Pro waterproof?

No. As the Mavic chassis is low to the ground, only take off and land in suitable areas that are flat and free of puddles.

What sizes of smartphone can fit inside the Mavic remote controller?

The Mavic remote controller can fit smartphones between 6.5-8.5mm thick and up to 160mm long, without a phone case. Phones and tablets larger than this do not fit the remote controller’s device holder.

Can I use a regular USB cable to connect my phone and remote controller?

Yes, you can. However, for the best user experience, we recommend that you use a dedicated Mavic RC (Remote Controller) Cable to connect your phone.

How can I set the Wi-Fi SSID and password?

Connect to your Mavic via Wi-Fi and then enter Camera View. Now enter Wi-Fi settings to manually set the SSID and password.

What happens if the propellers are not fully unfolded before flight?

Once the rotors start spinning, the centrifugal force will automatically push the propellers into the correct position, so you don’t need to worry about not having unfolded them perfectly.

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