DJI RS 4 Pro Gimbal Stabilizer

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  • Lightweight Design with 10 lb Payload
  • OLED Touchscreen with Auto Lock
  • 2nd Gen Native Vertical Shooting
  • Automated Axis Locks
  • Joystick or Bluetooth Mode Switching
  • Supports Wireless Transmitter, LiDAR
  • Teflon-Coated Axes, ActiveTrack Pro
  • 13-Hour Operation Time

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DJI RS 4 Pro

The DJI RS 4 Pro is an exceptionally capable gimbal for mirrorless camera users, emphasizing enhanced operational efficiency and robust support for vertical shooting. Weighing just 2.74 lb, it boasts a 10 lb load capacity, making it ideal for compact camera setups. The gimbal’s axes are Teflon-coated, minimizing friction for smoother balance and use. Key features include a fine-tuning knob and an auto-locking OLED screen, enhancing user interaction and control. Additionally, it includes an RSA communication port, broadening its compatibility with a wide range of accessories. This integration makes the DJI RS 4 Pro a versatile choice for photographers and videographers looking to optimize their shooting capabilities.

Powerful Payload: The DJI RS 4 Pro is equipped with carbon fiber axis arms and boasts a payload capacity of 4.5kg (10lbs), offering powerful and robust torque. This construction enables the gimbal to support a wide range of mainstream mirrorless and cinema camera setups along with various lenses. Its design ensures high performance and reliability, making it an ideal choice for professional filmmakers and videographers who require a durable and capable gimbal for diverse shooting scenarios and equipment configurations.

2nd-Gen Native Vertical Shooting: Designed with an all-new horizontal plate, RS 4 Pro enables the second generation of native vertical shooting for further elevated efficiency. Without the need for additional accessories, cinematographers can simply release the horizontal plate and secure it into the vertical position for an effortless switch to vertical shooting.

Smooth Balancing: The roll axis now has dual rolling bearings, facilitating easier adjustments. All three axes feature a Teflon™ coating with a low friction coefficient, ensuring smooth balancing even when mounting heavy cameras. When switching cameras or lenses, a fine-tuning knob on the tilt axis allows you to move the camera forward or backward, achieving precise, millimeter-level balancing.

Automatic Screen Lock: The new OLED touchscreen on the gimbal features an auto-lock function that prevents unintentional interactions during filming. This feature ensures that accidental touches do not disrupt the shooting process. Even when the screen is locked, it continues to display essential information such as the current gimbal and joystick modes, but at reduced brightness. This not only minimizes distractions but also conserves battery life by lowering power usage. Such enhancements enhance usability and efficiency, making it easier for filmmakers to maintain focus and control during shoots.

2nd-Gen Automated Axis Locks: The new OLED touchscreen on the gimbal features an auto-lock function that prevents unintentional interactions during filming. This feature ensures that accidental touches do not disrupt the shooting process. Even when the screen is locked, it continues to display essential information such as the current gimbal and joystick modes, but at reduced brightness. This not only minimizes distractions but also conserves battery life by lowering power usage. Such enhancements enhance usability and efficiency, making it easier for filmmakers to maintain focus and control during shoots.

Excellent Stability, Exceptional Standards: DJI RS 4 Pro features a 20% increase in motor torque across three axes, offering greater power redundancy once balanced. This ensures that the gimbal remains responsive and accurate in its tracking movements, even with heavy cameras or multiple accessories. Additionally, it provides sufficient power to support gimbal stabilization in various shooting scenarios.

Car Mount Mode: The newly introduced Car Mount mode on the gimbal refines its stabilization algorithm by integrating data on vehicle vibrations and wind resistance. This enhancement facilitates the capture of steady footage, even when conditions are unstable due to movement and strong winds. By actively adapting to the specifics of vehicular motion, the mode ensures that video recordings remain smooth and clear, counteracting the challenges of shaky environments. This feature is ideal for capturing high-quality video from moving vehicles in various filming scenarios.

4th-Gen RS Stabilization Algorithm: The next-generation RS stabilization algorithm has been comprehensively optimized for different usage scenarios. It strikes a superior balance between stabilization strength and the tactile feel of camera movement, delivering excellent performance and an enhanced user experience. Additionally, RS 4 Pro provides significantly enhanced stability in vertical shooting, easily mastering dynamic shots like running or low-angle perspectives.

Next-Gen ActiveTrack Pro: Leveraging the all-new Focus Pro LiDAR and AI algorithms, the next-gen ActiveTrack Pro enables RS 4 Pro’s three-axis gimbal to steadfastly track your subject. Even if the subject is briefly obscured, it can quickly relocate and retain focus. ActiveTrack Pro also exhibits excellent recognition and tracking performance in scenarios involving multiple subjects or when the subject is at a distance.

High-Efficiency Lens Control: DJI RS 4 Pro introduces a new joystick mode switch that allows for the control of either the gimbal movement or the lens zoom via the joystick. In zoom control mode, cinematographers can perform Power Zoom for PZ lenses, Clear Image Zoom, and external focus motor zoom. When paired with two Focus Pro Motors, RS 4 Pro allows cinematographers to adjust the lens zoom via the joystick and precisely control the focus via the dial, facilitating smooth and effortless lens control.

Bluetooth Wireless Control: DJI RS 4 Pro adopts Dual-Mode Bluetooth technology and supports wireless shutter and wireless zoom control. After switching joystick mode to zoom control, cinematographers can use the joystick to perform Power Zoom for PZ lenses as well as Clear Image Zoom.

Trigger Function Customization: The trigger function on the gimbal can be set to FPV mode, which allows the three axes to align with the direction of the grip’s movement when the trigger is pressed and held. This customization is especially beneficial for capturing rotational footage or creating a point-of-view simulation. By enabling the gimbal to smoothly follow the grip’s orientation, it enhances the dynamic possibilities for filmmakers and videographers, offering a practical solution for adding immersive, rotational sequences to their visual storytelling toolkit.

Gimbal Mode Switch: The gimbal features a toggle that allows users to swiftly switch between PF, PTF, and FPV modes. Additionally, users have the flexibility to substitute FPV mode with 3D Roll 360 mode or a Custom mode, tailored to their specific preferences and filming needs. This capability ensures a seamless operational experience, facilitating quick adjustments that cater to different shooting scenarios. By providing this level of customization and ease of switching, the gimbal offers enhanced versatility and control to videographers aiming to capture diverse and dynamic footage.

High-Capacity Battery Grip: Continue shooting longer with the DJI RS BG70 High-Capacity Battery Grip, which extends the battery life of the RS 4 Pro to up to 29 hours. Additionally, it features a USB-C port at the bottom that can deliver up to 18 W, allowing you to power not only your camera but also various accessories. This capability ensures prolonged filming sessions without the need for frequent battery changes, enhancing convenience and efficiency on set or during outdoor shoots, and providing consistent power support to your entire camera setup.

Enhanced Lineup: The integration of the Focus Pro AMF lens control system has significantly enhanced the DJI PRO ecosystem, elevating its capabilities for film and television production. This robust addition enriches the lineup, offering filmmakers and television producers expanded possibilities for creative expression. By seamlessly blending with existing technology, the system provides precise control over lens adjustments, ensuring smooth and accurate focus during shoots. This advancement opens up new avenues for producing high-quality visuals, making it an invaluable tool for professionals in the cinematic and broadcasting industries.

Professional Solutions: The DJI RS 4 Pro is versatile, supporting multiple handheld configurations like briefcase, dual-grip, and ring-mount setups. Furthermore, it is compatible with the DJI RS SDK protocol, enabling integration with various filming equipment including car mounts, jibs, Steadicams, cable cams, and sliders. This adaptability allows it to meet the comprehensive creative demands of different shooting scenarios. Whether on foot, in a vehicle, or using specialized rigs, the DJI RS 4 Pro facilitates seamless transitions and enhanced functionality, making it a robust tool for filmmakers looking to explore and execute diverse cinematic visions.

LiDAR Focusing: 76,800 Ranging Points Within 20 m

Solo cinematographers can now leverage enhanced LiDAR autofocus for more accurate, remote, and intelligent focusing capabilities. Additionally, the next-generation ActiveTrack Pro feature of the DJI RS 4 Pro allows for a secure and precise lock on moving subjects. This advanced tracking technology ensures that filmmakers can maintain sharp focus on dynamic scenes, improving the quality of the footage while providing a reliable tool for capturing complex movements effortlessly.

LiDAR & Transmission Interconnectivity

The DJI RS 4 Pro enhances its functionality with the Focus Pro LiDAR to DJI Transmission Cable Hub, allowing it to simultaneously power both the LiDAR unit and the DJI Video Transmitter. This setup not only enables the use of LiDAR Waveform for precise depth mapping but also facilitates convenient control over these functions. This integration streamlines the process, making it easier for filmmakers to manage advanced imaging and transmission tasks seamlessly during their shoots.

Supports Dual Focus & Zoom Motors With Remote Control

Enhance your shooting precision by equipping the DJI RS 4 Pro with dual Focus Pro Motors, allowing for simultaneous focus and zoom adjustments. For even greater control, combine this setup with the Focus Pro Hand Unit and the High-Bright Remote Monitor. This integration not only refines remote gimbal maneuvers but also improves focus handling, providing filmmakers with the tools needed for meticulous control over both camera movement and focal adjustments in various filming conditions.

Approx. 2.4x Battery Runtime, All-Scenario Solutions

Enhance the DJI RS 4 Pro’s operational time to an impressive 29 hours by integrating the RS BG70 High-Capacity Battery Grip. This extension allows for prolonged shoots and increased productivity. Additionally, the RS SDK protocol offers a variety of handheld configurations, providing flexibility and customization to suit different shooting styles and requirements. This combination of extended battery life and adaptable handling makes the DJI RS 4 Pro a versatile tool for extended filming sessions.

In The Box


Key Specs

Grip Design
Single Handgrip (Slanted)
Load Capacity
9.9 lb / 4.5 kg
Number of Axes
3: Pitch (Tilt), Roll, Yaw (Pan)
Wireless Frequency
2.4 GHz
Wireless Protocol
Bluetooth 5.0
Mobile App Compatible
Yes: Android & iOS
App Name: Ronin App
1 x 1/4″-20 Female
2 x NATO Rail
2.73 lb / 1.24 kg


Load Capacity
9.9 lb / 4.5 kg
Number of Axes
3: Pitch (Tilt), Roll, Yaw (Pan)
Rotation Range
Mechanical Range
Yaw (Pan): 360°
Pitch (Tilt): -112 to 214°
Roll: -95 to 240°
Follow Speed
Pan/Tilt/Roll: 360°/s


3x USB-C (Control / Video)
1x USB-C (Power)
Wireless Frequency
2.4 GHz
Wireless Protocol
Bluetooth 5.0
Mobile App Compatible
Yes: Android & iOS
App Name: Ronin App


Battery Type
1x Built-In
Battery Capacity
1950 mAh / 30 Wh
Battery Runtime
13 Hours
Battery Charging Time
1.5 Hours
Battery Chemistry
Lithium-Ion Polymer (LiPo)
15.4 VDC


Display Type
Fixed Touchscreen OLED
Carbon Fiber
1 x 1/4″-20 Female
2 x NATO Rail
11.1 x 10.7 x 3″ / 283 x 271 x 75 mm (Folded)
16.4 x 8.8 x 8″ / 416 x 223 x 202 mm
2.73 lb / 1.24 kg

In the Box

  • DJI RS 4 Pro Gimbal Stabilizer
  • BG30 Battery Grip
  • Quick Release Plate (Arca-Type/Manfrotto)
  • Extended Grip/Tripod
  • DJI Briefcase Handle for RS Series
  • Lens Support
  • USB-C Multicamera Control Cable (11.8″)
  • USB-C Charging Cable (15.7″)
  • Screw Kit
  • Carrying Case
  • Limited 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

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  1. What is the weight capacity of the DJI RS 4 Pro?
    The DJI RS 4 Pro can support camera setups weighing up to 10 pounds.
  2. How much does the DJI RS 4 Pro itself weigh?
    The gimbal weighs approximately 2.74 pounds, making it lightweight and portable.
  3. Does the DJI RS 4 Pro support vertical shooting?
    Yes, the gimbal supports native vertical shooting, making it ideal for social media content and other vertical formats.
  4. What are the key features of the DJI RS 4 Pro?
    Key features include Teflon-coated axes for reduced friction, a fine-tuning knob, an auto-locking OLED screen, and an RSA communication port for expanded accessory use.
  5. Can I use the DJI RS 4 Pro with any mirrorless camera?
    While the gimbal is compatible with many mirrorless cameras, checking the specific weight and size compatibility with your camera model is recommended.
  6. How do I balance my camera on the DJI RS 4 Pro?
    The gimbal features intuitive balancing controls, including a fine-tuning knob and Teflon-coated axes for easy adjustments and smooth operation.
  7. What type of batteries does the DJI RS 4 Pro use, and how long do they last?
    The gimbal uses rechargeable batteries, typically offering several hours of continuous use on a single charge. Exact battery life can vary based on usage conditions.
  8. Can I control the gimbal remotely?
    Yes, the DJI RS 4 Pro can be controlled remotely using compatible devices and apps, offering greater flexibility in shooting setups.
  9. What accessories can I use with the DJI RS 4 Pro?
    The gimbal supports a wide range of accessories through its RSA communication port, including follow focus systems, extension arms, and more.
  10. Where can I find tutorials or a user manual for the DJI RS 4 Pro?
    Tutorials and the user manual for the DJI RS 4 Pro can be found on the DJI official website or through their customer support channels.

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    Satisfied with quality and functionality.

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    Thank You so much XBoom!!!!

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    Gimbal’s stability is so impressive. Perfect for smooth footage. Highly recommended!

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    The Gimbal arrived without even a scratch on it, Thanks for the Proper delivery XBoom And Team. Keep it up!!!

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    Impressively stabilizing footage. Capturing smooth, professional-quality videos.

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