Battery Charging Hub – Phantom 4 Series


  • Charge 3 batteries together.
  • Compatible with the Phantom 4 Series and it’s accessories.

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Battery Charging Hub – Phantom 4 Series

When you have a whole set of extra batteries, just charge them one by one, right? Well, with a Battery Charging Hub, charging gets a whole lot easier. The hub charges up to three batteries in sequence according to their power levels, fully charging each of your batteries as fast as possible. Storage mode lets the hub charge batteries to an ideal 50% for long-term storage, prolonging battery life.

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The Phantom 4 Battery Charging Hub is designed for use with the Phantom 4 Intelligent Flight Battery. Moreover, when used with the Phantom 4 Battery Charger, it can charge up to three Intelligent Flight Batteries. The Intelligent Flight Batteries will be charged in sequence according to their power levels, from high to low. It will take approximately 3.5 hours to fully charge three Intelligent Flight Battery. In addition, Storage Mode allows the Charging Hub to keep the Phantom 4 Intelligent Flight Battery at a 50% charge, which is ideal for storage.

  • Charge three batteries in sequence. Smart, quick, and reliable.
  • The Battery Charging Hub does not include a charger. Please use it together with a standard charger.
In the Box:-
  • Phantom 4 Series – Battery Charging Hub ×1
  • Compatible Battery Charger: Phantom 4 Charger (PH4C100)
  • Compatible Battery Model: PH4-5350mAh-15.2V; PH4-5870mAh-15.2V
  • Operating Temperature: 41° to 104℉ (5° to 40℃)
  • Operating Voltage: 17.5 V
  • Charging Time* (Three Batteries): 3 hour 30 min
  • Weight: 162 g
    *The charging time was tested in a lab environment at room temperature (25℃) and should be taken as reference only.
  • Phantom 4 Series – Intelligent Flight Battery (5870mAh, High Capacity)
  • Phantom 4 Series – Intelligent Flight Battery (5350mAh)
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