DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise Series Speaker


  • For DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise Drones
  • Broadcast up to 328.1′ at 70 dB
  • Maximum Volume of 110 dB at 3.3′
  • Connects Easily with 2 Thumbscrews

1-Year Warranty     7 days return policy     PAN India Fast Shipping   


First responders can remotely issue instructions to help with crowd control or emergency rescue attempts by mounting the DJI Speaker for Mavic 3 Enterprise on top of their Mavic 3 Enterprise drone. Even though the loudspeaker is only 3 oz in weight, it can broadcast at a maximum volume of 110 dB up to 3.3′ away and up to 328.1′ away at 70 dB. You have the option of saving and playing back multiple audio recordings or transmitting audio in real time from your compatible controller, such as the RC Pro Enterprise (not included). You have the option of having your clip play once or automatically loop.

USE CAUTION while using the speaker in populated areas with a high concentration of noise-sensitive buildings or when operating it too close to people, since the loudness could result in accidents or injuries.
It is suggested to use the DJI RC Pro Enterprise remote controller or to import a vocal source for the best playback experience. To avoid causing the speaker long-term damage, it is not advisable to play single-frequency noises like an alarm.

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