HOLYBRO Pixhawk Debug Adapter

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  • Pixhawk Debug Adapter: Essential for programming and troubleshooting flying controllers.
  • Compatible with many Pixhawk flight controllers.
  • Flight controller diagnosis and repair are simplified with streamlined debugging.
  • It helps with firmware updates and custom programming.
  • An intuitive UI makes it easy to use.
  • Durable Build: Built to last in varied environments
  • Easily portable for field troubleshooting and programming.
  • Pixhawk enthusiasts and pros trust this brand.

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Debug Adapter

Pixhawk flying controller amateurs and pros need the Debug Adapter. This adapter works with many Pixhawk flying controller models to simplify troubleshooting and programming. It streamlines flight controller diagnosis and repair, making it essential for drone maintenance and optimization. With firmware updates and custom programming, it gives sophisticated users freedom. The Pixhawk Debug Adapter is trusted by Pixhawk enthusiasts and professionals who need consistent field performance due to its straightforward interface, strong build, and mobility.

To debug Pixhawk-compatible devices, the Pixhawk Debug Adapter offers a JTAG SWD and Serial interface. Supported debug connector standards are Target 6-pin (FMUV5) and Target 10-pin (FMUVxX) Pixhawk.

An additional FTDI cable is not required because of the integrated FTDI serial port. No matter the power sequence, steady and dependable debugging is ensured by the interface’s unique design, which prevents the FMU from being backfed.

The 10-pin ARM compatible with the Segger Jlink-mini and the 20-pin compatible with the Segger Jlink or STLink are the two host JTAG interface standards that are supported.

Also, the adapter offers ground points that are conveniently located. It also supports two GPIO from the CPU that can be used for precise signal timing when combined with the 10-pin target cable. The 10-pin target interface additionally supports target reset by a push button, JTAG, or optionally RTS from the serial interface.

Block Diagram

Pixhawk Debug Adapter


  • 1 x Pixhawk Debug Adapter Board
  • 1 x JST SH 6 Pin Cable
  • 1 x JST SH 10 Pin Cable
  • 1 x USB Type-c  Cable

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