3-4Kg Drone Parachute 215g Only

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  • 215Grams Imported and Actual Parachute RipStop Material
  • This fabric also used by DJI for there drones. 
  • High Tensile Strength and very low GSM. Can be folded very small

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3-4Kg Drone Parachute 215g Only

Equipping drones or UAVs, particularly those with expensive payloads like cameras or sensors, with a lightweight parachute system is essential. Weighing just 215 grams, this system is also suitable for VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) aircraft. Investing in a parachute system is prudent as it prevents costly damage to both the drone and property in the event of a malfunction. The parachute operates by reducing the drone’s free fall, thereby lowering the descent speed to a level that is safe and non-damaging. Despite its large size, the parachute is made from a thin, high-tensile strength material that is light enough to be compactly folded and stored in a small box, adding minimal weight to the drone.

This package includes a high-quality, imported parachute and cord, specifically designed for drones. Ready for immediate deployment, it is easy to maintain and capable of hundreds of uses. The parachute fabric is sourced from the same supplier that provides materials to DJI for their drones, ensuring top-notch quality. While the typical descent rate for humans using a parachute is 18 feet per second, this drone parachute system is optimized to a safer descent rate of 15 feet per second, allowing drones and UAVs to land gently on any surface. This system not only enhances safety but also protects your investment by minimizing potential damage.


Description of Parachute

  • Size of Parachute  –  80 Inches
  •  Object Weight: 3-4Kg
  •  Descent Rate: 15 Feet/ Second for 3Kg object and 20 feet/ Second for 4Kg Object
  • Number of Gores : 12
  • Number of Cords : 12

Parachute Material Description

  • Drone Parachute Cloth GSM: 34GSM
  • Drone Parachute weight without Cords:190Grams
  • Drone Parachute weight with cords and lock: 215Grams
  • Nylon RipStop Fabric
  • Air permeablility 20+/-8 MM/S 100PA
  • Tear Strength 20N
  • Tensile  Strength 260N
  • Thickness 0.06mm
  • Color White / Orane

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