DC MOTOR AT2826 1100kv Long Shaft

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  • The DC Motor AT2826 1100kv Long Shaft features a powerful 1100kv rating for economical and powerful performance in numerous applications.
  • This motor’s long shaft design makes it durable and versatile for drones, remote-controlled vehicles, and more.
  • Smooth Operation: The motor’s smooth operation ensures reliable performance, making it ideal for many projects.
  • This motor’s straightforward installation makes it suitable for hobbyists and professionals.
  • Cost-effective and compatible: This cost-effective motor balances power and efficiency for many projects and works with many controllers.
  • The motor is convenient and reliable for enthusiasts and professionals due to its low maintenance.

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DC MOTOR AT2826 1100kv Long Shaft

Powerful and adaptable, the DC Motor AT2826 1100kv Long Shaft is made for a variety of uses. Its high 1100kv rating allows it to perform with efficiency and consistency, which makes it appropriate for a variety of tasks, including remote-controlled cars and drones. The motor’s long shaft design allows for more mounting freedom, and its durable construction guarantees robustness under a range of circumstances. With its straightforward installation and adaptability to various controllers, this motor provides an affordable option without sacrificing power. Because of its minimal maintenance needs, it is an affordable option for professionals and enthusiasts looking for a dependable and effective DC motor.

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