Hi- Target HTS-220R Total station

  • Angle Measurement Features
  • Distance Measurement Capabilities
  • Data Collection and Management
  • Display and User Interface
  • Construction and Durability
  • Power Management
  • Connectivity and Peripheral Support
  • Software Compatibility

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HTS-220R Total station

The Hi-Target HTS-220R Total Station is a sophisticated surveying instrument designed to provide high accuracy and efficiency in a range of geospatial data collection and construction tasks. Equipped with advanced technology, it offers precise distance and angle measurements, making it an ideal choice for professionals in construction, engineering, and surveying fields. The HTS-220R features an intuitive user interface and robust construction, ensuring reliable performance in various environmental conditions. Its capabilities include reflectorless measurement, allowing for quick and safe data collection from a distance, and onboard software to facilitate data processing and analysis directly on the device. With its combination of accuracy, durability, and ease of use, the Hi-Target HTS-220R Total Station is a valuable tool for any project requiring precise geospatial information.

Angle Measurement Features: High precision angle measurements with advanced error correction. Features dual-axis compensator for stable readings across diverse terrains. Optimized for accuracy and reliability in challenging environments.

Distance Measurement Capabilities: Offers both reflectorless and prism modes for versatile distance measurements. Fast, accurate data collection over long ranges, enhancing productivity and efficiency in field operations.

Data Collection and Management: Large internal storage for extensive data collection. Flexible data transfer options including USB and Bluetooth, complemented by onboard processing software for immediate analysis.

Display and User Interface: Features a high-resolution, easy-to-read display suitable for all lighting conditions. User-friendly interface with intuitive controls simplifies operations, reducing learning time and enhancing usability.

Construction and Durability Robust, weather-resistant design ensures reliable performance in harsh conditions. Waterproof and dustproof construction extends the instrument’s lifespan and maintains accuracy in diverse environments.

Power Management: Equipped with a long-lasting battery, designed for extended field operations. Energy-efficient components and power management settings ensure prolonged use between charges.

Connectivity and Peripheral Support: Supports a wide array of connectivity options and peripherals, including tripods and prisms, enhancing versatility and expanding operational capabilities for comprehensive project requirements.

Software Compatibility: Compatible with leading surveying and mapping software, offering flexibility in project management and data analysis. Ensures seamless integration into existing workflows and systems.

Hi- Target HTS-220R Total station

Dual-aixs compensator total station

Equipped with a sophisticated dual-axis compensator, this system offers a remarkable tilting range of up to ±3′. This advanced feature is engineered to automatically correct any errors, ensuring exceptional accuracy and reliability in measurements. Designed for precise alignment and optimal performance, the compensator’s ability to automatically adjust for tilting errors enhances the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the system. Ideal for applications requiring high precision, this technology provides users with a robust solution for achieving unparalleled accuracy in their projects.

Hi- Target HTS-220R Total station

600m reflector less measuring range

This cutting-edge surveying technology allows for an impressive reflectorless range of up to 600 meters, achievable with a single click. Engineered for convenience and efficiency, this feature streamlines the surveying process, enabling users to cover vast distances without the need for physical reflectors. Ideal for challenging terrains and large-scale projects, it significantly reduces time and effort. By integrating advanced laser technology, this system ensures precise measurements across extensive areas, offering a powerful tool for professionals seeking accuracy and speed in their surveying tasks.

Hi- Target HTS-220R Total station

Intelligent calibration software

The system boasts real-time diagnostic accessibility, designed to guarantee seamless, uninterrupted operation. By enabling on-the-spot analysis, it empowers users to swiftly identify and rectify potential issues, significantly reducing the risk of downtime. This capability is pivotal for maintaining consistent operational efficiency and reliability, offering users peace of mind. The integration of this feature underscores a commitment to proactive problem-solving, ensuring that the system remains in optimal working condition, thus enhancing the overall user experience by prioritizing continuous, trouble-free functionality.


Hi- Target HTS-220R Total station

FAQs for Hi- Target HTS-220R Total station

1. What is the Hi-Target HTS-220R Total Station?

The Hi-Target HTS-220R is a high-precision electronic total station designed for a wide range of surveying and construction applications. It combines electronic distance measurement (EDM) and theodolite functions to measure both distances and angles with high accuracy.

2. How accurate is the HTS-220R Total Station?

The HTS-220R offers an angular accuracy of 2″ and a distance measurement precision of ±(2mm + 2ppm x D) for prism measurements, where D is the distance in meters. These specifications make it suitable for precise surveying tasks.

3. Can the HTS-220R be used for mapping and GIS applications?

Yes, the HTS-220R is versatile enough to be used for a variety of applications, including mapping and GIS. Its high accuracy and data collection capabilities make it an excellent choice for field mapping and geographic information system data collection.

4. What power source does the HTS-220R use, and how long can it operate on a single charge?

The HTS-220R operates on a rechargeable Li-ion battery. Under typical conditions, the battery can support up to 8 hours of continuous operation, making it well-suited for a full day’s work in the field.

5. How can I transfer data from the HTS-220R to a computer?

Data can be transferred from the HTS-220R to a computer using the RS-232C serial port, USB connection, or via SD card. The device supports various data formats, making it easy to integrate with most surveying and CAD software.

6. Is the HTS-220R waterproof and dustproof?

Yes, the HTS-220R is designed to be rugged and durable. It is rated IP54 for water and dust resistance, which means it can withstand dust ingress and splashing water, making it suitable for use in various field conditions.

7. What is the range of the HTS-220R’s EDM?

The HTS-220R’s EDM can measure distances up to 5,000 meters to a single prism and up to 800 meters without a prism (reflectorless mode), allowing for flexible usage in different surveying contexts.

8. Can I perform remote measurements with the HTS-220R?

Yes, the HTS-220R supports remote measurements through its onboard software, allowing surveyors to take measurements in difficult or inaccessible locations.

9. What kind of support and training is available for the HTS-220R?

Hi-Target provides comprehensive support and training for the HTS-220R, including user manuals, online tutorials, and customer service support. Training sessions and workshops may also be available through local distributors.

10. Where can I purchase the HTS-220R and find accessories?

The HTS-220R and its accessories can be purchased through authorized Hi-Target distributors and dealers. You can find a list of authorized dealers on the Hi-Target official website or by contacting Hi-Target customer service for assistance.

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