SEAGULL Boomerang V3 Trainer 61″ ARF .46 2-Stroke

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SEAGULL Boomerang V3 Trainer 61″ ARF .46 2-Stroke

The SEAGULL Boomerang V3 Trainer 61″ ARF .46 2-Stroke is an Almost-Ready-to-Fly (ARF) model aircraft designed for beginner to intermediate pilots looking to hone their flying skills. This third version of the popular Boomerang series maintains its reputation for durability, ease of assembly, and exceptional flight characteristics. With a wingspan of 61 inches, it’s a mid-sized trainer that’s versatile enough for both learning basic maneuvers and practicing more advanced techniques as skills improve. Constructed from high-quality balsa and plywood for a lightweight yet sturdy frame, it’s designed to withstand the rigors of learning flights. The .46 2-stroke engine provides ample power for a variety of flying conditions, from gentle takeoffs and landings to stable cruising and gentle aerobatics.

Almost-Ready-to-Fly (ARF) Convenience: This model comes pre-assembled with major components built and covered, requiring minimal assembly effort to get airborne, making it ideal for enthusiasts eager to spend more time flying and less time building.

Durable Construction: Built from high-quality balsa and plywood, the Boomerang V3 is designed to be both lightweight and sturdy, capable of withstanding the bumps and scrapes that come with learning to fly.

Wingspan and Size: With a wingspan of 61 inches, it strikes a perfect balance between manageability and stability in the air, suitable for a wide range of flying conditions.

Power System: Equipped for a .46 2-stroke engine, it provides ample power for takeoffs, steady flight, and basic aerobatics, delivering a satisfying flying experience for pilots of all skill levels.

High-Wing Configuration: The high-wing design aids in stability and ease of control, making it more forgiving for beginners learning the ropes of RC flying.

Significant Dihedral Angle: This feature further enhances the aircraft’s inherent stability, ensuring that it remains level and stable in the air, which is particularly beneficial for new pilots.

Vibrant Covering: The model is covered in a bright and easily visible scheme that helps pilots keep track of the aircraft’s orientation during flight, a crucial aspect of learning to fly.

Customizable: While it’s designed for a .46 2-stroke engine, it’s versatile enough to accommodate different power setups according to the pilot’s preference or availability of components.

Easy to Assemble: The ARF kit means that most of the hard work is already done. Final assembly is straightforward, involving the installation of the engine, radio gear, and completing the final touches.

Ideal for Skill Progression: The Boomerang V3’s flight characteristics make it perfect for beginners to learn the basics and for more experienced pilots to practice advanced maneuvers without switching to a more specialized aircraft.

Affordable: Positioned as a cost-effective solution for learning and practice, it offers a great value proposition for its feature set and durability.

Support and Community: SEAGULL models are well-supported with spare parts availability and a community of enthusiasts and experts who can provide advice, making the Boomerang V3 a smart choice for those entering the hobby.

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