Seagull Extra 330LX 3D 82.1″ ARF 50-60cc

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  • Designed for 3D and precision aerobatic flight.
  • Eye-catching true-scale colour scheme.
  • Ultra lightweight, high-quality balsa, ply and carbon fibre construction.
  • Covered in genuine Oracover film.
  • Factory painted glass fibre engine cowl and wheel spats.
  • Easy wing removal assists storage and transportation.
  • Full hardware pack included for either petrol or electric power.
  • Includes transparent fuel tank.
  • Quality carbon fibre main undercarriage.
  • Steerable carbon fibre tail wheel assembly.
  • Detailed ply instrument panels and lightweight painted pilot.
  • Removable cockpit hatch for easy radio, fuel tank and flight battery access.

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Seagull Extra 330LX 3D 82.1″ ARF 50-60cc

The Seagull Extra 330LX 3D 82.1″ ARF 50-60cc is a high-performance, almost ready-to-fly (ARF) model aircraft designed for experienced pilots looking for exceptional aerobatic capabilities. With a wingspan of 82.1 inches, it’s tailored for precision and advanced 3D maneuvers, catering to those who demand the utmost in flight dynamics. The model is engineered to be powered by either a 50-60cc gasoline engine or a comparable electric setup, offering flexibility in power choice. The Extra 330LX version by Seagull models features a lightweight yet durable construction, with a meticulously designed airframe that balances strength and agility. Its vibrant color scheme not only enhances visibility in the sky but also adds to its striking appearance during flight. This model comes with high-quality hardware and clear assembly instructions, making the final assembly straightforward for those with prior ARF model experience. It’s an ideal choice for hobbyists seeking to elevate their aerobatic flying skills with a reliable, stylish, and powerful aircraft.

Wingspan and Size: With an impressive 82.1-inch wingspan, this model offers a substantial presence in the sky, contributing to its stability and performance during complex maneuvers.

Power Flexibility: Designed to accommodate either a 50-60cc gasoline engine or an equivalent electric power system, providing pilots with the flexibility to choose their preferred power source based on performance needs or personal preference.

Advanced Aerobatic Design: The Extra 330LX is specifically engineered for advanced 3D aerobatics, offering exceptional agility and response for maneuvers such as rolls, spins, loops, and more.

Construction: Utilizing lightweight yet durable materials, the aircraft’s construction is optimized for a balance between structural integrity and aerobatic performance, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of advanced flying maneuvers.

Vibrant Color Scheme: The model comes with a striking and visually appealing color scheme that not only looks great on the ground but also enhances visibility during flight, making it easier to maintain orientation during complex maneuvers.

High-Quality Hardware Included: The kit includes all necessary hardware of high quality, ensuring reliable assembly and performance. This includes control linkages, hinges, and mounting accessories.

Clear Assembly Instructions: Comes with detailed, clear instructions for assembly, making the building process as straightforward as possible for experienced modelers, while also offering helpful tips for those newer to ARF models.

Large Control Surfaces: Features large ailerons, elevators, and rudders to provide the pilot with precise control over the aircraft’s attitude and orientation, crucial for executing 3D maneuvers and precision aerobatics.

Designed for Accessibility: While tailored for advanced pilots, the design also considers ease of maintenance and accessibility, with features that simplify access to internal components for adjustments and repairs.

Customizable Setup: Offers potential for customization in setup, including choices in servos, power systems, and propellers, allowing pilots to fine-tune the aircraft’s performance to their liking.

Landing Gear: Includes a robust landing gear designed to handle the demands of repeated takeoffs and landings, especially important for an aircraft designed for aerobatic and 3D flying.



  • Wingspan (mm): 2082
  • Length (mm): 1973
  • Wing area (sq. in): 1349
  • Weight (kgs): 7.4 – 7.8

Additional Information

Weight 127 kg
Dimensions 170 × 64 × 45 cm

In The Box

In The Box

  • 1x Factory assembled and covered fuselage.
  • 1x Factory assembled and covered 2-piece wing set.
  • 1x Factory assembled and covered tail set.
  • 1x Clear canopy molding.
  • 1x Factory painted pilot figure.
  • 1x Factory painted glass fiber cowl.
  • 1x Factory painted wheel spat set.
  • 1x Comprehensive hardware pack (screws, horns, pushrods, fuel tank etc.).
  • 1x Carbon Sprung / steerable tail wheel unit.
  • 1x Carbon undercarriage unit.
  • 1x Comprehensive instruction manual.

FAQs for Seagull Extra 330LX 3D 82.1″ ARF 50-60cc

1. What is included in the Seagull Extra 330LX 3D 82.1″ ARF kit?

The Seagull Extra 330LX 3D ARF kit typically includes the main airframe components (fuselage, wings, tail assemblies), a hardware package (screws, hinges, control linkages), a detailed instruction manual, and decals. Engines, radios, servos, and other electronics are not included and must be purchased separately.

2. What engine size is recommended for the Seagull Extra 330LX 3D?

This model is designed for 50-60cc gasoline engines. The choice between a 50cc or 60cc engine depends on your preference for performance versus fuel efficiency. A 60cc engine will provide more power and better performance for 3D maneuvers.

3. Is the Seagull Extra 330LX 3D suitable for beginners?

Due to its size and performance capabilities, the Extra 330LX 3D is recommended for intermediate to advanced pilots. It’s designed for 3D aerobatics, which requires a higher skill level to fly safely and effectively.

4. Can I install an electric motor instead of a gasoline engine?

Yes, the Seagull Extra 330LX 3D can be modified to use an electric power system. You will need a motor equivalent to a 50-60cc gasoline engine in terms of power output, along with an appropriate ESC (Electronic Speed Controller), batteries, and a mounting system that fits the airframe.

5. What is the wingspan and weight of the Seagull Extra 330LX 3D?

The Seagull Extra 330LX 3D has a wingspan of 82.1 inches (approximately 208.5 cm). The flying weight is typically around 17-19 lbs (7.7-8.6 kg), depending on the equipment installed.

6. How many channels does the radio need to be?

A minimum of 4 channels is required for basic operations (throttle, aileron, elevator, rudder). However, for full 3D capability and to make use of additional features like flaps or dual rates/expo settings, a 6-8 channel radio system is recommended.

7. What type of servos are recommended?

High-torque, metal gear servos are recommended due to the large control surfaces and the demands of 3D flying. Typically, you will need at least 6 servos: 2 for ailerons, 2 for elevators, 1 for the rudder, and 1 for the throttle (if using a gasoline engine).

8. How difficult is it to assemble the Seagull Extra 330LX 3D?

Assembly is straightforward for someone with previous ARF model experience. The instruction manual provides detailed steps. However, it’s important to take your time, especially with aligning control surfaces and ensuring a correct center of gravity (CG) for optimal flight performance.

9. Can the Seagull Extra 330LX 3D be disassembled for transport?

Yes, the wings can be removed for transport. The model is designed with convenience in mind, featuring a two-piece wing and a removable tail section if needed. This makes it easier to fit in a car or for storage.

10. Where can I purchase replacement parts for the Seagull Extra 330LX 3D?

Replacement parts can be purchased from the manufacturer or through various online and physical hobby shops that stock Seagull models. It’s advisable to contact the retailer where you purchased the model or the manufacturer directly for specific parts.

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