Seagull Giant Scale Corsair F4U Goodyear 50-60cc ARF 87″

161,521 inc. GST

  • Pitot tube, guns and leading-edge stall strip details
  • Functional three-panel flaps deploy using internal linkages
  • Sliding clear canopy with painted frame and magnetic closure
  • Full-depth cockpit and instrument panel included (pilot not included)
  • Fiberglass Cowling with cowl flap detail and fiberglass gear doors
  • Fully built up wings and tail covered with iron on film and airbrushed with a flat matte finish
  • Center Gull Wing Drop Tanks
  • Outer Wing Panel Rockets
  • Radial Engine Cover
  • Aluminum Prop Hub Included

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Seagull Giant Scale Corsair F4U Goodyear 50-60cc ARF 87″

The Seagull Giant Scale Corsair F4U Goodyear 50-60cc ARF 87″ is a meticulously crafted, almost-ready-to-fly (ARF) model airplane that brings the iconic F4U Corsair to life in a large-scale format. Designed for hobbyists with a passion for both history and aviation, this model stands out with its impressive 87-inch wingspan, capturing the formidable presence of the original World War II fighter. It’s engineered to be powered by either a 50-60cc gas engine or equivalent electric motors, offering flexibility in propulsion choice to suit various pilot preferences. The model’s construction features high-quality balsa and plywood, ensuring both lightness and durability, essential for maintaining flight performance and structural integrity. Its attention to detail is evident in the accurate Goodyear F4U Corsair livery, complete with historically accurate markings and a vivid color scheme that pays homage to the aircraft’s service in the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. The scale details extend to the cockpit, with a realistic pilot figure, instrument panel, and canopy design that enthusiasts will appreciate.

Impressive Scale Size: Boasting an 87-inch wingspan, this model commands attention, closely replicating the F4U Corsair’s formidable appearance. Ideal for display or flight, it’s a masterpiece of scale modeling, bringing a piece of aviation history into the skies or your home.

Engine Compatibility: Designed for flexibility, it accommodates a 50-60cc gasoline engine or equivalent electric setups. This choice allows pilots to select their preferred power source, ensuring a personalized and satisfying flying experience, regardless of their preference for traditional or modern propulsion technologies.

High-Quality Materials: Crafted from premium balsa and plywood, this model combines lightweight construction with enduring strength. This careful selection of materials ensures optimal flight performance and durability, reflecting Seagull’s commitment to quality in every detail.

Authentic Livery and Markings: The historically accurate Goodyear F4U Corsair paint scheme and decals honor its legacy. This meticulous attention to detail ensures an authentic representation, celebrating the aircraft’s valorous service and the pilots who flew it.

Detailed Cockpit: The model’s cockpit is a marvel of scale detail, featuring a realistic pilot figure, instrument panel, and canopy. These elements come together to create a highly immersive visual experience, transporting enthusiasts back to the era of WWII aviation.

Functional Scale Landing Gear: This feature mirrors the original Corsair’s innovative design, with retractable landing gear that enhances both the realism of the model and the smoothness of its takeoffs and landings, embodying the pioneering spirit of its full-scale counterpart.

Easy Assembly and Transport: With wings designed for quick assembly and disassembly, this model is as convenient as it is impressive. This thoughtful design ensures that enthusiasts can easily transport their model to flying fields or store it safely between flights.

Comprehensive Hardware Package: The included detailed hardware package streamlines the building process, ensuring that every builder has access to quality components. This comprehensive approach guarantees a satisfying assembly experience, from start to finish.

Detailed Assembly Manual: Accompanied by an extensive manual, this model offers clear, step-by-step instructions and illustrations. This guidance makes the assembly process accessible and enjoyable, ensuring builders can confidently bring their Corsair to life.

Scale Flaps: Incorporating functional flaps, this model achieves enhanced control and realism, closely mimicking the aerodynamic capabilities of the original Corsair. This feature adds a new layer of authenticity and performance, elevating the flying experience.

High Level of Pre-Fabrication: As an ARF model, it offers a high degree of pre-fabrication, minimizing building time while maximizing accuracy. This approach allows enthusiasts to focus on the joys of customization and flight, ensuring a rewarding experience for both novice and experienced modelers.

Customization Potential: While the model arrives with a specific historical livery, it provides ample opportunity for customization. Enthusiasts can modify or add details, tailoring the model to their preferences or creating a unique tribute to the diverse history of the Corsair.



Wing Span: Approx. 87″ /221 cm GIANT SCALE !!!

Length: 64.8 inches / 164.6cm

Wing Area 1421 / 91.7

Flying Weight: Approx. 29.5 lbs Depending On Set Up

Radio: 12 channels 12 servos

Engine: 50cc-60cc Gas Engine Or equivalent 4-stroke

Electric Motor: 360/ 6000watt / ESC 160A-200A/ Lipo 12s /electric propeller 24×10-25×12

Additional Information

Weight 172 kg
Dimensions 163 × 58 × 70 cm
HSN Code 9503

FAQs for Seagull Giant Scale Corsair F4U Goodyear 50-60cc ARF 87″

  1. What engine size is recommended for the Seagull Giant Scale Corsair F4U Goodyear 50-60cc ARF?
    • The model is designed to accommodate either a 50-60cc gasoline engine or an equivalent electric power system. This flexibility allows builders to choose based on their preference for fuel type or availability.
  2. Is the model suitable for beginners?
    • Given its scale and complexity, this model is recommended for intermediate to advanced hobbyists. Beginners might find it challenging without prior experience in assembling and flying large-scale RC aircraft.
  3. What materials are used in the construction of the model?
    • The Corsair is constructed primarily from high-quality balsa and plywood. These materials ensure a lightweight yet durable frame, crucial for optimal flight performance and structural integrity.
  4. Does the model come painted, or will I need to paint it myself?
    • The model comes with a historically accurate Goodyear F4U Corsair paint scheme and decals. It’s ready for assembly and does not require additional painting unless customization is desired.
  5. How detailed is the cockpit, and does it come with a pilot figure?
    • The cockpit is meticulously detailed, featuring an instrument panel and canopy. A realistic pilot figure is also included, enhancing the scale appearance and immersion.
  6. Can the landing gear be retracted, and is it included in the kit?
    • Yes, the model features a functional scale retractable landing gear system, closely mirroring the original aircraft’s design. The landing gear components are included in the kit.
  7. What is the wingspan of the model, and how does it affect flight?
    • With an 87-inch wingspan, the model offers a commanding presence and improved flight stability. The large wingspan enhances the aircraft’s lift and glide capabilities, contributing to a realistic flying experience.
  8. Are the wings detachable for transport?
    • Yes, the wings are designed for easy attachment and removal. This feature facilitates convenient transport and storage, making it easier to take the model to flying fields or exhibitions.
  9. What is included in the hardware package?
    • The comprehensive hardware package includes all necessary components for assembly, such as screws, hinges, and control hardware. This ensures builders have everything they need to complete the model without purchasing additional parts.
  10. How long does it take to assemble the model, and are the instructions easy to follow?
    • Assembly time varies based on experience and customization. However, thanks to the detailed assembly manual with clear instructions and illustrations, builders can expect a straightforward building process. Generally, assembly can take anywhere from several hours to a few days, allowing for careful attention to detail and customization.

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