Seagull P-51D Charlotte’s Chariot II 71″ ARF 30cc

95,604 inc. GST

  • True scale outline with accurate details with full balsa sheetings
  • Carbon fibre battery/ESC tray with servo mount
  • 3-piece, plug-in wing design with center-section landing gear support
  • Scale flaps for an authentic appearance. Working scale flaps take the fear out of landing approaches, providing slower, smoother landings.
  • Working inner gear doors, outer gear doors
  • Sliding clear canopy with painted frame and full-depth cockpit with instrument panel included
  • Finished in genuine Oracover film finished look for a more realistic scale Silver, Olive Drab White, Black and Cub Yellow.
  • Fiberglass chin cowl and scale radiator scoop, and Exhaust stacks details
  • Includes scale Drop tanks and LED lights

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Seagull P-51D Charlotte’s Chariot II 71″ ARF 30cc

The Seagull P-51D Charlotte’s Chariot II 71″ ARF is a stunning scale model of the iconic P-51D Mustang, renowned for its pivotal role in World War II as a long-range fighter escort. This Almost-Ready-to-Fly (ARF) model spans 71 inches and is designed for 30cc gas engines, offering a perfect blend of scale realism and performance. The model features high-quality balsa and plywood construction, ensuring durability while maintaining a lightweight structure. Its authentic scale details, including panel lines, rivets, and a beautifully painted fiberglass cowl, capture the essence of the original Charlotte’s Chariot II. The aircraft comes with a detailed cockpit, scale exhaust, and historically accurate livery, making it a must-have for scale enthusiasts and WWII aficionados. With its impressive flight performance, this model can execute scale maneuvers as well as sport aerobatics, appealing to both scale modelers and RC pilots seeking a challenging yet rewarding flying experience.

Scale Accuracy: This model replicates the P-51D Mustang, specifically the celebrated Charlotte’s Chariot II, with unmatched accuracy. It boasts authentic markings, a meticulously applied paint scheme, and detailed scale features like panel lines and rivets, making it incredibly realistic and visually stunning.

Wingspan and Construction: With a substantial wingspan of 71 inches (approximately 1803 mm), it’s constructed from top-quality balsa and plywood. This combination not only ensures a lightweight yet robust airframe but also perfectly captures the sleek aerodynamic profile and the historic essence of the original Mustang.

Power System Compatibility: Optimally designed for a 30cc gas engine, this model expertly balances authentic scale appearance with thrilling flight performance. It’s capable of executing both gracefully smooth scale flights and more demanding dynamic aerobatics, offering versatility to pilots.

Detailed Cockpit: The cockpit’s realism is unparalleled, featuring a detailed scale pilot figure, an intricate instrument panel, and other true-to-life cockpit elements. These details significantly enhance the model’s scale realism, making it a showpiece both on the ground and in the air.

Fiberglass Cowl: The model includes a meticulously painted and durable fiberglass cowl that not only contributes significantly to the aircraft’s scale appearance but also efficiently houses the engine and cooling system, maintaining the sleek look of the Mustang.

Scale Landing Gear: It comes equipped with detailed scale landing gear that adds depth to its authenticity. This feature ensures not only a historically accurate appearance but also reliable and realistic takeoffs and landings, mimicking the original aircraft’s operations.

Operational Flaps: Featuring operational flaps, the model can replicate the real Mustang’s capabilities for slow flight and short field landings. This addition enhances the flying experience by adding an extra layer of realism to scale flight operations.

Covering: The airframe is skillfully covered with a high-quality, lightweight, and durable film. This covering is adorned with the historic livery and insignias of Charlotte’s Chariot II, reflecting the aircraft’s storied past and beauty.

Assembly: As an Almost-Ready-to-Fly model, it arrives pre-built to a significant extent. The straightforward assembly process requires minimal time, making it accessible to pilots with intermediate building skills and eager to experience scale flying.

Scale Accessories: This model is embellished with various scale accessories, including a detailed pilot figure, scale exhaust, and historically accurate decals. These features elevate its display value and enhance the in-flight realism, making it a true collector’s item.

Flight Performance: Designed for exemplary flight characteristics, the model adeptly performs a wide range of maneuvers. From replicating the real Mustang’s graceful aerial ballet to engaging in spirited sport aerobatics, it offers a flying experience that is as rewarding as it is diverse.



180 cm (71 in)
Wing area
57.6 (893.1 sq.ins)
7.8 – 8.0 kg (17.2 – 17.6 lbs)
44.8 cm. (57 in)
Electric Power
Motor: 160 / 2700 watt
ESC: 100A-120A
LiPo: 6s -12s
Electric propeller: 18×8 – 20×10
9 channels with 10 servos

FAQs for Seagull P-51D Charlotte’s Chariot II 71″ ARF 30cc

  1. What engine size is recommended for the Seagull P-51D Charlotte’s Chariot II 71″ ARF?
    • The model is designed for a 30cc gas engine, which offers an optimal balance between performance and scale realism, allowing for both smooth scale flying and aerobatics.
  2. Is the Seagull P-51D Charlotte’s Chariot II suitable for beginners?
    • This model is recommended for intermediate to advanced RC pilots due to its scale details and flight characteristics. Beginners might find it challenging without prior flying experience.
  3. How long does assembly take for the Seagull P-51D Charlotte’s Chariot II?
    • Assembly time can vary based on experience, but on average, it takes approximately 10-15 hours to complete. This includes installing the engine, electronics, and finalizing scale details.
  4. Does the Seagull P-51D come with a retractable landing gear?
    • The model features detailed scale landing gear, but whether it’s retractable depends on the specific kit and modifications. Please check the product specifications or consider aftermarket options for retractable gear.
  5. Can I install an electric power system instead of a gas engine?
    • Yes, while designed for a 30cc gas engine, the Seagull P-51D Charlotte’s Chariot II can be modified to accommodate an electric power system. You will need to select an electric motor with equivalent power to a 30cc gas engine and make necessary adjustments for battery placement and weight distribution.
  6. What is the wingspan of the Seagull P-51D Charlotte’s Chariot II, and how does it affect its flight?
    • The wingspan is 71 inches (1803mm), which contributes to its stable flight characteristics and scale appearance. The size allows for realistic flight patterns and aerobatics, closely mimicking the real P-51D Mustang.
  7. Are the decals and paint scheme historically accurate?
    • Yes, the decals and paint scheme of the Seagull P-51D Charlotte’s Chariot II are based on the historical Charlotte’s Chariot II, offering an authentic scale appearance for enthusiasts and collectors.
  8. What materials are used in the construction of the Seagull P-51D?
    • The aircraft is constructed from high-quality balsa and plywood, ensuring a lightweight yet durable frame, which is essential for its flight performance and scale detailing.
  9. Can the operational flaps be used to perform scale landings?
    • Absolutely, the operational flaps are designed to replicate the real aircraft’s slow flight and short field landing capabilities, enhancing the scale flying experience.
  10. Where can I find replacement parts for the Seagull P-51D Charlotte’s Chariot II?
    • Replacement parts can be sourced from the manufacturer or specialized RC aircraft retailers. It’s recommended to contact the place of purchase or visit the manufacturer’s website for information on parts and accessories.

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