Seagull Shock Cub Yellow 35-55cc 102″ ARF

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  • High quality balsa and balsa plywood offer lightweight, state-of-the-art construction
  • Accurate scale outine and appearance, including airfoiled tail surfaces
  • Highly detailed cockpit
  • High-quality pre-painted fiberglass cowl
  • Aluminum back plate plastic hub spinner.
  • Includes strong scale aluminum landing gear with Oversized 5.5 inch tires
  • CNC Aluminum Machined Tail Gear Strut
  • High quality Oracover covering factory-applied by skilled craftsman

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Seagull Shock Cub Yellow 35-55cc 102″ ARF

The Seagull Shock Cub Yellow 35-55cc 102″ ARF is an almost-ready-to-fly (ARF) model aircraft designed for hobbyists who demand realism and performance. This striking model is finished in a vibrant yellow, ensuring high visibility in the sky. With a wingspan of 102 inches, it’s built to accommodate 35-55cc gasoline or electric power systems, making it versatile for different pilot preferences and flying conditions. The Shock Cub is inspired by the high-performance, short takeoff and landing (STOL) capabilities of its full-scale counterpart, offering hobbyists the ability to perform impressive takeoffs and landings in confined spaces. Its construction is lightweight yet durable, featuring high-quality materials and attention to detail in its design. This model is suited for intermediate to advanced pilots who have experience with larger scale models. The package includes almost all components needed for assembly, requiring the pilot to add their choice of engine or motor, propeller, and radio system. The Seagull Shock Cub Yellow is a standout model for enthusiasts looking to push the boundaries of traditional RC flying, combining aesthetics with performance for an exhilarating flying experience.

Large Scale Model: With an impressive wingspan of 102 inches, this model offers a commanding presence in the sky. Its size not only mimics the real aircraft’s grandeur but also enhances stability and performance during various flight maneuvers, making every flight visually spectacular and technically satisfying.

Vibrant Yellow Color Scheme: Finished in a striking bright yellow color, the aircraft is not just visually appealing but also highly visible against the sky or ground, aiding in orientation and position tracking during complex maneuvers or distant flights, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable flying experience.

Versatile Power Options: Capable of accommodating both 35-55cc gasoline engines and equivalent electric power systems, this model offers pilots the flexibility to choose based on their preference for power source type, availability, and the unique flight characteristics each power type brings to the flying experience.

STOL Capabilities: Inspired by the exceptional short takeoff and landing (STOL) capabilities of its full-scale counterpart, this model aircraft is engineered to excel in tight spaces, offering pilots the exhilarating challenge and reward of executing precise takeoffs and landings in confined areas, enhancing its utility and fun.

Lightweight Construction: The use of high-quality, lightweight materials in its construction ensures the aircraft is not only durable against the stresses of flight and landing but also agile in the air. This balance significantly improves flight performance and responsiveness, making for an engaging flying experience.

Detailed Scale Features: The model includes meticulously crafted scale details that replicate the full-scale aircraft, adding to its authenticity and appeal for enthusiasts who value realism. These details include panel lines, rivets, and decals, which enhance the visual impact and satisfaction of ownership and operation.

Advanced Aerodynamics: Incorporating advanced aerodynamic principles in its design, the model offers improved flight performance, including efficient lift generation for impressive takeoff and landing capabilities. This feature ensures a realistic flying experience, mimicking the agility and maneuverability of the actual Shock Cub.

High-Quality Hardware Included: Comes equipped with almost all necessary high-quality components for assembly, with the exception of the engine/motor, propeller, and radio system. This ensures a smooth building process with parts that fit perfectly together, reflecting the model’s premium status in the hobbyist community.

Designed for Intermediate to Advanced Pilots: Given its flight characteristics and substantial size, this model is best suited for hobbyists with experience in flying larger scale models. It presents a rewarding challenge for those looking to expand their skills in managing more complex and larger aircraft in various flying conditions.

Easy to Assemble: Despite its impressive scale, the ARF (Almost Ready to Fly) kit is thoughtfully designed to ensure straightforward assembly. This convenience allows hobbyists to get their aircraft air-ready with minimal fuss, providing more time for the enjoyment of flight rather than lengthy construction projects.

Adjustable Control Surfaces: Features fully adjustable control surfaces, including ailerons, elevators, and rudders. This adjustability allows pilots to fine-tune the aircraft’s responsiveness and performance to match their flying style and preferences, ensuring a highly personalized flying experience that can evolve with the pilot’s skills.

Robust Landing Gear: The model is equipped with a strong and reliable landing gear system designed to withstand the rigors of short takeoffs and landings on various terrains. This durability is essential for the STOL capabilities of the aircraft, ensuring that pilots can confidently explore the limits of its performance without concern for the integrity of the landing gear.



  • 35cc-50cc gasoline engine.
  • Wingspan – 102 inches (259.0 cm)
  • Wing area – 1802.7 sq.ins (1163.0
  • Approximate flying weight – 21.0 lbs (9.6 kg).
  • Length – 68.2 in (173.3 cm)
  • Recommended engine size – 35cc-50cc

Additional Information

Weight 102 kg
Dimensions 150 × 52 × 50 cm
HSN Code 9503

FAQs for Seagull Shock Cub Yellow 35-55cc 102″ ARF

  1. What engine size is recommended for the Seagull Shock Cub Yellow 35-55cc 102″ ARF?
    • The model is designed to accommodate engines ranging from 35cc to 55cc. Your choice between gasoline or electric power systems will depend on your preference for power and performance characteristics.
  2. Can I fly the Seagull Shock Cub Yellow in windy conditions?
    • Yes, its large size and sturdy construction allow it to handle moderate winds. However, flying in extreme wind conditions is not recommended, especially for less experienced pilots.
  3. Is the assembly of the Shock Cub Yellow suitable for beginners?
    • The assembly is straightforward, but due to its size and the complexity of its systems, it is recommended for intermediate to advanced modelers with some experience in assembling large-scale models.
  4. How long does it take to assemble the Shock Cub Yellow?
    • Assembly time can vary depending on your experience and customization. Typically, it might take several hours spread over a few days to ensure proper assembly and setup of all systems.
  5. Does the kit include a radio system and batteries?
    • No, the kit does not include a radio system or batteries. You will need to purchase these separately based on your preferences and the power system you choose.
  6. What is the flying duration of the Seagull Shock Cub Yellow on a single fuel tank or battery charge?
    • Flight duration depends on the size of the fuel tank (for gasoline engines) or the capacity of the battery (for electric setups), as well as your flying style. Typically, you can expect around 10-20 minutes of flight time.
  7. Are spare parts readily available for the Seagull Shock Cub Yellow?
    • Yes, spare parts are available through various hobby retailers and directly from the manufacturer. It’s recommended to check with your local or preferred online hobby shop for availability.
  8. Can the Shock Cub Yellow perform aerobatics?
    • While designed with STOL capabilities in mind, the Shock Cub Yellow is capable of basic aerobatics. Its large wingspan and powerful engine options provide ample lift and power for maneuvers like loops and rolls.
  9. What is the recommended skill level for flying the Shock Cub Yellow?
    • This model is best suited for intermediate to advanced pilots. Its size and performance characteristics require a good understanding of RC flying, especially for takeoffs, landings, and in-flight control.
  10. Can I customize the color scheme of the Shock Cub Yellow?
    • The model comes pre-finished in a vibrant yellow color scheme for visibility. While customization is possible, it would require repainting over the existing scheme, which should be done carefully to ensure the surface is properly prepared for new paint.

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