Seagull Super Marine Spitfire 80″ 35-45cc


  • Built-up and sheeted airframe components come finished in flat Covering film.
  • Designed for JP/ Seagull Electric Retracts ER-150 95° landing gear.
  • Matte-finish color scheme let you customize your craft to look like the real thing. This impressive model perfectly represents the majesty of the original fighters with scale parts and a matte-finish trim scheme.
  • A molded fiberglass cowling includes many scale details like side mounted exhaust stacks.
  • A large radio compartment makes it easy to install your radio and access other on-board equipment.
  • The Spitfire’s split flaps are historically accurate and they’re also prehinged for faster assembly.
  • Seagull/ JP Retracts add scale realism to the Spitfire. Landing gear covers are included in the kit. The pair of PU rubber wheel aluminum hub 4” included to the airplane.

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Seagull Super Marine Spitfire 80″ 35-45cc

The Seagull Super Marine Spitfire 80″ 35-45cc is a large-scale, radio-controlled model aircraft designed to replicate the iconic British Spitfire, famous for its role during World War II. This model, with an impressive wingspan of 80 inches, is specifically engineered for enthusiasts and modelers who prefer using 35-45cc gasoline or equivalent electric motors for power. It combines historical accuracy in design and detailing with modern RC flight technology to offer a truly immersive flying experience. Constructed with quality materials, the model features a detailed cockpit, scale landing gear, and a meticulously crafted airframe that mirrors the aerodynamic lines of the original Spitfire. Perfect for scale flying or even RC warbird competitions, the Seagull Super Marine Spitfire provides both a challenging build for experienced modelers and an exhilarating flying experience for pilots.

Scale Accuracy: This model’s design closely mirrors the iconic Super Marine Spitfire, reflecting its historical significance with precise scale outlines, vibrant colors, and authentic wartime markings. It appeals to history enthusiasts and model collectors alike, offering a deeply engaging project that honors the legacy of the aircraft it represents, while providing a visually stunning representation.

Large Wingspan: Boasting an 80-inch wingspan, this model ensures stable flight and remarkable presence in the air, making it visually impressive against the backdrop of the sky. Ideal for display and performance, its large size enhances the flying experience, drawing attention at model flying clubs and airshows, embodying the spirit of the legendary aircraft.

Power Options: Compatible with 35-45cc gasoline engines or equivalent electric setups, it offers modelers flexibility in choosing their preferred propulsion method. This versatility allows for customization based on availability, performance preference, or environmental considerations, ensuring that each model can be tailored to the pilot’s specific desires and conditions.

Quality Construction: Constructed from top-grade balsa and plywood, this model is both lightweight and durable, designed to withstand the rigors of flight while maintaining excellent aerodynamic properties. This superior construction method ensures a balance between performance and longevity, making it a worthy project for dedicated modelers.

Detailed Cockpit: Featuring an intricately detailed cockpit, this model enhances the scale experience by bringing the pilot’s perspective to life with realism and accuracy. Modelers can appreciate the meticulous attention to detail, which not only adds to the visual appeal but also immerses the builder and viewer in the historical significance of the Spitfire.

Functional Flaps: Equipped with operational flaps, this model enhances aerodynamic capabilities, providing a realistic flight experience that includes precise control over the aircraft’s lift and drag. This feature allows for advanced maneuvers and more controlled takeoff and landing phases, closely mimicking the flight characteristics of the original Spitfire.

Scale Landing Gear: The model features robust and detailed landing gear, which not only adds to the scale realism but also ensures efficient ground handling. This allows for smoother takeoffs and landings, contributing to the overall flight experience and preserving the model’s integrity upon impact with the runway.

Customizable: This feature offers enthusiasts the chance to personalize their model with unique color schemes or historical liveries. It enables a creative outlet for expressing individuality or historical interest, allowing builders to replicate various versions of the Spitfire and showcase their modeling skills.

Comprehensive Hardware Package: Including a complete, high-quality hardware set, the package simplifies the assembly process by ensuring builders have all necessary components at hand. This facilitates a seamless building experience from start to finish, allowing modelers to focus on the enjoyment and precision of construction without the hassle of sourcing additional parts.

Two-Piece Wing Design: The innovative detachable wing feature addresses the logistical challenges of transporting and storing a large model. This design choice does not compromise the model’s structural integrity or aesthetic appeal, ensuring that enthusiasts can easily manage their model both at home and at flying fields.

Clear Canopy: The clear canopy enhances the model’s authentic look and offers further customization opportunities for detailing the pilot and cockpit. This aspect adds another layer of depth to the scale realism that enthusiasts value, encouraging detailed personalization that can make each model a unique piece of history.

Designed for Scale Performance: The model’s aerodynamics and power configuration are optimized to mimic the Spitfire’s flight characteristics closely. This enables smooth flights and the ability to execute scale maneuvers, offering a flight experience that bridges historical authenticity with the thrill of modern RC flying, satisfying both historical interest and flying ambition.


Technical data

Wing-span (mm): 2030
Flight weight approx. (g): 5000-6000
Control: H,S,Q,M
Length (mm): 1638
Manufacturer: Seagull Models ( SG-Models )
Fuselage: Wood
Wings: Wood/rib construction
Rec. engine: BL Outrunner
Rec. Battery: 9-10S Lixx
Airfoil: 22-40cc/2-T, 40-50cc/4-T
Flight Skill: Advanced
Build Skill: Advanced
Drive Type: Electric & Combustion

FAQs for Seagull Super Marine Spitfire 80″ 35-45cc

  1. What engine size is recommended for the Seagull Super Marine Spitfire 80″ model?
    • The Seagull Super Marine Spitfire is designed to accommodate 35-45cc gasoline engines or equivalent electric power systems, allowing modelers to choose based on their preference for power and performance.
  2. Does the model come with a detailed cockpit?
    • Yes, the Spitfire model features a meticulously detailed cockpit, adding an extra layer of realism to the scale model, enhancing the visual and historical authenticity of the aircraft.
  3. Are the wings of the Spitfire model detachable?
    • Yes, the model is designed with a two-piece wing system for ease of transportation and storage, making it convenient to manage despite its large 80-inch wingspan.
  4. Can I customize the paint scheme of the Seagull Super Marine Spitfire?
    • Absolutely, while the model comes with historically accurate color schemes and markings, it is fully customizable, allowing enthusiasts to apply their unique paint schemes or replicate different Spitfire variations.
  5. What materials are used in the construction of the model?
    • The Seagull Super Marine Spitfire is constructed from high-quality balsa and plywood, ensuring a lightweight yet durable build that maintains excellent flight characteristics.
  6. Does the model feature functional flaps for realistic flight control?
    • Yes, the Spitfire model includes functional flaps that enhance its flight maneuverability, allowing for more realistic takeoffs and landings, and providing pilots with an immersive flying experience.
  7. Is the landing gear scale and detailed?
    • The model boasts a robust and detailed scale landing gear system, which not only contributes to the model’s scale appearance but also provides reliable and efficient ground handling.
  8. What is included in the hardware package of the Spitfire model?
    • The model comes with a comprehensive hardware package, including all necessary components and detailed assembly instructions, ensuring modelers have everything they need for a seamless building experience.
  9. How does the model’s flight performance compare to the original Spitfire?
    • Designed for scale performance, the model’s aerodynamics and power configuration are optimized to mimic the original Spitfire’s flight characteristics, offering both smooth cruising and the ability to perform scale maneuvers.
  10. Where can I find support if I have questions or issues during assembly or flying?
    • Support for the Seagull Super Marine Spitfire can typically be found through the manufacturer’s website, dedicated RC forums, and hobby shops. These resources offer assembly tips, flying advice, and solutions to common issues encountered by modelers.

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