Ultra Stick 30cc ARF 81″

55,786 inc. GST

  • Outstanding flight performance: tried and true Ultra Stick design
  • Flaps for expanded flight envelope
  • Covered in genuine UltraCote™
  • Tail dragger landing gear adds to its sportier looks
  • Large, double beveled control surfaces
  • Two piece plug in wings with aluminum tube provides easy transport and assembly
  • Lightweight balsa/balsa-plywood construction that’s strong
  • Float-ready-hard points for mounting the Hangar 9® 1/5-scale Float Set (sold separately) are already built into the fuselage
  • Finished fiberglass wheel pants match UltraCote colors
  • Ready to mount 30-36cc Gasoline Engine
  • Electric motor mount included makes it EP friendly
  • Complete quality hardware included

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Ultra Stick 30cc ARF 81″

The Ultra Stick 30cc ARF 81″ is a high-performance, Almost-Ready-to-Fly (ARF) model airplane designed for intermediate to advanced RC pilots. Spanning 81 inches in wingspan, this aircraft is constructed to accommodate a 30cc gasoline or equivalent electric power plant, offering versatility in power choices to suit different pilot preferences. Its large wing area combined with light wing loading creates an exceptional flight envelope, allowing for slow, graceful maneuvers as well as the capability to perform high-energy aerobatics. The Ultra Stick design incorporates a strong, lightweight structure with a bright, easily visible color scheme to maintain orientation during complex flight maneuvers. It features an all-wood construction with a fully symmetrical airfoil, providing excellent flight characteristics across a wide range of speeds. Additionally, the model includes pre-installed control surfaces, a comprehensive hardware package, and clear, detailed instructions for a straightforward building experience. The Ultra Stick 30cc ARF 81″ exemplifies the perfect blend of classic stick model versatility with modern RC aircraft technology, offering endless fun for serious RC hobbyists.

Wingspan: The aircraft boasts an 81-inch wingspan, providing significant lift and stability. This expansive wingspan enhances the plane’s visibility and presence in the sky, making it easier to perform a wide variety of maneuvers with greater control and precision.

Power Compatibility: Designed to accommodate either a 30cc gasoline engine or an equivalent electric power system. This flexibility allows pilots to choose between the raw power and sound of a gas engine or the cleanliness and simplicity of electric power, tailoring the flying experience to personal preference and flying conditions.

Lightweight Construction: Utilizing high-quality, lightweight materials in its construction ensures optimal performance. The design focuses on achieving the perfect balance between weight and strength, enabling the aircraft to execute tight maneuvers while maintaining structural integrity during high-stress aerobatics.

Symmetrical Airfoil: Features a fully symmetrical airfoil for balanced aerodynamic performance. This design ensures that the aircraft exhibits similar flight characteristics when flying upright or inverted, providing pilots with a predictable and responsive control experience during complex aerobatic routines.

High-Visibility Color Scheme: Finished with a bright, high-visibility color scheme that aids in maintaining orientation. The distinctive colors and patterns are specifically chosen to stand out against various backdrops, ensuring that pilots can keep track of the aircraft’s attitude and position at all times.

Versatile Flight Envelope: Capable of a wide range of flying styles, from graceful slow-flight to dynamic aerobatics. Its design allows for excellent low-speed handling without sacrificing the ability to perform high-speed maneuvers, making it a truly adaptable aircraft for all flying conditions.

Pre-Installed Control Surfaces: Comes with pre-installed control surfaces, significantly reducing assembly time. This convenience allows builders to focus on finer details and customization, ensuring a smoother build process and faster transition from the workbench to the flying field.

Comprehensive Hardware Package: Includes a detailed and comprehensive hardware package. Every component, from screws to linkages, has been carefully selected to ensure compatibility and reliability, providing builders with everything needed for a complete build right out of the box.

Clear Assembly Instructions: Accompanied by clear, detailed assembly instructions for a straightforward setup process. These instructions are designed to guide builders of intermediate skill levels through each step of the assembly, ensuring a successful and enjoyable building experience.

All-Wood Construction: The airframe’s all-wood construction offers a blend of classic building techniques with modern engineering. This approach not only enhances the aircraft’s aesthetic appeal but also contributes to its overall durability and performance capabilities.

Adjustable Control Throws: Features adjustable control throws for personalized responsiveness. Pilots can fine-tune the aircraft’s control sensitivity to match their flying style, whether they prefer smooth, graceful maneuvers or aggressive, high-speed aerobatics.

Optional Flaps: Designed with the capability to add flaps for greater control. Adding flaps can significantly improve landing characteristics and slow-speed performance, allowing for shorter takeoffs and landings as well as more precise control in the air.

Plug-In Wing Design: The plug-in wing design facilitates easy transportation and storage. This feature is particularly beneficial for pilots who travel to various flying sites or have limited storage space, as it allows for quick assembly and disassembly without compromising the aircraft’s structural integrity or performance.

The Ultra Stick 30cc ARF 81 boasts a robust set of wings designed for versatility, offering pilots exceptional control and stability across a wide range of flying conditions. At its heart, a powerful 30cc motor ensures responsive and dynamic flight capabilities, propelling the Ultra Stick with unmatched precision and power, making every flight an exhilarating experience.


Product Specifications

CG (Center of Gravity) 4-5.25″ Rearward of wing leading edge
Completion Level Almost Ready-To-Fly
Recommended Motor Battery 10S 4400mAh
Power Type Electric/Gas
Skill Level Level 3
Speed Control Sold Separately
Wing Area 1360.3 sq in (87.76 sq dm)
Minimum Required Radio 6ch
Outer Diameter 31cm
Receiver Sold Separately
Airfoil Shape Symmetrical
Approximate Assembly Time 10-15 Hours
Approximate Flight Time 6 Mins
Flaps Yes
Trim Scheme Colors White (HANU870), Black (HANU874), Apple Green (HANU903)
Wingspan 80.75″ (205 cm )
Engine Size 30cc (sold separately)
Motor Size Power 160 (sold separately)
Product Length 74″ (188 cm)
Spinner Size 3″
Wing Loading 22.02oz./sq.ft.

FAQs for Ultra Stick 30cc ARF 81″

  1. What engine size is recommended for the Ultra Stick 30cc ARF 81″?
    • A 30cc gasoline engine is recommended for optimal performance, but it can also accommodate equivalent electric power systems for those who prefer electric flight.
  2. Can I install electric power systems instead of a gas engine?
    • Yes, the Ultra Stick 30cc ARF 81″ is designed to accommodate either a 30cc gasoline engine or an equivalent electric power system, offering flexibility based on personal preference and flying conditions.
  3. Is the Ultra Stick 30cc ARF suitable for beginners?
    • This model is designed for intermediate to advanced pilots due to its size and performance capabilities. Beginners might find it challenging without prior flying experience.
  4. How long does assembly take?
    • Assembly time can vary based on experience, but most pilots can expect to spend several evenings to a week assembling the Ultra Stick 30cc ARF 81″, depending on the level of customization and preparation for flight.
  5. Does the kit include a radio system?
    • No, the kit does not include a radio system. Pilots will need to purchase a compatible radio transmitter and receiver separately.
  6. Are the control surfaces pre-hinged?
    • Yes, the control surfaces are pre-installed and hinged, which simplifies the assembly process and gets you to the flying field faster.
  7. Can I add flaps to the Ultra Stick 30cc ARF 81″?
    • The design includes the option to add flaps for enhanced control over landing speeds and approaches. However, adding flaps may require additional hardware and modification.
  8. What is the wingspan of the Ultra Stick 30cc ARF 81″?
    • The wingspan is 81 inches, providing a significant presence in the sky and improved flight stability.
  9. What type of battery is recommended for electric power setup?
    • For an electric setup, a high-capacity LiPo battery compatible with the equivalent electric motor’s voltage and current requirements is recommended. The specific battery configuration will depend on the chosen motor and desired flight characteristics.
  10. Is there a recommended propeller size for the Ultra Stick 30cc ARF 81″?
    • The recommended propeller size will vary depending on whether you’re using a gasoline engine or an electric motor. Typically, a 16-18 inch propeller suits most 30cc gasoline engines, while electric setups might require different sizes based on the motor specifications and desired performance. Always refer to the engine or motor manufacturer’s recommendations for optimal performance.

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