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Key Benefits of Using Thermal Drones


  • Enhanced Situational Awareness: Thermal drones provide real-time high-resolution thermal imaging and video, allowing for improved surveillance and monitoring of large areas, structures and critical assets.
  • Increased Detection Accuracy: Thermal cameras equipped on drones enable the detection of temperature anomalies and hot spots with increased accuracy, leading to early identification of potential problems and issues.
  • Remote Inspections: Thermal drones enable remote inspections in hazardous or hard-to-reach areas, reducing the risk of injury or harm to personnel while improving inspection speed and accuracy.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Compared to traditional inspection methods, thermal drones offer a cost-effective solution that provides valuable thermal data for better decision making and problem solving.
  • Improved Data Collection and Analysis: The ability to capture and analyze high-quality thermal data in real-time provides a comprehensive view of structures, assets, and landscapes, allowing for proactive maintenance and informed decision making.
  • Versatile Applications: Thermal drones have a wide range of applications in various industries, including agriculture, construction, energy, and emergency services, among others.

Best Thermal Drones

Autel EVO II Dual 640T Enterprise

In Autel orange, this aircraft looks ready for the work site, and it is well-equipped too. The 640T Enterprise’s visible camera is the same 8K as its standard sibling, which means it also has 16x zoom (4 x lossless, depending on your output resolution). The IR camera also boasts FLIR’s well-known approach, and can be displayed in a crop of the wider visible spectrum on the generously-sized “Smart Controller.” It has a whopping 9-inch screen, HDMI-out, as well as the ability to initiate automated mapping. Even better, there is no Autel geofencing so no additional bureaucracy threats. The drone also has a fixing point above the camera for the included accessories; a (very) loudspeaker, spotlight, or night-flight beacon (you might need a second beacon though as the spotlight will likely take priority at night).

DJI Matrice 30T

The M30T is an incredibly powerful tool for all kinds of aerial work. The thermal camera is there, but for search and rescue or security monitoring the powerful zoom – backed up by AI subject tracking – means the M30T has some other tricks up its sleeve. There is also ‘super mode’ resolution for 1280×1024 thermal imaging and a laser range finder.

The drone also has a socket for third-party accessories which adds versatility – a speaker and spotlight are available – through the dual camera gimbal is fixed.

In search-and-rescue we’re sure the dual controllers will be useful – the main fuselage has a 1080P forward-pointing camera for the pilot, while another user can direct the camera (within 180˚ pan and 165˚ tilt). All operators will also appreciate the 7-inch display and function buttons of the excellent RC Plus controller, as well as the quick-top-off mode on the charging station.

DJI Mavic 3T

The Mavic 3 Enterprise arrived nearly a year after the standard version, and brings all that we liked about that drone in a rugged hard carry-case. More significantly, it has a new beacon light (built-in), and mounts for accessories like RTK for mapping-level accuracy.

For thermal photography, it has the same 640×512 resolution as its predecessor, but this is just one of three cameras; DJI manages to squeeze in a 56x hybrid zoom comprising of a half-inch main sensor (smaller than the Mavic 3(opens in new tab)’s but still capable of 4K video). The thermal camera’s EFL is 40mm – 61˚ field of view, and the system can provide up to 28x zoom views with continuous side-by-side with the optical image to help operators direct responders.

DJI also offers a suite of software for flight planning, mapping and thermal analysis; the Enterprise series is where DJI is prepared to offer SDKs, too.

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