ISDT Air8 Smart Lipo Charger,DC 500W 20A Balance Charger for 1-8S Lipo Batteries

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  • APP remote control
  • Support BattAir smart battery
  • Support multi kinds battery
  • Multiple ways to upgrade firmware
  • A new generation of fully digital power technology

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Air8 Smart Lipo Charger

A state-of-the-art and extremely sophisticated gadget, the Air8 Smart Lipo Charger is made to efficiently and safely charge lithium-polymer (LiPo) batteries, which are frequently found in drones, remote-controlled cars, and other electronic devices. Intelligent features of this charger include automated cell balancing, accurate voltage and current monitoring, and an intuitive interface that makes customizing charging parameters simple. By ensuring that your LiPo batteries are charged with the utmost care, the Air8 Smart Lipo Charger will maximize their performance and lengthen their lifespan. With its sophisticated appearance and abundance of safety features, it’s a vital tool for professionals and enthusiasts who require accuracy and dependability when charging batteries.

▶ 【APP remote control】 – Make use of the ISDLink APP to perform OTA upgrades, schedule charging tasks, keep an eye on the charging process at all times, and streamline complex processes in a quick and easy manner.
▶ 【Support BattAir smart battery】 – Wireless communication and battery connecting technologies supported. You may save time and stress with our automatic battery type identification, intelligent charging parameters matching, one-key direct access, and safety features.
▶ 【Multiple battery types supported】-Air8 is compatible with 1–8S Life, Lithium-ion, Lipo, and ULiHv batteries. It even comes with a 4.45V/cell ULiHv battery.Additionally compatible with 1~12S Pb and 1~16S NiMH/Cd batteries.

▶ 【Many methods of updating firmware】: With the ISDLink APP’s OTA upgrade or a USB port update on a PC, you can always take advantage of the newest features available for ISDT products.

▶ 【An advanced generation of fully digital power technology】-You will have an entirely new charging experience thanks to the smarter charging technique, faster charging efficiency, broader output voltage range, and improved battery charging protection mechanism.


Charging power: DC 500W

Charging current: 0.1A – 20A

Discharge power: 15W

Discharge current: 0.1A – 1.5A

Input voltage: DC 10V – 34V

Output voltage: DC 1V – 35V

Support battery: Life, Lilon, Lipo, LiHv 1-8S,ULiHv 1-7S, 1~12S Pb; 1~16S NiMH/Cd

Size: 80 x 80 x 34 mm

Weight: 169 g

Packaging included:

1X ISDT AIR8 Charger


Plugin is not included

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