GEPRC CL20 Frame Kit

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1. Combining aesthetics and engineering for compact design

2. Designed to mount a shock-absorbing gimbal under the independent FPV camera to reduce jello of FPV Goggles image.

3. 2 inch pusher design, small size and lightweight, more suitable for complex and narrow environments flight shooting.

4. SPEEDX2 1303.5 5500KV motor with Emax four-blade propellers make the flight shooting unhurried.

5. Design the outer EVA damping ring to effectively reduce the impact force.

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GEPRC CL20 Frame Kit

The GEPRC group has created the GEP-CL20, a 2-inch frame. The 2-inch frame can discharge startling effects in a small space and be converted to O3 VTX. It can also be shuttled in a small space. The high-frequency shaking and jelly problems are readily resolved by using the resigned camera gimbal. The camera gimbal’s soft connection damping design allows it to be attached with a naked GP camera base, which facilitates the installation of DJI Action2, Insta360 Go2, and Naked camera GP8/910/11 cameras.

There are several VTX holes on the market that have dimensions of 20 mm by 20 mm or 25.5 mm by 25.5 mm, and the flight controller mounting hole spacing is 25.5 mm by 25.5 mm. Larger 12–13 series motors can be installed using the 9 mm × 9 mm motor mounting hole, and the fly more



1 x Main plate: 2.5mm

1 x Bottom plate: 1.5mm 

1 x Camera gimbal plate: 2.0mm  

1 x Camera gimbal triangle plate: 1.5mm

1 x Motor plate gasket: 2.0mm

Screw package:

4 x M2*1.9-OD4.9 self-clinching nut-brass color M2 

1 x 7075 Aluminum Column M2*3.5*28

1 x 7075 Aluminum Column M2*3.5*25

1 x Single-ended bright-edge aluminum column M2*3.5*28

1 x Single-ended bright-edge aluminum column M2*3.5*25

2 x Round head screw with pad M2*8

18 x Round head screw M2*8

4 x Round head screw M2*5

6 x Round head screw M2*4 X6

10 x Round head screw M2*12

4 x Round head screw M2*16

4 x Half-round head M1.6*8

18 x Round head screw M2*7

10 x Self-clinching nut M2

10 x Nylon nut M2

4 x Nylon column M2*5mm

4 x Camera gimbal shock absorbing rubber ring

5 x Camera gimbal vibration dampening rubber

4 x BEC silicone gasket

3D printed parts:

1 x VTX Antenna mount (big hole)

1 x VTX Antenna mount(small hole)

1 x Receiver mount

1 x Receiver mount

1 x TBS Antenna mount

1 x Camera mount (1 hole)

1 x Camera mount (2 holes) 

Injection molded parts:

4 x Propeller guard

Other accessories:

1 x Naked GP Camera8 base

1 x 4S Naked GP Camera power cable (with balanced terminal head)

2 x Battery anti-slip pad

2 x Damping pad

4 x EVA damping ring

2 x Receiver antenna tubes 100mm

2 x Battery tie M15*150

1 x L-shaped screwdriver 1.5MM

2 x 3M double-sided tape

1 x Keychain


  • Model: GEP-CL20
  • Wheelbase: 100mm
  • Main plate: 2.5mm
  • Bottom plate: 1.5mm
  • Camera gimbal plate: 2.0mm
  • Camera gimbal triangle plate : 1.5mm
  • Motor plate gasket: 2.0mm
  • FC mounting holes: 25.5mm x 25.5mm
  • VTX mounting holes: 20mm x 20mm /25.5mm x 25.5mm
  • Motor mounting holes: 9mm x9mm
  • FPV camera spacing: 20mm
  • Suitable propeller size: 2 inch propeller
  • Weight: 53.4g
  • Flight controller: GEP-F4-35A AIO (mounting holes: 25.5mm×25.5mm)
  • Motor: 1303.5 (mounting holes: 9mm×9mm)
  • ESC: 35A
  • Propeller: 2 inch
  • Recomended Battery: 4S 660mAh

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