HOLYBRO Digital Air Speed Sensor

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  • Provides accurate, real-time airspeed data for safe, controlled flight.
  • UAVs and drones are among its many uses.
  • It provides digital data for easy integration into existing systems.
  • Compact and compatible with flying gadgets.
  • Pilots can make informed decisions and modifications during flight, improving safety.
  • Reliable: Built for aerial use.
  • Recommended for drone hobbyists and industry experts
  • Fly Higher: Accurate airspeed measurement improves airborne device safety and performance.

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Digital Air Speed Sensor

For precise airspeed measurement in a variety of applications, including drones and unmanned aerial vehicles, the digital air speed sensor is an essential part. This precision-engineered sensor offers real-time airspeed data, enabling safe and regulated flight. It’s simple to integrate into your current systems thanks to its compact form and digital output. The Digital Air Speed Sensor is a dependable option for improving the performance and safety of your aerial devices, regardless of your level of experience with drones.

With a measuring range of 1 psi, or approximately up to 100 m/s, 360 km/h, or 223 mp/h, the measuring Specialties 4525DO sensor is featured in the Pix32 Airspeed Sensor Kit. This allows for a resolution of 0.84 Pa and data delivery at 14 bits from a 24 bit delta-sigma ADC. In order to calculate the correct airspeed from the indicated airspeed using the MS5611 static pressure sensor on Pix32, it also detects temperature. Compared to earlier ana log sensor configurations, it is significantly closer to the air temperature since it is not affected by the heat of neighboring processing components. Suitable with all Pix32 and PX4 autopilot generation boards, this kit has mounting holes that are M3/6-32 sizes.

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