eSurveyeTS5 & eTS5V

  • High-precision manual total station
  • 2″ angle measurement accuracy, suitable for survey and stakeout tasks
  • Dual QVGA color screens for enhanced visibility
  • Friction screws for increased measurement efficiency
  • USB interface for efficient data management
  • 3400 mAh battery for extended operational hours
  • LED-backlit alphanumerical keyboard for dark conditions.

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eSurveyeTS5 & eTS5V

The eSurvey eTS5/eTS5V is a manual total station designed for high precision, boasting 2″ angle accuracy suitable for various survey and stakeout operations. It features Dual QVGA color screens and utilizes friction screws for enhanced measurement efficiency. Its USB interface streamlines data handling, while the 3400 mAh battery ensures extended operational hours. Additionally, the device is equipped with an LED-backlit alphanumerical keyboard, enabling accurate operation in low-light conditions. This combination of features makes it an ideal tool for professionals seeking reliability and precision in their surveying tasks.

Easy for Survey: Measure more points per day, benefitting from the trigger key and guide light for instant measuring and stakeout and LED-backlight alphanumerical keyboard for operating in dark scenes.

Rich Data Interfaces for Convenient Data Exporting: Efficiently transfer measured data for processing using a USB flash drive. This method facilitates rapid data export, streamlining the transition from measurement to analysis, thus enhancing productivity and ensuring quick, accurate project outcomes with minimal effort.

Time-saving but High Efficiency: Experience seamless operation with instant response times, eliminating the need for manual shaft locking once the target is aligned, thanks to the support of endless drives. This feature ensures effortless aiming and enhances efficiency in capturing precise measurements without any delay.

Less Workload : Significantly lighten your workload with the semi-automatic data collection and digital information verification, making your tasks more manageable. Enhanced by Bluetooth functionality, this system streamlines processes, offering a more efficient way to handle data and improve your work efficiency.

Longer Distance in Reflectorless Mode: Utilize the capability to measure distances up to 1000 meters without the need for a reflector, leveraging advanced reflectorless technology. This feature allows for flexible, efficient distance measurement in a variety of settings, enhancing fieldwork productivity and operational versatility.

Customized Laser Plummet (eTS5) or Optical Plummet (eTS5V): Freely choose the optical plummet in an environment of strong sunlight where the laser spot may not be visible or the laser plummets in an environment where it is easy to follow the laser’s guidance.




  eTS5 eTS5V

Angle Measurement

Reading system Absolute encoder
Display resolution 1” / 5” / 10”
Accuracy 2”

Distance Measurement

Minimum reading 0.0001 m 0.001 m
Measurement display 10 digits
Range n  Prism: 2 – 3000 m

n  Reflector: 2 – 800 m

n  Non-Prism:  2 – 1000 m



n  Prism: ± (2 mm + 2 ppm • D)

n  Reflector: ± (3 mm + 2 ppm • D)

n  Non-Prism:

n  2 – 150  m: ± (3 mm + 2 ppm • D)

n  150 – 300 m: ± (5 mm + 3 ppm • D)

n  300 – 500 m: ± (10 mm + 5 ppm • D)

n  · 500 – 800 m: ± (20 mm  + 10 ppm • D)


Magnification 30x
Field angle 1°30′
Minimum focus 1 m
Objective aperture EDM 50 mm
Image Erect
Resolution 4”
Reticle illumination 1 level 1 level
Laser pointer Support
Guide light Support


Compensator type Dual axis
Compensator range ±3’
Compensator resolution 1”

Measurement Time

Tracking/rapid/fine 0.2 s / 0.6 s / 1 s

Level Vial Sensitivity

Plate level 30” / 2 mm
Circular level 8’ / 2 mm

Laser Plummet

Laser accuracy ±1 mm within 0.8 – 1.5 m ×
Laser spot ≤2.5 mm within 0.8 – 1.5 m ×
Wavelength 635 nm ×
Safety Class 2 ×
Output power 0.7 – 1.0 mW ×

Optical Plummet

Accuracy ±0.8mm / 1.5m ×
Image Erect ×
Magnification 3x ×

Data Management

Memory 50,000 points
SD card 8 GB
Bluetooth Optional

Software Menu Style

Icon-based Support ×


Voltage 7.4 V dc
Capacity 3400 mAh
Alert n  Low voltage

n  Power off automatically after 10 minutes

Working time n  Angle and distance measurement: >8 hours (measure distance every 30 seconds)

n  Angle measurement: >12 hours

Charge time 4 hours

Physical Specification

Dimension 206 mm x 203 mm x 360 mm
Screen Dual QVGA color screens (240 x 320 dots)
Key for fast measurement Support
Interface RS-232C
USB Support
Water/dust proof IP55
Working temperature -20℃ – +50℃
Storage temperature -40℃ – +70℃
Prism constant range -999.9 – + 999.9 mm -999.9 – + 999.9 mm
Atmos correction PPM Automatically calculated Automatically calculated
Friction screws/ endless drives


FAQs for eSurveyeTS5 & eTS5V

  1. What is the accuracy of angle measurement in the eSurvey eTS5/eTS5V?
    • The eSurvey eTS5/eTS5V offers a high-precision 2″ angle measurement accuracy, suitable for a wide range of surveying and stakeout tasks.
  2. Can I measure distances without a reflector with the eSurvey eTS5/eTS5V?
    • Yes, the eSurvey eTS5/eTS5V is capable of measuring distances up to 1000 meters in reflectorless mode, providing flexibility in various measuring conditions.
  3. How do I export data from the eSurvey eTS5/eTS5V?
    • Data can be quickly and easily exported using a USB flash drive, allowing for efficient data processing and analysis.
  4. What kind of battery does the eSurvey eTS5/eTS5V use, and how long does it last?
    • The eSurvey eTS5/eTS5V is powered by a 3400 mAh battery, designed to support continuous operation for extended periods.
  5. Can the eSurvey eTS5/eTS5V be operated in low-light conditions?
    • Yes, it features an LED-backlit alphanumerical keyboard, enabling accurate operation even in dark environments.
  6. Does the eSurvey eTS5/eTS5V support Bluetooth connectivity?
    • Yes, the device supports Bluetooth functionality, allowing for wireless data transfer and communication with compatible devices.
  7. What are the display features of the eSurvey eTS5/eTS5V?
    • The eSurvey eTS5/eTS5V is equipped with Dual QVGA color screens, enhancing the user interface and visibility during operations.
  8. Is there an auto-lock feature for the shaft on the eSurvey eTS5/eTS5V?
    • The instrument boasts smooth movements with no delayed response times and does not require manual locking of the shaft once the target is aimed, supported by endless drives.
  9. How does the eSurvey eTS5/eTS5V reduce workload in data collection?
    • It significantly reduces workload through semi-automatic data collection and digital information checking, supported by its Bluetooth function, making work easier and more efficient.
  10. Who can benefit from using the eSurvey eTS5/eTS5V?
    • Professionals in surveying, construction, and engineering who require high precision and efficiency in their fieldwork will find the eSurvey eTS5/eTS5V immensely beneficial.

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