Hi-Target HTS 521L10 Optical Total Station

  • Total Station- 800M Range NP
  • Dual Axis
  • Bluetooth
  • Color Screen

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Hi-Target HTS 521L10 Optical Total Station

The Hi-Target HTS-521L10 Optical Total Station is a precision surveying instrument designed for a wide range of geospatial measurements and engineering tasks. This advanced optical total station features a long-distance measurement capability with a range of up to 5000 meters with a single prism, ensuring accuracy and reliability in diverse environmental conditions. Its angular accuracy of 2″ enhances the precision of surveying operations, making it suitable for construction site layouts, topographic surveys, road design, and more. Equipped with an intuitive user interface and a high-resolution display, the HTS-521L10 facilitates efficient data collection and manipulation. The device also includes a laser plummet for easy and precise instrument setup, a built-in compensator for automatic error correction, and Bluetooth connectivity for seamless data transfer to external devices. Designed for durability, it features a rugged construction that can withstand harsh field conditions, making it an ideal choice for professionals in surveying, construction, and civil engineering.

HD Color Screen Long Range Total Station

The HTS-521L10 is equipped with a high-definition color screen, enhancing human-computer interaction through vivid visual feedback. It incorporates a revolutionary optical design alongside absolute coding technology, significantly boosting its measurement capabilities. The device benefits from high-precision, compact bead shafting, and a sealed encoder disk, which collectively elevate both its accuracy and stability. Furthermore, it comes preloaded with an extensive array of measurement programs and detailed maintenance procedures, offering users a profoundly improved measurement experience. This combination of technological advancements and user-friendly features positions the HTS-521L10 as a standout solution for precise and reliable measurements.

Hi-Target HTS 521L10 Optical Total Station
Hi-Target HTS 521L10 Optical Total Station

Longer Range and More Stable Precision

The HTS-521L10 introduces an innovative optical design and employs a cutting-edge ranging algorithm, supported by premium electronic and optical components. It boasts a reflectorless measuring capability of up to 1000 meters with an accuracy of 3+2ppm. For measurements requiring a prism, it can accurately gauge distances beyond 6000 meters with a precision of 2+2ppm. This enhancement in both range and accuracy underscores the HTS-521L10’s advancement in surveying technology, offering superior performance in diverse measuring tasks.

Hi-Target HTS 521L10 Optical Total Station

Colorful Display

The device features a 2.8-inch, 240×320 pixel high-brightness color display, designed to remain clearly visible even in strong sunlight. This ensures that users can easily read the screen in any lighting condition. Additionally, it is equipped with rubber keys that include a backlight display, enhancing usability in low-light environments by making the operation distinctly clear. This combination of a sunlight-readable display and illuminated keys provides a user-friendly interface, ensuring efficient operation both in bright daylight and in dark surroundings.

Hi-Target HTS 521L10 Optical Total Station

Trigger Key

The device simplifies data acquisition significantly through a trigger key mechanism, allowing for one-click operation. This feature not only streamlines the measurement process but also enhances both the speed and accuracy of data collection. By eliminating the need for multiple steps or complex procedures, it ensures that users can quickly and easily capture the data they need with minimal effort. This improvement in efficiency and precision makes the device exceptionally user-friendly and reliable for various measurement tasks, providing an effective solution for fast-paced measurement environments.

Product Parameters

  • Reflectorless 1000m 3+2 PPM,Prism Mode 6000m 2+2 PPM Range & Accuracy
  • 2″ Angle Accuracy
  • Dual-Axis Liquid Tilt Sensor
  • Real-Time Operating System
  • 8000 Points Memory
  • -20° to 50° Work Temperature

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