360° Propeller Guard – Air 2

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  • Quick install, better protection
  • Protects the propellers and other objects from damage and makes the Aircraft easier to transport.
  • Small and light propeller protection for safer flight.
  • Easy to mount and detach.
  • Designed to protect people and objects from spinning propellers, these small and light Propeller Guards mount directly underneath the rotors to ensure flight safety.
  • Install Propeller Guards onto corresponding frame arms. DO NOT mix them to avoid affecting the Vision System

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360° Propeller Guard – Air 2

The 360° Propeller Guard for the DJI Air 2 is an essential accessory designed to enhance the safety of your flights. This guard encircles the drone’s propellers, providing comprehensive protection against collisions with objects, ensuring your flights are safer in various environments. Crafted from lightweight, durable materials, it doesn’t significantly impact the drone’s flight performance or duration. It’s particularly useful for beginners or when flying in tight spaces where the risk of bumping into obstacles is higher. Easy to install and remove, this propeller guard is the perfect addition to your DJI Air 2, offering peace of mind while you explore the skies.


For beginners venturing into the world of drone piloting, the fear of accidental collisions or causing damage can often overshadow the thrill of flight. Recognizing this, the introduction of a 360° Propeller Guard for the DJI Air 2 drones marks a significant leap towards safer and more confident flying. This essential accessory ensures that both your drone and the people around you are protected from the unintended mishaps that can occur as you refine your piloting skills.

Not only does this guard shield the propellers from damage, but it also plays a crucial role in safeguarding other objects, minimizing the risk of accidents. Moreover, it adds to the convenience of transporting your aircraft. By encasing the drone’s blades, the 360° Propeller Guard mitigates the worry of damaging your equipment or injuring bystanders, making it an invaluable tool for both novice pilots and seasoned enthusiasts seeking to maintain safety without compromising the joy of flight.


Quick install, better protection

In The Box:-

Propeller Guard (Set) × 1

  • Weight (set): 90 g
  • Radius: 151 mm
  • Dimensions after installation: 497 × 431 × 82 mm


  • Product Name: 360° Propeller Guard for Air 2
  • Compatibility: Exclusively designed for the DJI Air 2 drone
  • Material: Constructed from a durable, lightweight material that withstands impacts while maintaining flight performance
  • Design: Offers complete 360-degree coverage, protecting propellers from all angles and preventing damage to nearby objects
  • Safety Features: Enhances flight safety by reducing the risk of injury to people and damage to the drone or surroundings
  • Installation: Engineered for quick and easy attachment and removal, facilitating seamless transitions between protected and standard flight modes
  • Impact on Flight Performance: Minimally affects the drone’s agility and battery efficiency, ensuring a balanced flight experience
  • Transportation: Simplifies the process of carrying and transporting the drone, providing added protection against physical damage
  • Weight: Optimized to add minimal weight, preserving the Air 2’s notable flight time and maneuverability
  • Color: Matches the DJI Air 2’s aesthetic, maintaining a cohesive look
  • Package Contents: 360° Propeller Guard set (drone not included), installation guide
  • Recommended Use: Ideal for beginners, indoor flight, or flying in areas with potential obstacles


  1. What DJI drone models is the 360° Propeller Guard compatible with?
    • It is specifically designed for the DJI Air 2 drone model.
  2. How does the propeller guard affect the drone’s flight time?
    • The guard is lightweight and designed to minimally impact flight time, although slight reductions may occur due to the added weight and air resistance.
  3. Is the propeller guard easy to install and remove?
    • Yes, the guard is engineered for quick and easy installation and removal, allowing for seamless transitions between flights.
  4. Can I use the 360° Propeller Guard indoors?
    • Absolutely, it’s highly recommended for indoor use or in areas with many obstacles to minimize the risk of damage or injury.
  5. Does the propeller guard come in different colors?
    • The guard is designed to match the DJI Air 2 drone’s aesthetic, typically available in a color that complements the drone.
  6. Will using the propeller guard restrict my drone’s capabilities?
    • No, it is designed to allow full functionality of the drone while providing additional safety.
  7. How does the propeller guard enhance safety?
    • It provides 360-degree protection around the propellers, reducing the risk of damage to the drone, injuries to people, and harm to property.
  8. Is the propeller guard included with the DJI Air 2, or do I need to purchase it separately?
    • The propeller guard is usually sold as a separate accessory and not included with the initial drone purchase.
  9. How durable is the propeller guard?
    • Made from durable, lightweight materials, it is built to withstand impacts and protect your drone through various flight conditions.
  10. Can I transport my drone with the propeller guard attached?
    • Yes, the guard not only makes the drone safer during flight but also easier to transport by protecting the propellers from damage.
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Q1. When should I use drone propeller guards?

A: Prop guards are a great way to learn to fly your phantom as you are less likely to break a prop and it does not put the props into the ground if it topples on landing. However, they greatly reduce efficiency and mean that the phantom blows around in the wind a lot more.

Q2. What is the purpose of a propeller guard drone?

A: The propeller guards make it much less likely this will happen to you or, more importantly, to an innocent bystander.

Enhanced Recovery – Your Phantom is less likely to get caught in a tree. The guard helps deflect the drone after a collision.

Q3. Do I need a prop guard?

A: In order to avoid such damage, a propeller guard needs to be installed. Prop guards also protect marine animals who could lose their lives by colliding against the fast-moving propellers.

Q4. How to attach propellers?


  1. Be sure to remove the warning stickers from the motor before attaching the propellers.
  2. Mount the propellers with black propeller rings to the motor with black dots. Mount the propellers with the silver propeller rings to the motor without the black dots. Press the propeller down onto the mounting plate and rotate in the lock direction until it is secured in its position.

Q5. How to detach the propeller?

A: Press the propeller down into the motor mount and rotate in the unlock direction.

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