• Capacity: 5880 mAh
  • Voltage: 26.1 V
  • Battery Type: LiPo 6S
  • Energy: 131.6 Wh
  • Net Weight: 685g

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TB30 -20° to 40° C (-4° to 104° F)(When the temperature is lower than 10° C (50° F), the self-heating function will be automatically enabled. Charging in a low temperature may shorten the lifetime of the battery)

The DJI Matrice 30 Battery – TB30 is a high-performance, intelligent flight battery specifically designed for use with the DJI Matrice 30 series drones. Engineered for reliability and efficiency, the TB30 battery ensures extended flight times and enhanced power management. With a substantial capacity, it provides a robust power source, allowing pilots to maximize their flight potential during operations. The battery features advanced self-heating technology, making it ideal for use in a variety of environmental conditions. Additionally, its integrated battery management system continuously monitors battery status, ensuring safe and optimized usage. Whether for professional or industrial applications, the TB30 battery is built to meet the demands of extended drone flights, offering a seamless and dependable power solution for the DJI Matrice 30 series.

The DJI Matrice 30 Battery – TB30 is packed with innovative features designed to support the demanding operational needs of the Matrice 30 series drones. These special features include:

High Capacity Design: The TB30 battery boasts a high capacity, ensuring prolonged flight times and enabling users to conduct extensive operations without frequent landings for battery swaps.

Intelligent Power Management: Incorporating DJI’s advanced power management system, the TB30 intelligently monitors and reports real-time battery status, including remaining power, temperature, and overall battery health, optimizing its performance and lifespan.

Self-Heating System: Equipped with a self-heating mechanism, the TB30 can operate in cold conditions by automatically warming itself to maintain optimal performance, making it ideal for use in a variety of climates and weather conditions.

Fast Charging Capability: Designed for efficiency, the TB30 battery supports fast charging, significantly reducing downtime between flights and enhancing operational readiness.

Multi-Layered Safety Features: The TB30 is built with multiple safety layers, including overcharge, over-discharge, and short circuit protection, ensuring the utmost safety during charging and flight operations.

Easy Slot-In Design: For quick and effortless battery changes, the TB30 features an easy slot-in design, allowing for fast swaps and minimal downtime during field operations.

LED Status Indicators: Equipped with bright LED indicators, the TB30 provides instant visibility into the current battery status and charge levels, allowing for precise power management during missions.

Durable Construction: Crafted to endure the rigors of professional use, the TB30 is constructed with high-quality materials that provide resistance against wear and tear, ensuring reliability and longevity.

Compatibility with Matrice 30 Charging Solutions: The TB30 battery is fully compatible with DJI’s Matrice 30 charging stations and accessories, offering seamless integration and convenience for users.

Eco-Friendly Sleep Mode: When not in use, the TB30 enters an eco-friendly sleep mode to conserve energy and extend battery life, demonstrating DJI’s commitment to sustainability.

These features collectively make the DJI Matrice 30 Battery – TB30 a cornerstone of the Matrice 30 series’ exceptional performance, reliability, and versatility in a wide range of professional drone operations.



Capacity 5880 mAh
Voltage 26.1 V
Battery Type LiPo 6S
Energy 131.6 Wh
Net Weight Approx. 685 g
Operating Temperature -20° to 50° C (-4° to 122° F)
Storage Temperature 20° to 30° C (68° to 86° F)
Charging Temperature -20° to 40° C (-4° to 104° F)(When the temperature is lower than 10° C (50° F), the self-heating function will be automatically enabled. Charging in a low temperature may shorten the lifetime of the battery)
Chemical System LiNiMnCoO2


  1. What is the flight time provided by the DJI Matrice 30 Battery – TB30?
    • The TB30 battery offers extended flight times, but the exact duration can vary based on flight conditions and payload. For specific figures, refer to the DJI Matrice 30 series specifications.
  2. How long does it take to fully charge the TB30 battery?
    • Charging times can vary depending on the charger used, but typically, it takes about 90 minutes to achieve a full charge with the recommended DJI charging solutions.
  3. Is the TB30 battery compatible with other DJI drones outside the Matrice 30 series?
    • The TB30 is specifically designed for the DJI Matrice 30 series and is not compatible with other DJI drone models due to its unique power and design requirements.
  4. Can the TB30 battery be charged in cold temperatures?
    • Yes, the TB30 battery features a self-heating system that allows it to be charged and used in colder environments, ensuring reliable performance across a range of temperatures.
  5. What safety features are included in the TB30 battery?
    • The TB30 battery includes multiple safety features such as overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, and short circuit protection, ensuring safe operation and charging.
  6. How do I check the current charge level of the TB30 battery?
    • The TB30 battery is equipped with LED status indicators that display the current charge level. Pressing the power button once will illuminate the LEDs to indicate the battery’s status.
  7. What should I do with the TB30 battery if I’m not going to use it for an extended period?
    • For long-term storage, it is recommended to discharge the TB30 battery to approximately 40-60% of its capacity and store it in a cool, dry place.
  8. Is there a recommended way to dispose of or recycle the TB30 battery?
    • Yes, the TB30 battery should be recycled or disposed of according to local regulations for electronic waste. DJI advises contacting local waste disposal facilities to ensure proper battery disposal.
  9. Can the TB30 battery be used in rainy or wet conditions?
    • While the TB30 battery is built to withstand various weather conditions, it’s important to avoid direct exposure to water. The Matrice 30 series drones offer some degree of weather resistance, but caution should be exercised in wet conditions.
  10. Does DJI offer a warranty for the TB30 battery?
    • Yes, DJI provides a limited warranty for the TB30 battery, covering defects in materials and workmanship. The specific terms and duration of the warranty can be found in the product documentation or by contacting DJI support.

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