MFD TeleFlyTiny Tracking Module For Mini Crossbow AAT Automatic Antenna Tracker

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  • MFD TeleFlyTiny Tracking Module for Mini Crossbow AAT
  • Enhances automatic antenna tracking precision
  • Designed for mini crossbow AAT systems
  • Compact and easy to install
  • Improves signal reception and connectivity
  • Reliable tracking for optimal drone and UAV performance
  • Compatible with various aerial platforms
  • Ideal for professional drone applications
  • Precise and responsive tracking capabilities
  • Enhances drone control and data transmission.

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MFD TeleFlyTiny Tracking Module

This lightweight gadget encodes your plane’s essential data for tracking. Additionally, it uses either DataRadio (MFD protocol/MAVLink protocol) or your VIDEO signal (VBI technology) to transfer the data.

Even when you’re not utilizing an MFD AP or MFD Crosshair, you can use this module to get your MFD Trackers (MFD AAT, MFD Crossbow, or MFD small Crossbow) tracking your aircraft.

It supports MFD VBI V1(used by MFD AP/AAT) or V2(used by MFD Crosshair/MFD Crossbow).

Package Included:

1x  MFD TeleFlyTiny Tracking Module

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