eSurvey E3 & E3L

  • More accurate measurement
  • Faster and more convenient measurement
  • More reliable result
  • Rich software applications
  • High quality, designed for harsh environments

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eSurvey E3 & E3L

The eSurvey E3/E3L is a manual total station designed for high precision, offering accurate measurements of angles and distances. Engineered to perform reliably in demanding conditions, it ensures precision and durability. Its user-friendly operations enhance efficiency in a wide range of surveying and stakeout tasks. With its robust construction, the E3/E3L is tailored to deliver consistent, exact results, streamlining operations in various environments. This instrument is ideal for professionals seeking efficiency and accuracy in their measurement tasks, combining advanced technology with ease of use to meet the rigorous demands of fieldwork.

High-Precision Measurement: Offers unparalleled accuracy in measuring angles and distances, crucial for surveying tasks, by leveraging advanced optical and electronic technology to ensure superior data quality.

Durability in Harsh Environments: Built to endure adverse weather and rugged terrain, the E3/E3L guarantees consistent performance through its robust construction, making it ideal for challenging fieldwork conditions.

User-Friendly Operation: With an intuitive user interface and simplified controls, it streamlines complex surveying and stakeout processes, making it accessible even to those with limited technical expertise.

Robust Construction: Its durability is ensured by high-quality materials and thoughtful design, aimed at withstanding frequent use in tough environments without compromising performance or accuracy.

Versatile Application: Capable of serving a broad spectrum of surveying needs, from construction site management to topographic mapping, it’s a flexible solution for professionals across various industries.

Optimized Battery Life: The device features an energy-efficient design with a powerful battery, supporting prolonged operational periods in the field, thus minimizing interruptions and enhancing workflow efficiency.

Integrated Software Solutions: Equipped with sophisticated software that simplifies data management, analysis, and sharing, it facilitates streamlined workflows and supports informed decision-making across project lifecycles.

Connectivity Options: Provides seamless integration with external devices through Bluetooth and USB, offering versatile data transfer capabilities that simplify the sharing and processing of survey data.

Lightweight and Portable: Its compact, ergonomic design ensures ease of transportation and setup, making it an excellent tool for surveyors who frequently move between sites.

Enhanced Visibility: Features a bright, high-resolution display and premium optics, ensuring clear visibility of measurements and data under varying light conditions, crucial for precise operations.

Comprehensive Accessory Support: Accompanied by an extensive selection of accessories, including sturdy tripods, precise prisms, and protective carrying cases, it offers enhanced functionality and safeguarding against field hazards.

More Accurate Measurement

Our eSurvey E3/E3L total station boasts enhanced precision in angle measurement, thanks to our state-of-the-art absolute encoder, and improved distance accuracy, powered by our advanced Electronic Distance Measurement (EDM) unit. These features ensure unparalleled accuracy and reliability in surveying tasks, making every measurement count with exceptional precision.

Rich Software Applications

eSurvey E3/E3L total station offers a wide array of applications such as offsets, tie distance, calculating area and volume, remote height measurement, and constructing reference lines or arcs, along with specialized features for construction and 2D road design, catering to diverse field measurement requirements with versatility and precision.

Faster and More Convenient Measurement

Thanks to its rapid measurement and stakeout capabilities, including a guiding light and instant-measure trigger key, paired with our intuitive software, the eSurvey E3/E3L total station enables you to survey more points each day, enhancing productivity and efficiency in the field without sacrificing accuracy or quality.

High Quality, Designed for Harsh Environments

The eSurvey E3/E3L total station, built with exceptional quality, is designed to endure and perform reliably in harsh conditions, including dust, mud, rain, and extreme temperatures. Its durability ensures continuous operation and accuracy for years, making it a steadfast tool in challenging environments.

More Reliable Result

Leverage the dual-axis compensators for both the X-axis and Y-axis in the eSurvey E3/E3L total station to enhance the reliability and accuracy of your measurements. This sophisticated feature guarantees precision in every result, providing confidence in the data integrity for all your surveying projects.

Multiple Interfaces

The eSurvey E3/E3L total station is equipped with RS-232C (6-pin) connectivity, enabling firmware updates and SD card management, alongside a mini-USB port for effortless data import and export. These versatile connectivity options ensure the device remains up-to-date and compatible with evolving technologies and workflows. By facilitating easy data management and device maintenance, the total station enhances operational efficiency, making it a comprehensive tool for modern surveying needs.



  E3 E3L

Angle Measurement

Reading system Absolute encoder
Display resolution 1” / 5” / 10”
Accuracy 2”

Distance Measurement

Minimum reading 0.0001 m 0.001 m
Measurement display 10 digits
Range n         Prism: 2 – 3000 m

n         Reflector: 2 – 800 m

n         Non-Prism:  2 – 800 m



n         Prism: ± (2 mm + 2 ppm • D)

n         Reflector: ± (3 mm + 2 ppm • D)

n         Non-Prism:

·           2 – 150  m: ± (3 mm + 2 ppm • D)

·           150 – 300 m: ± (5 mm + 3 ppm • D)

·           300 – 500 m: ± (10 mm + 5 ppm • D)

·           500 – 800 m: ± (20 mm  + 10 ppm • D)


Magnification 30x
Field angle 1°30′
Minimum focus 1 m
Objective aperture 50 mm
Image Erect
Resolution 3”
Reticle illumination 10 levels 1 level
Laser pointer Support
Guide light Support


Compensator type Dual axis
Compensator range ±3’
Compensator resolution 1”

Measurement Time

Tracking/rapid/fine 0.2 s / 0.6 s / 1 s

Level Vial Sensitivity

Plate level 30” / 2 mm
Circular level 8’ / 2 mm

Laser Plummet

Laser accuracy ±1 mm within 0.8 – 1.5 m
Laser spot ≤2 mm within 0.8 – 1.5 m
Wavelength 635 nm
Safety Class 2
Output power 0.7 – 1.0 mW

Data Management

Memory 50,000 points
SD card 8 GB
Bluetooth Support

Software Menu Style

Text-based Support ×
Icon-based Support ×


Voltage DC 7.4 V
Capacity 2600 mAh
Alert n         Low voltage

n         Power off automatically after 10 minutes

Working time n         Angle and distance measurement: >8 hours (measure distance every 30 seconds)

n         Angle measurement: >12 hours

Charge time 4 hours

Physical Specification

Dimension 170 x 190 x 345 mm
Screen n         Alphanumerical keyboard

n         Dual screens

n         30 x Keys (per side)

n         Graphic LCD (8 lines)

Key for fast measurement Support
Interface RS-232C, SD card, mini USB
Water/dust proof IP55
Working temperature -20℃ – +50℃
Storage temperature -40℃ – +70℃
Prism constant range -99.9 – +99.9 mm -999.9 – + 999.9 mm
Atmos correction PPM -499 – +499 ppm Automatically calculated
Certificate  CE, FCC

FAQs for the eSurvey E3/E3L Total Station

  1. What is the accuracy of distance measurement in the eSurvey E3/E3L?
    The eSurvey E3/E3L offers exceptional distance measurement accuracy, supported by its advanced EDM technology. Specific accuracy details can be found in the product specifications.
  2. Can the eSurvey E3/E3L be used in adverse weather conditions?
    Yes, the eSurvey E3/E3L is designed to operate reliably under harsh environmental conditions, including dust, mud, rain, extreme heat, and cold, thanks to its robust construction and quality.
  3. How does the eSurvey E3/E3L ensure measurement accuracy?
    It employs dual-axis compensators for both the X-axis and Y-axis, enhancing the reliability and precision of measurements.
  4. What types of connectivity does the eSurvey E3/E3L support?
    The total station supports RS-232C (6-pin) for firmware updates and SD card management, and a mini-USB port for data import and export.
  5. How can I update the firmware of the eSurvey E3/E3L?
    Firmware updates can be performed via the RS-232C (6-pin) connection, ensuring your device remains up-to-date with the latest features and improvements.
  6. Can the eSurvey E3/E3L measure angles with high precision?
    Yes, it features an absolute encoder to measure angles with high precision, ensuring accurate and reliable surveying data.
  7. Is the eSurvey E3/E3L easy to operate for complex surveying tasks?
    Yes, it features user-friendly operation and an intuitive interface that simplifies complex surveying and stakeout tasks, making it accessible to professionals with various levels of expertise.
  8. What applications does the eSurvey E3/E3L support?
    It supports a broad range of applications, including offsets, tie distance, area and volume calculations, remote height measurement, reference lines/arcs construction, and 2D road design.
  9. How long can I use the eSurvey E3/E3L in the field?
    Its optimized battery life supports extended operational periods, minimizing downtime and enhancing productivity in the field.
  10. What accessories are available for the eSurvey E3/E3L?
    The total station is supported by a wide range of accessories, including tripods, prisms, and carrying cases, for enhanced functionality and protection.

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