ISDT K4 LiPo Charge/Discharge Cycle Mode Charger,AC 400W DC 600Wx2 Smart Remote Mobile Operation Charger

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  • AC/DC Dual Modes Lipo Charger
  • ISDT K4 Smart Display
  • K4 Charger Multi-Function
  • ISDT Charger Various Battery Type Compatibility
  • Multi-Application

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K4 LiPo

A strong and adaptable tool for charging and discharging LiPo batteries is the ISDT K4 LiPo Charger. You can tune and manage your batteries for maximum performance and longevity with its sophisticated cycle mode. Your batteries will be fully charged in no time thanks to the charger’s high power and efficiency. It is simple to use both at home and in the field because to its small size and user-friendly interface. The ISDT K4 LiPo Charger is the best option for maintaining your batteries and making the most of your time in the air or on the ground, regardless of your level of experience.

▶【Lipo charger with two modes: AC/DC 400W/DC DC600Wx2 Features an independent dual channel, charging current of 30AX2, and a maximum input current of 60A.High-efficiency heating dissipation using a cleverly designed cooling air duct.K4 may update its firmware to the most recent version, guaranteeing that the charger always runs at peak efficiency.

▶【ISDT K4 Smart Display】: Completely color LCD, touch panel, it will illustrate the battery charging process in its entirety. Its large screen display can show voltage, current, mode, internal resistance, the amount of battery that has been charged, and charging time. It also offers easy setup and manual operating modes.

▶【K4 Charger Multi-Function】: It has quick charging, data storing, cycle charging, discharging, Li-ion and LiPO balancing, mobile operation, and support for Battery BT connections. After it is fully charged, the charging will cease automatically.

▶【ISDT Charger Compatibility with Different Battery Types】: Complete control for LiFe, LiIon, and LiPo batteries (1~8S); LiHv and ULiHv batteries (1~7S); Pb batteries (1~14S); and NiMH/Cd batteries (1~18S). Automatic battery type recognition with intelligent charge algorithm matching

◶Multi-Use: Featuring an aluminum alloy shell that is both pleasing to the touch and visually appealing, this product finds extensive application in remote control cars, portable power, RC planes and drones, and portable gadgets.For optimal charging performance, the auto-safety shut-off and charging parameter modification features are aid in prolonging battery life in a more sensible way.

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