Sony is a Japanese company with a huge chunk of market share in the world wide audio market. It is one of the crowd favourite brands, and that is so for good reason. Sony produces top notch audio products at very reasonable prices. This makes them one of the most sought after brands on the open market. Sony’s vision of constant innovation, and unlimited passion for technology drives them to produce the most groundbreaking audio-visual devices available. The speakers they produce have a wide range of features including but not limited to bluetooth, karaoke settings (with lights), extended battery life (best in the market) ,etc. This wide range of features makes them one of the most successful manufacturers and sellers in the audio-visual space. The Sony product line extends into headphones (over the ear and earbuds), gaming consoles, music and gaming discs just to name a few. We at XBoom believe in providing our customers with the best products without breaking the bank and that’s why we’re bringing you our entire collection of Sony products. Making this your one stop shop for all things audio.