DJI RS 4 Combo Gimbal Stabilizer

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  • Lightweight Design with 6.6 lb Payload
  • OLED Touchscreen with Auto Lock
  • 2nd Gen Native Vertical Shooting
  • Automated Axis Locks
  • Joystick or Bluetooth Mode Switching
  • Supports Wireless Image Transmitter
  • Teflon-Coated Axes
  • 12-Hour Operation Time

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DJI RS 4 Combo

The DJI RS 4 gimbal, weighing approximately 2.4 lb with a load capacity of 6.6 lb, is tailored for mirrorless camera users seeking enhanced operational efficiency. It supports compact camera setups and includes Teflon-coated axes to minimize friction, ensuring smoother balancing and operation. This gimbal enhances the shooting experience with native vertical orientation capabilities and a robust accessory ecosystem. Intuitive elements like a fine-tuning knob, an auto-locking OLED screen, and an RSA communication port enhance its functionality, allowing for the integration of additional accessories. These features collectively make the DJI RS 4 an indispensable tool for professional and amateur photographers aiming to elevate their camera handling capabilities.

Lightweight and Durable Design: The RS 4 is exceptionally light, weighing only 2.4 lbs, yet robust enough to support a payload of up to 6.6 lbs. Its compact form factor makes it ideal for use on the go, suitable for travel and field shoots where equipment weight is a critical factor.

Advanced Stabilization: Utilizing a fourth-generation RS stabilization algorithm, the gimbal delivers improved stability for a variety of shooting styles including vertical, fast-paced, and low-angle. This makes it perfect for capturing high-quality footage in dynamic and unpredictable environments.

Control Features: Equipped with an intuitive OLED touchscreen that locks automatically to prevent unintended adjustments, the gimbal offers versatile control modes such as Pan follow and Tilt follow. Users can customize the FPV mode to their specific needs, enhancing creative flexibility during shoots.

Connectivity: The RS 4 features state-of-the-art Dual-Mode Bluetooth connectivity which allows for seamless wireless control of the shutter, reducing the need for cables and simplifying the setup. This connectivity feature is particularly useful in fast-paced shooting scenarios where efficiency is key.

Battery and Charging: The high-capacity BG70 battery grip significantly extends operating time up to 29.5 hours, supporting lengthy shooting days without the need for frequent recharges. The fast charging capability ensures the battery is quickly ready for action, enhancing overall productivity.

Accessory Compatibility: Compatible with a broad range of accessories from DJI and other manufacturers, the RS 4 can be easily integrated into any professional video production setup. This compatibility allows for extensive customization and utility, adapting to various filming needs and styles.

Integrated Monitoring and Control: Through integration with the Ronin app and the optional Ronin Image Transmitter, the RS 4 offers comprehensive monitoring and control capabilities. This setup allows for remote camera adjustments and real-time monitoring, crucial for ensuring the quality of the footage captured.

Automated Features: The gimbal includes automated axis locks and an intuitive joystick control, simplifying transitions between different shooting modes. These features are designed to assist solo operators in managing the equipment efficiently, allowing them to focus on capturing the perfect shot without hassle.

Joystick Mode Switch for Zoom/Gimbal Control

Cinematographers have the flexibility to switch between joystick modes effortlessly, enabling control over either gimbal movements or lens zoom directly through the joystick. This feature allows for a seamless and intuitive zoom experience, enhancing the precision and ease of framing shots during filming.

Second-Generation Automated Axis Locks

When powered off, pressing and holding the power button on the gimbal unlocks the three axes and expands it automatically, readying it for use within just two seconds. A single press of the power button locks the axes and puts the gimbal into sleep mode, streamlining both movement and storage. The updated design in this second iteration minimizes gaps when locked, significantly enhancing stability by reducing gimbal shake for smoother operation and improved footage quality.

RSA Communication Port for Extensive Control Ecosystem

The DJI RS 4 is equipped with an RSA communication port, enabling the attachment of various accessories, including the DJI RS Tethered Control Handle and compatible third-party accessories. This addition enhances the gimbal’s functionality and versatility, allowing filmmakers to customize their setup according to specific shooting requirements and preferences, thus expanding their creative possibilities.

High-Capacity Battery Grip for Approx. 2.5x Battery Runtime

The innovative BG70 High-Capacity Battery Grip significantly enhances the RS 4’s battery life, extending it to an impressive 29.5 hours. Additionally, it is equipped with a USB-C port capable of delivering up to 18W of power, allowing users to charge both the camera and accessories efficiently. This feature ensures extended, uninterrupted usage and greater flexibility in field operations.

In the Box

DJI RS 4 Gimbal Stabilizer Combo


Key Specs

Grip Design
Single Handgrip (Slanted)
Load Capacity
6.6 lb / 3 kg
Number of Axes
3: Pitch (Tilt), Roll, Yaw (Pan)
Wireless Frequency
2.4 GHz
Wireless Protocol
Bluetooth 5.0
Mobile App Compatible
Yes: Android & iOS
App Name: Ronin App
1 x 1/4″-20 Female
2 x NATO Rail
2.36 lb / 1.07 kg


Load Capacity
6.6 lb / 3 kg
Number of Axes
3: Pitch (Tilt), Roll, Yaw (Pan)
Rotation Range
Mechanical Range
Yaw (Pan): 360° 
Pitch (Tilt): -112 to 214° 
Roll: -95 to 240° 
Follow Speed
Pan/Tilt/Roll: 360°/s


3x USB-C (Control / Video)
1x USB-C (Power)
Wireless Frequency
2.4 GHz
Wireless Protocol
Bluetooth 5.0
Mobile App Compatible
Yes: Android & iOS
App Name: Ronin App


Battery Type
1x Built-In
Battery Capacity
3000 mAh / 21 Wh
Battery Runtime
12 Hours
Battery Charging Time
2.5 Hours
Battery Chemistry
Lithium-Ion Polymer (LiPo)
7.2 VDC


Operating Voltage
7.2 VDC


Display Type
Fixed Touchscreen OLED
Aluminum Alloy
1 x 1/4″-20 Female
2 x NATO Rail
10 x 9.6 x 3″ / 255 x 245 x 75 mm (Folded)
14.6 x 7.5 x 7.4″ / 370 x 191 x 189 mm
2.36 lb / 1.07 kg

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FAQs for DJI RS 4

  1. What is the maximum payload capacity of the DJI RS 4? The DJI RS 4 can handle a maximum payload of 6.6 lbs (3 kg), making it suitable for a range of mirrorless and DSLR cameras.
  2. How long does the battery last on a single charge? The RS 4 features a high-capacity battery that can last up to 12 hours on a single charge, with an optional BG70 battery grip extending it to 29.5 hours.
  3. Can the DJI RS 4 be controlled remotely? Yes, the gimbal can be controlled remotely using the Ronin app, or with the Ronin Image Transmitter for more advanced monitoring and control options.
  4. What types of movements can the RS 4 stabilize? The RS 4 utilizes a fourth-generation stabilization algorithm, enhancing its ability to handle vertical shooting, fast-paced actions, and low-angle shots smoothly.
  5. What wireless technologies does the RS 4 support? The gimbal supports Dual-Mode Bluetooth for seamless wireless control of the camera’s shutter and other functions without needing physical cables.
  6. Is the touchscreen of the RS 4 lockable to prevent accidental changes? Yes, the RS 4 comes with an auto-locking OLED touchscreen that prevents accidental changes by locking the screen during operation.
  7. How fast does the RS 4 charge, and can it be used while charging? The RS 4 supports 18W PD fast charging, which can fully charge the battery in about 2.5 hours. It can also be used while charging, ensuring continuous operation.
  8. What customization options are available for the RS 4? Users can customize the gimbal’s operation modes, control settings, and use the joystick to switch between different modes, providing flexibility for different shooting scenarios.
  9. Are there any specific accessories designed for the RS 4? DJI offers a range of compatible accessories, including the Ronin Image Transmitter, various battery grips, and custom handles like the Twist Grip Dual Handle for enhanced control.
  10. How does the RS 4 perform in extreme temperatures? The RS 4 is designed to operate effectively in a range of temperatures from -4 to 113°F (-20 to 45°C), making it reliable in various environmental conditions.

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  1. Waseem Khan

    Perfect for videographers seeking quality and reliability.

  2. Abhishek Mahant

    Fast delivery, Smooth, stable footage.

  3. Indresh Bhatnagar

    The product is excellent in quality and performance. Thanks XBoom For the Smooth Delivery…

  4. Tapan Dhiman

    Gimbal is pure magic. Perfection achieved!

  5. Ashish Rawat

    Decent Product! But worth in this budget price.

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