Parrot Anafi 4K Thermal Drone Camera

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  • FLIR Lepton 3.5 Thermal Sensor
  • Sony 4K HDR Sensor
  • 3-Axis Hybrid Image Stabilization
  • 180° Tilt Camera Gimbal
  • Up to 3x Digital Zoom
  • Compact and Foldable Frame
  • Lightweight Carbon Fiber Construction
  • 16GB microSD Card Included
  • 26 Minutes of Flight Time
  • Geofence and Smart Return Home Functions

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Parrot Anafi 4K Thermal Drone Camera

The Parrot Anafi 4K Thermal Drone Camera is a groundbreaking tool designed to elevate the capabilities of professionals across various sectors. This advanced drone features a dual-camera system that combines a FLIR thermal sensor with a 4K HDR camera, allowing users to capture detailed thermal data and high-resolution visual imagery simultaneously. With its 3x digital zoom, the Anafi Thermal can closely inspect areas of interest from a safe distance, making it perfect for tasks such as infrastructure inspection, search and rescue operations, and environmental monitoring. Its compact and portable design, combined with a 26-minute flight time and robust wind resistance, ensures flexibility and reliability in the field. The intuitive FreeFlight 6 app enhances the user experience, providing seamless control and data analysis at your fingertips. Whether you’re assessing heat loss, locating missing persons, or monitoring wildlife, the Parrot Anafi 4K Thermal Drone Camera delivers precision, efficiency, and unmatched versatility.

The Parrot Anafi 4K Thermal Drone Camera is a versatile and powerful tool designed for a wide range of professional applications, from search and rescue operations to infrastructure inspection and environmental monitoring. Here are its standout features:

Dual Thermal and Visual Cameras: Equipped with a FLIR thermal sensor and a 4K HDR camera, the Anafi Thermal captures precise thermal and high-resolution visual images simultaneously, allowing for detailed analysis and easier interpretation of data.

4K HDR Video: Offers exceptional video quality with high dynamic range, providing clearer, more detailed footage even in challenging light conditions, making it ideal for capturing critical information during inspections or operations.

3x Digital Zoom: Enhances the drone’s ability to inspect hard-to-reach areas or focus on specific points of interest without compromising image quality, ensuring accurate and detailed observations.

Thermal Palettes: Features multiple thermal color palettes to choose from, allowing users to customize thermal imagery for better visualization of heat loss, water infiltration, or identifying individuals in search and rescue missions.

180-Degree Tilt Camera: The camera can tilt up and down 180 degrees, providing unparalleled flexibility in capturing images from unique angles, whether aiming directly underneath or ahead, facilitating comprehensive inspections.

Wi-Fi Connectivity: Enables easy sharing and transmission of images and data directly to a smartphone or tablet using the FreeFlight 6 app, streamlining the workflow for professionals in the field.

Compact and Portable Design: With its lightweight, foldable design, the Anafi Thermal is highly portable and can be deployed quickly, making it perfect for rapid response situations or carrying to remote locations.

Long Battery Life: Offers up to 26 minutes of flight time per charge, providing ample time to conduct thorough inspections and operations without the need for frequent landings.

GPS & GLONASS: Utilizes advanced satellite navigation systems for precise positioning and stable flight, even in challenging environments, ensuring reliable data capture.

Wind Resistance: Designed to withstand winds of up to 50 km/h (31 mph), the Anafi Thermal remains stable in breezy conditions, allowing for consistent operation and image capture.

Intuitive FreeFlight 6 App: The accompanying app offers an intuitive user interface for controlling the drone, customizing settings, and analyzing thermal data on the go, enhancing the user experience and efficiency.

Onboard Storage and SD Card Support: Comes with internal storage and an SD card slot, providing flexible options for saving images and footage for later analysis.

Secure Data Transmission: Ensures that all captured data is securely transmitted and stored, protecting sensitive information during critical operations.

The Parrot Anafi 4K Thermal Drone Camera combines advanced thermal imaging capabilities with high-resolution visual photography, offering professionals a comprehensive tool for inspection, surveillance, and analysis across various industries.

Parrot Anafi 4K Thermal Drone Camera
Parrot Anafi 4K Thermal Drone Camera


In order to simplify the missions, to focus on its target, and increase precision, temperature ranges can be defined to isolate the subjects of interest (e.g.: water leak, heat leak, etc.) To refine the search for elements after the mission, the color palettes of a video can be re-edited from the flight app, without having to download it.

Fusion 4K + Thermal

To balance the resolutions of the drone with thermal camera image and visible image, and therefore benefit from information not visible in thermal, the displayed image is a fusion of the information from the two cameras. Stabilized on three axes, the optical unit of drone with thermal camera ANAFI Thermal combines an infra-red sensor to the electro-optics, making it possible to identify temperatures between -10° and +400°. Thanks to the FLIR Lepton 3.5 module, it is possible to set the absolute temperature of each pixel. The 4k drone camera with 21MP Sony sensor dedicated to visual inspection accurately inspects a frame and captures details to illustrate the condition of a structure or a search area. Parrot thermal drone has a 3-axis hybrid image stabilization to help keep all your footage and pictures stable and clear. With the Anafi Thermal 4K Portable Drone from Parrot, you get the best of both worlds. An ultra-compact and portable drone capable of stunning 4K HDR aerial videography, and thermal imaging that can help a variety of professional industries. The dual sensors have been made to work in full synchronization, blending the thermal imaging over the visible footage. The Anafi Thermal is also capable of taking 21MP high-resolution still photos with either visible or thermal sensors.

Parrot Anafi 4K Thermal Drone Camera


Thanks to the FLIR Lepton 3.5 radiometric sensor, the maximum and minimum temperature of the observed scene can be determined. A specific point can be selected on the screen in order to find the exact temperature, making it possible to obtain precise and detailed data.

Assisted Flying

From the FreeFlight 6 app, different control modes can be configured. There is also the FlightPlan mode, allowing you to define a flight plan from a map, as well as specific points of interest and the orientation of the camera. The app automatically calculates the time that will be required to conduct the mission. Thanks to the 4k drone camera ability to orient itself 90° upwards, the underside of structures can be inspected and 360° panorama photos of the scene can be taken.

2D mapping

From the Pix4Dcapture app, the 2D Mapping function can be accessed. After collecting aerial shots of the observed area, the images are “stitched”, assembled, to obtain a 2D view of the terrain. This function can be performed offline, without an internet connection: a nomad solution adapted to outdoor missions. This tool is particularly useful for research missions, to identify points of interest on the map and send ANAFI thermal for closure.


In the Box

Parrot thermal drone Contents of the pack: 1 ANAFI Thermal drone, 1 Parrot SkyController 3, 1 shoulder bag, 3 smart batteries, 1 multi-port USB charger, 1 tablet holder, 8 additional propeller blades & mounting tool, 16GB microSD card, 4 USB-A/USB-C cables

Parrot Anafi 4K Thermal Drone Camera



• Size folded: 218x69x64mm
• Size unfolded (propellers unfolded):
• Weight: 315g
• Max transmission range: 4km with
Parrot SkyController 3
• Max flight time: 26min
• Max speed: 55km/h
• Max vertical speed: 4m/s
• Max wind resistance: 50km/h
• Service ceiling: 4.500m above sea level
• Operating temperature: -10°C to 40°C


• Barometer and magnetometer
• Vertical camera and ultra-sound sensor
• 2×6-axis IMU
• 2×3-axis accelerometers
• 2×3-axis gyroscopes


• Size folded: 94x152x72mm
• Size unfolded: 153x152x116mm
• Weight: 386g
• Transmission system: Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n
• Operating frequencies: 2.4GHz – 5.8GHz
• Max transmission range: 4km
• Live streaming resolution: 720p (HD)
• Battery capacity: 2,500mAh 3.6V
• Supported mobile devices:
– Without tablet holder: screen size up to 6.2’’
– With tablet holder: screen size up to 10”
• USB ports: USB-C (charge), USB-A

Thermal camera

• Sensor: microbolometer FLIR LEPTON 3.5
• Resolution: 160×120
• HFOV: 57°
• Pixel pitch: 12µm
• Spectral band: 8-14µm
• Photo format: JPEG
• Photo resolution: 3264×2448 (4/3)
• Photo modes: Single / Timelapse / GPS Lapse
• Video format: MP4 (H264)
• Video recording resolution: 1440×1080, 9fps
• Precision: ±5% max.(High-gain) or ±10%
• Scene Dynamic Range: -10° à +140°C
(High-gain) or -10° à +400°C (Low-gain)
• Video: MP4

RGB camera

• Sensor: CMOS 1/2.4″, 21MP
• LD-ASPH lens:
– Aperture: f/2.4
– Focal length: 26mm (equivalent 35mm)
• Depth of field: 1.5m to infinity
• Video format: MP4 (H264)
• Video resolution:
– 4K Cinema (4096×2160 24fps)
– 4K UHD (3840×2160 24/25/30fps)
– FHD (1920×1080 24/25/30/48/50/60fps)
– HD (1280×720 96/100/120fps)
• Video HFOV: 69°
• HDR: 4K UHD, 2.7K and 1080p videos, JPEG
• Digital zoom:
– Lossless: up to x2.8 (FHD), up to x1.9
(2.7K), up to x1.4 (4K UHD)
– Standard: up to 3x (all resolutions)
• Photo formats: JPEG, DNG (RAW)
• Photo modes: single, burst, bracketing, timer
and panorama
• Photo resolution:
– Wide: 21MP (5344×4016) / 4:3 / 84° HFOV
– Rectilinear: 12MP (4000×3000) / 4:3 / 75.5°
• Shutter speed: 1 to 1/10000s
• ISO: 100 to 3200
• EV compensation: [-3, +3]
• Max video bitrate: 100Mbps

Image stabilization

• 3-axis hybrid stabilization:
– Mechanical: 2-axis (roll & pitch)
– Electronic (EIS): 3-axis (roll, pitch & yaw)
– Controllable tilt range: -90° to +90°
(nadir to zenith)

Smart battery

• Type: LiPo 2S
• Capacity: 2700mAh
• Voltage: 7.6V
• Weight: 124 g
• Temperature range: -20°C / 60°C
• Charging time: 1h15
• Max charging power: 26.1W (3A * 8.7V)


• Power: 52 W
• Input AC: 100–240 V, 50–60 Hz, 1,5A (Max)
• Output:
– 4x USB: DC 5V/6.8A (each 2.4A Max)
– USB quick charge 3.0: DC 3.6V-6.5V/3A,
6.5V-9V/2A, 9V-12V/1.5A
• Energy efficiency: Level VI
• Dimensions: 95×28.8x61mm
• Weight: 200g
• AC Power Cords: US, EU, UK

FAQ’s on Parrot Anafi 4K Thermal Drone Camera


What are the primary applications of the Parrot Anafi 4K Thermal Drone Camera? The Anafi 4K Thermal is designed for a wide range of professional applications, including infrastructure inspection, search and rescue operations, environmental monitoring, and agriculture. Its thermal imaging capability is particularly useful for identifying heat loss, detecting moisture, and locating individuals in challenging conditions.

How does the dual-camera system work? The Anafi Thermal features a dual-camera system that combines a FLIR thermal sensor with a 4K HDR visual camera. This allows users to capture detailed thermal data and high-resolution visual images simultaneously, providing comprehensive insights into the surveyed area.

Can the Parrot Anafi 4K Thermal Drone Camera fly in bad weather? While the Anafi Thermal is designed to be robust and can withstand winds of up to 50 km/h (31 mph), it’s recommended to avoid flying in severe weather conditions, such as heavy rain or snow, to ensure the safety of the drone and the quality of the captured data.

What is the flight time of the Anafi Thermal? The Parrot Anafi 4K Thermal Drone Camera offers up to 26 minutes of flight time per charge, giving users ample time to conduct thorough inspections and operations without the need for frequent battery changes.

How does the Anafi Thermal handle data security? The Anafi Thermal ensures secure data transmission and storage, protecting sensitive information captured during flights. This is crucial for professional users handling confidential or critical data.

Is the Anafi Thermal easy to operate for beginners? Yes, the Anafi Thermal is designed with an intuitive control system and is supported by the FreeFlight 6 app, which provides a user-friendly interface for both beginners and experienced pilots. The app also offers tutorials and advanced settings for more detailed control and analysis.

Can the Anafi Thermal detect humans in search and rescue missions? Yes, the thermal imaging capability of the Anafi Thermal can be instrumental in locating individuals in search and rescue operations, especially in low visibility conditions or at night, by identifying heat signatures.

How does the 3x digital zoom affect image quality? The 3x digital zoom allows users to closely inspect areas of interest from a distance without significantly compromising image quality, thanks to the high-resolution sensors equipped in the drone.

Does the Anafi Thermal come with a warranty? Yes, the Parrot Anafi 4K Thermal Drone Camera comes with a standard manufacturer’s warranty. The specifics of the warranty, including duration and coverage, can be found in the product documentation or by contacting Parrot’s customer service.

Can the Anafi Thermal be used for agricultural purposes? Absolutely, the Anafi Thermal’s capabilities make it suitable for agricultural use, such as monitoring crop health, irrigation levels, and detecting pests or diseases through variations in thermal data across farmland.

Download user manual for Parrot – Anafi Thermal Drone 4K

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