HobbyWing FlyFun 30A V5 Mini ESC (2-4S)


  • DEO Driving Efficiency Optimization Technology
  • Soft and prompt response of the controller function
  • Higher efficiency, longer flight time
  • Lower operating temperature and reliable operation
  • 4 different braking modes including thrust reverser
  • Braking effect with 8 adjustments
  • Soft start adjustable (normal / soft / very soft)
  • LiPo under voltage protection adjustable (off / 2.8V – 3.8V)
  • Timing adjustable (0° – 30°)
  • And a lot more to do

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ESRs from the HobbyWing V5 Series have the following features:

DEO Technology / Active Freewheeling: The ESC’s integration of the DEO technology (Driving Efficiency Optimization) has a number of benefits.

– Smoother and quicker throttle response, improved flight flexibility and stability.
– Longer flight time due to increased driving efficiency.
– More dependable operation due to a lower ESC temperature.

● Soft Start-ups & Reverse Brake

– Different-sized EDF aircraft and propeller-driven aircraft can use the new soft start-up options. When landing, the aircraft’s sliding distance can be significantly reduced with the Reverse Brake mode set, simulating the landing of a real aircraft (within a very small distance). There are also three other brake modes: standard brake mode, proportional brake mode, and brake disabled mode. In normal brake mode, the brake amount is adjustable, however in proportional brake mode, the brake power is automatically distributed based on the position of the radio throttle stick. Reverse functionality is not available on the FLYFUN 20A/30A Mini or the 110A/130A/160A-HV-OPTO-V5.

● Multiple Protections

– The ESC’s service life is effectively extended by a number of protection features, including start-up, over-current, ESC thermal, capacitor thermal, overload, throttle signal loss (or Fail Safe), and aberrant input voltage.

● New Design & Great performance

– The new design offers a beautiful appearance and effective heat dissipation. Imported parts and the ESC’s use of a PCB (printed circuit board) with a very low impedance assure good reliability, outstanding performance, and remarkable current endurance. The ESC comes in high-voltage and normal versions with various Amps.

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