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Batons  In Hyderabad

Expandable Batons in Hyderabad like most other regions in India are a permitted non lethal carry on by law for use in self defense. They have slowly evolved to become a necessity. Personal safety is no matter that can be taken lightly as more and more cases of assault, robbery and other crimes have become rampant and are no longer an ‘unlucky’ event. Individuals have to realize that their safety is their own concern and that the Law is merely a means to provide justice. They are excellent tools for self defense and are versatile self defense tool and can be used for both self defense and crowd control as well. In times of trouble and chaos, individuals have to take their safety into their own hands. Investing in a self defense tool like an Expandable baton is an ingenious way to ensure that the lives of those you love and your own is no longer at stake. 

According to the Crimes and offences report of 2018, Hyderabad saw 8% more murders and homicides as compared to the previous year of 2017. As per crime reports by the NCRB, 16355 crimes has been reported in Hyderabad during the year 2018 alone. These alarming statistics all point to one evident fact, the need for proper self defense. 

A telescopic baton is a powerful and helpful weapon. It is one of the best self defense weapons that relies on blunt force, while most weapons rely on powerful voltages or intoxicating pepper clouds, the baton alley relies on force and thereby can be used by anyone at anytime for self defense. Batons are known for their power and the pain they can inflict, meaning that any attacker or individual with malicious intent will most definitely be intimidated and choose to stay away if they see you weilding a Baton.  These Batons being expendable allow for users to create quite some room between them and possible attackers ensuring that they can inflict damage and still manage to escape. Unlike Stun guns that need contact and close proximity, batons create a spacious amount of room between an attacker and victim 

It is important to understand how to responsibly use a Baton. In situations of assault or attack, the assailant has a chance of using the baton against you. This is reduced as a possibility in the case of an expandable baton as the end is much smaller than the handle ensuring that the attacker cannot hold on for long enough to use the weapon against you.  It is also important to understand that the baton is a self defence weapon that is designed to be non lethal. What this means is that when using the baton as a weapon, aim for the limbs or other meaty, muscular parts of the body to deter the attacker. If immobilizing the attacker is the goal, then aim blows with the baton at places with less muscle and more bone like the shin or knee area, blunt force from a baton is sure to immobilize an attacker giving you enough time to flee the scene to safety or to call for help. It is generally advised to never aim for the head or groin among other parts that could turn the baton into a lethal object. 

Batons can be adjusted to any preferable length and then be used to deter attackers. The batons act as strong blunt objects that can inflict severe physical pain and agony leaving the attacker tending to his ache rather than trying to attack you. 

Batons can also be used to block blows or hits an attacker employs for his attack. Simply hold the baton with both hands on each side and use the expanded metal or polycarbonate end as a shield to block blows by the attacker.  They can also be used to break open windows in case of emergencies like a fire or a lock-in. Batons can be customized with specific caps and ends for specific purposes like glass shattering or can have pointed ends to target pressure points in an attacker. 

They are built to be concealable, strong, easy to carry and resilient when it comes to blocking attacks and immobilizing attackers. Expandable Batons are made for ease and efficiency. 

Batons are a clever and sound investment. Unlike most handguns or knives of the same price range, Batons are relatively less lethal and are thereby permitted by law for self defense and riot control. The modern day batons have evolved from big bulky wood and rubber clubs to portable, retractable metal batons that shrink to half their size and can be expanded when required. 

Police personnel worldwide use Batons as a weapon of non lethal deterrence. It becomes their first line of defense and is much more efficient than handguns or other weapons. It also needs little to no training to use 


Since the beginning of time, man has relied on some sort of weapon that he could use for protection and hunting, from clubs made of wood and stone to the earliest conception of the modern day baton in London during the 1800’s Blunt force devices have drastically evolved with advancements in the type of material available and the manufacturing processes. They are now custom designed to be more comfortable, portable, easy to use and effective.  Batons are a necessity in any fast paced city where crime lurks around every corner. It helps to be prepared and secure and to ensure this, a self defense weapon is the best bet. One can never be too safe or too protected when it comes to the subject of personal safety. Xboom’s carefully curated list of self defense products have been designed to ensure the protection and safety of you and your loved ones. From expandable batons to flashlight batons and traffic control batons. We have a wide array of tools to fit your every need 

Xboom’s products are all available for doorstep delivery meaning you don’t have to ever leave the comfort of your own house to be able to invest in you family’s safety. Xboom offers its products in Madhapur, Kondapur, Gachibowli, Jubilee Hills, Banjara Hills, Ameerpet, Hyderguda, SR Nagar, Jubilee and Banjara Hills among other locations. Invest in your safety and the safety of your loved ones with carefully curated and designed products from Xboom.

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