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Premium Devialet Speakers

Premium Devialet Speakers

About Devialet

Founded in Paris in 2007 this French audio brand has made quite a name for itself in the audio technology space. Devialet produces speakers and amplifiers that cater to the upper echelons of society. The Devialet speakers are produced under the product line named Phantom and the Amplifiers are produced under the product line named Expert Pro. The Devialet Phantom was the first speaker that was brought to market. It was introduced to the European market in early 2015. Devialet moved into the car audio business in late 2017 when they partnered up with Renault, the French auto manufacturer. This partnership saw a new boom for the already fast growing speaker and amplifier manufacturer leading to an introduction into the American market. This company is backed by many well known figures in the music industry like Jay-Z, Andy Rubin, etc. The design of the phantom is circular, aiming to produce sound in every direction. This aggressive and dynamic design is just one sign of the kind of innovation brought about by Devialet. Here is our specially curated selection of the best Devialet speakers on the market.

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