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Dash Camera

There are many reasons why you might want a Dash camera. Mounted to your windscreen, they make motoring safer by capturing everything that happens while you’re behind the wheel. Besides giving you peace of mind, they can help to lower your insurance premiums – and clips of unexpected moments on the road can make for great YouTube material.

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What are the Products we serve?

The new product in the line is our unique range of dash cameras. Two models are part of this segment of safety and security appliances.

  1. SMART Car Dash Camera       7990/-
  2. LITE Car Dash Camera             2000/-

We are one of the first companies to introduce the concept of dash cameras in the country and have definitely brought the most competitive products to the market. 

Dash cameras are a savior for you and particularly when you are driving on the Indian roads.

With rash driving and road rage becoming a common occurrence on Indian roads, the dashcam is a must

buy for every driver, experienced or inexperienced.

Our idea of a perfect security gadget is one with all the latest features, that too at a reasonable price. This idea was one of the many when our car dash cam was designed.

Both the cameras have a display screen which is very unique to Xboom cameras.

This provides instant playback on the cameras, unlike dash cameras provided by the competitors where one must manually connect with a phone and play the video in case the need arises.

We believe that the easier the equipment is to operate, the better the gadget is. Both the variants come with cup suction which can help attach the camera either on the dash or on the windshield, providing flexibility to the user.

The cameras come with a night vision recording which enables 24/7 recording with proper clarity. G sensor in the cameras detects all kinds of disturbance (any crash, vibration, and even while ignition and motion) and records it.

With a clear audio recording facility, one can record the smallest disturbance that happens either inside or outside the vehicle.

One feature that stands out is the monitoring while parking, which keeps your vehicle in check even when you aren’t with it. 

Both the cameras are packed with amazing features that can make any tech enthusiast go gaga. Believe us, you don’t want to miss it out.  

So how does the car dash camera help?

On the Indian roads where accidents are a common occurrence and is important to prove whose fault it really was, which helps in any further procedure not only but such as insurance claims, involved with a crash.

The car dash cam has got your back. With real-time recording and physical evidence, there is no way the other party can put the blame on you.

Whether it is an inexperienced person who is driving the car or your driver, with the extra surveillance of the dash camera, the user will be more cautious on the road, ensuring the safety of pedestrians as well as his own.

For younger drivers, fascinated with speed, an extra element of surveillance will definitely go a long way in keeping them cautious. 

Who doesn’t want to relive and share their road trip memories? With the Xboom dash cameras, your dearest moments and memories of the trip will all be safe and can be cherished forever.

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Why Xboom?

Our dash cameras, packed with all these features in a sleek design are the soldier every commuter need.

The dash cameras are our flagship product and great care is given in its manufacturing.

We at Xboom, care for our customers, right from the moment it is ordered to the point, it’s successfully installed.

We, being a company that exclusively deals with safety and security gadgets, have a better product line compared to any of our competitors in the segment.

The knowledge and experience we have garnered in this field for the past four years are unparalleled. Your search for the perfect dash camera ends here with Xboom.

For a secure and safe life, Xboom is the way. We look forward to making a lifelong relationship with you. Happy shopping.

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