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About JBL

JBL is an American audio manufacturer that primarily produces speakers and headphones. Their product line covers all things audio including DJ events, car stereo systems, home theatres, personal and professional speakers, etc. The rise of JBL in the market was steady yet explosive at the same time. The steady growth brought about by quality audio equipment is where they hang their hat. However, the introduction of their cinema-grade speakers and their entry into the touring band market gave them a massive boost in the audio space. They followed that up by swiftly moving on the opening they created and aggressively marketed to the masses with their Flip series that saw 6 different versions. JBL has grown to become a household name and is a highly sought after brand primarily for their high quality yet affordable speakers. The JBL experience can’t be matched with their extra long battery time, exciting colours, IPX7 waterproof technology and top notch bluetooth connectivity across devices. We present our wide assortment of JBL speakers and headphones at exciting prices that will keep you coming back for more.

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