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FAQ’s on Bling Stung Gun

Q1. What is Bling?

Ans. Bling is a stun gun cum torch designed especially for women safety. It can be used to immobilize an attacker without causing serious injury, typically by administering an electric shock.

Q2.  How long will its effect last ?

Ans. Its effects last for 3-5 minutes.

Q3. What it is bling capable of?

Ans.  This device may look small but it’s ready to paralyse any threat to protect you from anybody who tries to hurt or molest you. Its stun gun can generate electric shock pulse which is powerful but non lethal.

Q4. What are the advantages of Bling?

Ans. Bling comes equipped with a flash torch and stun gun and it’s also rechargeable and has one hour torch backup. Flashlight helps you to locate and navigate at night.Stun gun helps you in fighting back in case of an attack.

Q5. Is it legal to use Bling- Stun gun?

Ans. Yes, it is legal to carry and use  bling, only for self-defense purpose only.

Q6.  How much time does it take to full charge? And, how long will it last?

Ans.  7-8 hrs. Around 50 times or if kept unused  the charge will last for 30 days.

Q7. What is the delivery time period.?

Ans. 3-5 days

Q8.  Does it come with warranty.?

Ans. Yes, we give you 6 months of replacement warranty. Please read our policy for more details.

Please comment below in case you have any other questions.

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